The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 7, Number 3
Jul 1983

Supplies &C.

For Sale By Owner

Paste -Impregnated Hinge

Museum conservator and teacher of paper conservation Paul Frederick has developed a new paste-impregnated hinge. Made of hand-torn Japanese paper, the hinges come already sized and ready to use. Only a drop of water, preferably deionized water, is needed to activate the adhesive. Strong, nonacidic, reversible. Each package contains 40, with blotters, spun Nylon squares, Mylar and instruction sheet. Contact Paul Frederick, Director, Picture Framing Academy, 435 Grand Ave., South San Francisco, CA 94080. (from the Framer, July 1983)

Newberry Type Available Through Swiss Firm

The typeface designed specifically for use on book covers in the bindery of the Newberry Library--Newberry Detterer--is sold by the Hams Typefoundry Ltd., CH-4142 Munchenstein, Switzerland, in six sizes (8-24 pt.), with a large variety of diacritical marks on the appropriate letters, but no lower case.

The typefounder sent catalogs and samples of each type size. Here is what it looks like:


Here are the points and a few letters and numbers from Corps (point size) 14, No. 5014, as they appear after being reduced to 75% by the printer, along with the rest of the copy in this newsletter:


Equipment Mentioned in PCN

The December 1982 issue of Paper Conservation News describes an environmental microprocessor-based monitor as a reliable low-cost alternative to conventional hygrothermograph chart recorders for long periods of unattended monitoring, with multiple-point sensing, ease of operation and minimal maintenance. It is being developed by the University of Stirling Computer Unit Microprocessor Group with financial assistance from the Conservation Bureau of the Scottish Development Agency.

The June 1983 issue shows a sewing frame with the posts arching forward from the back, patented by S.M. Cockerell, who wants to hear about any similar frames have been made in the past. (Write to Dr. Cockerell at Riversdale, Grantchester, Cambridge CB3 9NB, England.)


This issue also describes a "Pencil Jet Electronic Steam Generator" with a jet that can be regulated and used to remove animal glue, PVA, tapes, paint and so on. Contact Solomons Steam Generators, 17 Elm Grove, Crouch End, London N8 9AH (tel: 01-340-8397).

Jacques Shears Still Being Made

Nixen Engineering Co., Inc., P0 Box 261, Mystic, CT 06355 (203/572-0241), have acquired marketing and manufacturing rights for the Jacques shears. They are available for spare parts, replacement blades, blade sharpening, second-hand reconditioned Jacques shears, and, of course, new machines.

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