The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 18, Number 7
Nov 1994


Elmer Eusman started work October 17 at the Baltimore Museum of Art as Assistant Paper Conservator. His telephone number is 410/396-6341.

Danny Thatcher wrote in October to say that, after two years of struggling with government bureaucracy, he has finally been funded to study bookbinding at the North Bennet Street School, under a government-funded program for vocational retraining. (The pulp mill where he was working closed down.) He is now enrolled, and says that the bookbinding program there in Boston is everything he had hoped for, and more. He has found an apartment about 100 feet from the School's front door.

Mary Lynn Ritzenthaler is the first recipient of the SAA 1994 Preservation Publication Award for her publication, Preserving Archives and Manuscripts (a revision of her 1983 manual, Archives and Manuscripts: Conservation).

North Bennet Street School announces that another group has completed their training in the Bookbinding program. They will be entering a range of employment and internship positions.

Diane Nester Kresh was confirmed, around November 1, as Director of Preservation for the Library of Congress and national preservation program officer, effective November 13. She had served as acting director of preservation since February 1994.

Amparo Torres has been selected as one of the first 10 participants in a new Leadership Development Program to train a cadre of new leaders for the nation's libraries. Five were chosen from within the library and five from outside the Library. A background story ran in the October 28 Library of Congress Gazette.

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