The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 7, Number 4
Sep 1983

Supplies &C.

An Adjustable Storage Box

Carolyn Jane Gammon (Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1408 W. Gregory Dr., Champaign, IL 61820) has developed a modification of a product marketed by University Products, which comes as a two-piece folding box. The two pieces are joined and the hinges reinforced with acid-free tape, making a stronger and more esthetically pleasing box. The procedure is described in her Conservation Techniques, Issue 1.

More About the A.B.A. Leaf-Casting Machines

Some additional information has arrived regarding the leafcasting machine announced in the May issue. An advisory service comes with the machine:

"Advice on all matters concerning paper conservation in general and leaf-casting in particular will be given free of charge. Esther Boyd-Alkalay, the designer of the machine, has had some thirty years' experience in this field. She established laboratories of paper conservation in the National Libraries of Sofia and Jerusalem; she is currently Head of the Archive Conservation Section in the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, England. She will be pleased to consider visiting your laboratory in order to instruct your staff."

More About Fine-Cut Precision

When this company's services were announced in the May issue, it was not known whether they solicited overseas business. A letter received from them during the summer says:

"May I take this opportunity to introduce to you our company? We are one of England's largest producers of bookbinder finishing tools, brass type, etc.

"We were previously all craftsmen with J & W Blewitt, from whom we purchased the entire contents of his tool manufacturing business. We offer exactly the same type styles, tool designs, etc., but now we have added many more to our catalogue (which is free on request).

"Quality workmanship is assured along with prompt deliveries, and I would like to offer our service to your members."


Parafilm, a stretchy, waxy material that is widely used in chemical labs to cover and seal tubes and flasks because it is so impermeable to water vapor, has also been used to mount photographs because of its flexibility and low melting point. It becomes soft and sticky at about 130° F to 150° F. The manufacturer sent a sample roll of Parafilm N Laboratory Film PM-999, 4" x 250', on request. Since this is a lifetime supply for an editorial office, anyone who sends a self-addressed stamped envelope may have a sample to play with. The manufacturer is American Can Company, American Lane, P0 Box 3610, Greenwich, CT 06836, but it is widely available from chemical suppliers. Because it allows other gases to pass freely through, it is used for horticultural grafting and, in hospitals, as a bandage cover in drainage cases.

A New Supplier for Bookbinders

Mary Lampert has returned from England and is starting a mail order/retail business called The Binder's Merchant at 2000 West Addison St., Chicago, IL 60618 (tel. 312/929-2383)--in fact, it is in operation right now. Stock items offered for sale are Curwen printed papers, Compton English hand marbled papers, Harmatan Nigerian goatskins Grade III, Barbour sewing thread and Tamworth linen sewing tape.

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