The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 17, Number 6
Nov 1993

Editor's Page

Editor's Apology to Correspondents

For the last year and a half, there has been little time to answer letters that do not relate directly to subscriptions or financial matters. The Correspondence backlog has not grown recently, but it is still there, all sorted, A to Z, and I have begun answering the most urgent ones in the A to F section. Don't give up hope. Send a fax if all else has failed. Faxes somehow get answered. The nuber is 512/929-3995.

A Thank-You to Supporters

The editor and trustees of Abbey Publications, Inc., a nonprofit corporation, want to express our appreciation for support received from the people and organizations listed below as well as from those who gave smaller amounts.

All donations are considered as going to both the Abbey Publications (thus contributing to the Abbey Newsletter and the Alkaline Paper Advocate). In the last 12 months, a total of $6382 has been received.

Donors are listed below as Benefactors ($1000+), Sponsors ($500+), Patrons ($100+), and Contributors ($25+).

Barbara Lubin Goldsmith Foundation
Cross Pointe Paper Corp., Miami Mill
Bridgeport National Bindery
Gaylord Bros.
Acme Bookbinding
Joan T. Batchelor
John Boral
Sally Buchanan
Greg Campbell
Pam Darling
Paula DeStefano
Betsy Palmer Eldridge
Robert W. Frase
Elizabeth Morse
National Institute for Conservation
Ocker & Trapp Library Bindery
Restoration Source
Elaine R. Schlefer
Nancy Carlson Schrock
One anonymous patron
Francis Archer
Nelly Balloffet
Tim Barrett
The Bookbinders Company
Connie Brooks
Margaret Child
Michèle Cloonan
Lisa Cziffra
Jeanne Drewes
Carlo Federici
Maria Fredericks
Mary Todd Glaser
Harlan Greene
Fred A. Jordan
Hilary Kaplan
Erich Kesse
Jeanne Lewisohn
Gerald Lundeen
Marlene Matalon
Holly Maxson
Jan Merrill-Oldham
Jan Michaels
Murray Millar
Julia Miller
Tawny Ryan Nelb
Terry O. Norris
Sandra Nyberg
Brian E. O'Connell
Shaun Padgett
Bonnie Parr
Hilda Robbins
Ruth-Ann Rohman
Eric C. Shoaf
James G. Stephens
Taylor Made Company
Joan ten Hoor
Mary Ann Tyrrell
Duane Watson
Wei T'o Associates
James K. Wellvang
Larry Wood
John C. Wright
One anonymous contributor

The Abbey Newsletter: Bookbinding and Conservation is issued eight times a year and has about 1250 subscribers. All subscriptions are for the calendar year. New subscribers automatically receive all issues published in the current year, unless they request otherwise, until September 1; after that, it is assumed that the subscription is for the following year. Checks or international money orders may be made out in U.S. dollars or English pounds, payable to Abbey Publications; send to 7105 Geneva Dr., Austin, TX 78723, USA. International payments can be made by VISA or Mastercard. This is a nonprofit coproration set up to encourage preservation of the written record, including the use of lasting materials in the creation of records.

    Full-time students & unpaid interns   $20
    Personal subscriptions:               $40
    Institutional subscriptions:          $49

Paid advertisements, except for job ads, are not accepted. Job advertisements are billed at the rate of $50 for the heading and the first ten lines (55-60 characters per line), plus $2 per line thereafter. Any notice that is appropriate and newsworthy will be printed if there is room for it. Written contributions and bits of news are welcome. Claims for issues never received will be honored within a six months of publication. Defective issues will be gladly replaced on request.

Authors' opinions and descriptions of products or services in this Newsletter are not to be taken as endorsements or policy statements byt the publisher.

The Abbey Newsletter is selectively indexed in Art & Archaeology Technical Abstracts and the Institute of Paper Science & Technology Abstract Bulletin. All issues but v.1 #2 are in print, and each volume has its own index.

The Editor encourages readers to photocopy freely from the Newsletter; but the Editor's permission must be obtained before making more than 20 copies of lengthy or signed articles. This allows any necessary corrections to be made before duplication.

Abbey Publications is a nonprofit corporation (Tax ID #87-0436104). Its other publication is the Alkaline Paper Advocate. It is the policy of Abbey Publications to use permanent paper for both newsletters. In recent years, the paper has been Weyerhaeuser Cougar Opaque, which meets the ANSI standard (Z39.48-1992).

Editor: Ellen McCrady
©1994 Abbey Publications, Inc.
Circulation Manager: Reneé Knauth
Phone: 512/929-3992
Fax: 512/929-3995
ISSN: 0276-8291
#169;1993 Abbey Publications, Inc.

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