The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 12, Number 3
Mar 1988

Companies Making Nothing but Alkaline Paper

A complete list of U.S. companies making one or more alkaline or neutral papers is in the March Alkaline Paper Advocate, and will be maintained by updates and revisions in future issues. It does not include papers made by foreign companies; alkaline papers not used in publishing or office work; or private brands (papers made to order for a distributor or retailer).

The list below includes ail U.S. companies that are "100% alkaline." Their paper may be sold either through local distributors or the company's sales offices, or both; call the company to learn the name of the nearest outlet.

No effort has been made at the editorial office to test the papers listed for compliance with standards of permanence, but all are assumed to contain calcium carbonate because the general practice is to include it with alkaline paper; in fact, paper is generally made alkaline in the first place so that calcium carbonate can be used in it.

Company/Phone/Types Alkaline & Neutral Papers
Ecusta Corp.
Lightweight book
Ecusta Bible, Nyalite and Waylite (this newsletter Is printed on 40 lb. Waylite). The company is now part of Glatfelter.
Finch, Pruyn & Co.
Their 14 papers include 3 book
publishing papers, 2 copy papers,
Book, copy, bond, cover and several web, offset and forms bond papers. Not distributed in the west.
P.H. Glatfelter Co.
Book, cover, bond, card, endleaf, forms bond, ledger
There are over 60 papers, including a couple dozen offset and over a dozen web papers; 1 text & cover; 3 bond papers; 2 endleaf papers; and 4 forms bonds or ledgers.
Grays Harbor Paper Co. All their paper is sold as Hammermill paper, in the far west. The same brands in the east are acidic, because they are made by other Hammermill mills. Hammermill Bond, Copier Paper SV4, Fore Bond, Fore Ledger, Fore Xerocopy, Fore-9000 DP, Hy-O-Lite, Offset Opaque, Xero/Laser-copy; South Shore Offset; & Tidal MX. Some of the colors in these lines are acidic.
Miami Paper Corp.
Book, bond, endleaf, Card, cover
Seven product lines (16 papers total): Bellbrook, Halopaque, Heritage, Miani, Post Print, Sycamore and Troy. Most are web & offset.
Mohawk Paper Mills
Book (incl. Letterpress), cover, endleaf
Ten lines (22 papers): Artemis; Irish Linen; Mohawk Crystal, Letterpress, Satin, Superfine Cover/Bristol, & Vellum; Navajo; Nuance; Poseidon; Superfine; Ticonderoga; Tomohawk; and Ultrafelt.
Newton Falls Paper Mill
Book (web & offset), Cover
Five lines (13 papers): Bookline, Marcy, Newton Falls, St. Lawrence and Stora Matte.
Potlatch Corp Northwest Division,
Coated text & cover (web & offset), card
Nine lines (51 papers): Bookbinders, Eloquence, Karma, Makers'. Mountie, Northwest, Quintessence, Ranger Offset and Vintage.
Potsdam Paper Mills
Book (web & offset), Opaque Book, Opaque Offset, bond, forms bond
Potsdam's Bond, Book Offset, Colored Offset, Offset, Opaque, Publishing Opaque and Sulphite Forms Bond.
Book (web & offset), are colored, cover, postcard
Five lines (16 papers): Kashmir Paper Co. Michigan, Plainwell Enamel, Satin-Kote and Solitaire. Some
Ward Paper Co.
Book, envelope, card, Forward, Lake Shore, R-V, Reward bond, copy, cover
Seven lies (20 papers): Book Publisher's Offset, Brite-Hue, and Soft-Hue. Many colors. Duplicator & mimeo papers; cover.
S.D. Warren Co.
Book, cover, postcard, lightweight coated
Nine lines (36 papers): Cameo, Flokote, Freedom Web Gloss, Lusterkote, Lustro, No. 66 Antique, Patina, Somerset, Warrenflo.
Geo. A. Whiting Paper Co.
Book, cover, bond the bond.
Six lines (8 papers): Brockway, Cadence, Coat-of-Arms Cover, Crestline, Polar White Bristol, and Ultima. Cadence Writing is


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