The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 19, Number 1
Apr 1995


Mick LeTourneaux has accepted the position of General Collections Conservator of Princeton University Libraries as of April 15th. His address is: Princeton University, Preser-vation Department, Firestone Library, One Washington Road, Princeton, NY 08544 (609/683-7521; letourn@pucc.bitnet).

William A. Moffett, director of the Huntington Library since 1990, died in February at the age of 62. His obituary in the New York Times for February 21 says he made the library's photographic archive of the Dead Sea Scrolls available to all scholars in 1991.

Eileen Clancy, formerly of NEDCC, is the new head of the paper lab at the Rocky Mountain Conservation Center.

Priscilla Spitler left BookLab at the end of March to pursue more teaching opportunities, but she will be on call there for special projects. Her home-based business, Hands-On Book Binding, opens in May, and her telephone number is 512/452-1529.

Elizabeth Morse has a new work address because the lab has moved from temporary to permanent quarters on campus: Harvard University Library, Conservation Laboratory, 59 Plympton St., Cambridge, MA 02138 (617/495-8596, fax 496-8344).

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