The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 11, Number 3
Apr 1987

Position Sought

Joanna Swieszkowska is a conservator of library materials (books, leather, parchment, art on paper, maps) who completed her five-year course of study at Copernicus University in Poland just nine months ago. She is in this country now, having spent the last seven months working with Joanna Mankowski, in her private studio in Baltimore, as a voluntary intern. She wants to stay in this country, but needs to find an employer first.

Ms. Swieszkowska says that her name is hard to pronounce, even for Poles. It has a nasal sound in it: the is pronounced like the French en, and is rendered below as awn. There are three syllables: Shvyawn shkov sha. Her address is 2909 Chestnut Hill Dr., Ellicott City, MD 21043 (301/465-0109). She can send her resume on request; or it can be sent from the Newsletter office. Her English is very good.

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