The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 9, Number 2
Apr 1985


To the Editor:

I am submitting an article entitled "The Manufacture of a Gossamer Japanese Repair Tissue Using a Leaf-Caster" for publication in the next issue of the Paper Conservator. The paper will outline the techniques employed in the production of an ultrafine japanese tissue. I cane up with the concept while attempting to find a less obtrusive method of repairing the damaged leaves of an Islamic manuscript. I developed the prototype with the assistance of Timothy Barrett during the spring semester at Columbia last year. I produced 15 suitable samples using different combinations of gampi, mitsumata, and kozo fibers. The term "gossamer" was chosen to denote the extremely delicate spiderweb quality of the paper. It now appears as if this particular paper possesses certain qualities that make it superior in some respects to the japanese tissues currently being used in the field. The degree of transparency makes it eminently suitable for the paper repair of both printed books and manuscripts. I intend to proceed with the development of an appropriate range of the paper following my return to the States.

Anna Stenstrom
57 Fitzwilliam Square
Dublin 2, Ireland

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