The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 7, Number 2
May 1983

Supplies &c.

Xerox 4000 for Books With Narrow Inner Margins

The rumor that the Xerox 4000 photocopier is no longer available is untrue: Jan Merrill-Oldham of the University of Connecticut in Storrs (203/486-2520) just bought one. This model allows the book to remain open at only a 900 angle while being copied.

Book Jackets With Zippers

For people who like to read where it's rainy, snowy, dusty or dirty, a nameless supplier offers small, medium, large and extra large zippered book jackets with pockets fur the covers and an elastic strip to hold the jacket to the book's spine. Cost: $7 to $9. Phone: 206-624-5599.

For Sale By Owner


Dutch Book Cloth

On April 1, Harcourt Bindery reduced the price of the Van Heek textiles it carries. Average bolt length is 108 yards, and for 1 to 4 bolts, the prices now are:

Brillianta53" -$3.25/yd.
Almoline39" -2.75
Commodore Natuurlinnen -2.50
Commodore KGZ-KCT -3.00

Domestic Marbled Paper

Talin Bookbindery, 1990 Rt. 6A, PD Box 314, Brewster, MA 02631 (617/896-6444, is accepting wholesale and retail orders for their marbled papers. Catalogs are $2.50 each. "The papers are marbled by hand, using the finest pigments and papers. They are marbled in the traditional Turkish manner."

Unguent S

Triad Chemical Co. (544 Oak Ridge Rd., Clark, NJ 07066) claims to have developed two superior leather preservatives. "Retan Leather" is a neatsfoot oil liquid blend of polydimethylsiloxanes presenting minimum fire hazard, low order of toxicity, no handling problem nor objectionable odor; it is for more deteriorated leather, and costs $12.70 for 4 ounces, which will do a dozen or more books. "Leather Forever" is a liquid blend of polydimethylsiloxanes, presenting no fire hazard, a low order of toxicity, no handling problem or objectionable odor; it is for newer books, and costs $9.45 for 3 ounces, which will do several books. (Manufacturer's descriptions.)

The manufacturer typically does not offer any evidence that this new product will preserve leather any better than other unguents, which are all ineffective, if one takes seriously the leather research reported in this Newsletter in April 1981. This is a new compound, containing silicone; best to wait until it is evaluated in the professional literature before trying it on anything of value.

Chemical Indicators

Encapsulating Machines

Literature has been collected from three (the three?) manufacturers or distributors of machines for sealing polyester encapsulations: the Minter/Malosh ultrasonic welder, the CRI Polyweld and the University Products Radiowelder. They are described below in the suppliers' own words.

For Environmental Control in Transit and Storage

New Machines

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