The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 11, Number 2
Mar 1987


For Sale By Owner

Binding Equipment From James Jones Co.

The James H. Jones Company (615 N. Benton St., Palatine, IL 60067, 312/358-2090) buys and sells printing and binding equipment in all quantities, from individual pieces to entire plants. His inventory of used items, Jan. 1, 1987, includes the following items:

1019 Levell 30" Wringer
1090 Crawley 36" cover turning-in machine Model 36T, air
1264 National edition sewer, 16" straight needle, 6 heads, new model
1268 Oversewer, model U740
1270 P.I.E. book nipper, hand fed hydraulic, 15" jaws
1291, 1292 and 1293: Job Backers, 21", 27" and 30"
1320 Hickok copy press, 12" x 15"
1321 Hickok standing press, 16" x 24", 44" opening
1430, 1431, and 1432: Fortuna table mounted skivers


Another Copier Good for Books

The Océ 1925 copier, described by Robert Schnare in a technical note on p. 10 of the January CAN, is good for copying tightly bound books and also for copying old photographic print envelopes (saves copying the information by hand to the new acid-free envelope). Available in the eastern U.S., Europe, Texas & Missouri, and working its way west. Reliable operation, permanent copies, sharp image. Write Océ-Business Systems, Inc., 1351 Washington Blvd., Ste. 5001, Stamford, CT 06904-0030 (203/967-3608). They exhibited at MA Midwinter. Books still have to be copied face down, but there is an edge for them to hang off of, and a shelf to support the part of the book that is not being copied.

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