The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 23, Number 3

NARA Conference on Deacidification

The National Archives' Annual Preservation Conference is never more than a day long, but it is worth travelling across the country for, because the topic of each conference is carefully chosen, and the speakers are selected for their knowledge of the topic.

The conference for next March 28 is called "Deacidification Reconsidered." It will be held in the National Archives Building downtown. (See announcement in the Events section.) The program will include the following presentations:

Chemical, Architectural and Mechanical Features of Paper and Its Deterioration: An Overview - Hal Erickson

Mechanisms of Washing and Mass-Deacidification - Hal Erickson

Chemical Studies of the Beneficial Effects of Calcium Enriched Wash Water - John Bogaard

A New Artificial Aging Test for a Variety of Papers, Including Ground Wood - Chandru J. Shahani

Saving the Written Word: Mass Deacidification at the Library of Congress - Kenneth E. Harris

Mass Deacidification: Considerations for an Archives - Norvell Jones

All in a Day's Work: How and Why I Deacidify [art on paper] - Christine Smith

Treatment of Previously Deacidified Paper Artifacts - Anne Witty and Elissa O'Loughlin

Following the presentations, deacidification developers will be available in Room 105 to discuss their products and services.

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