The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 12, Number 7
Nov 1988

Products & Services

For Sale By Owner

Phil Alleyn sent in the following list of equipment:

MONSTER LYING PRESS, 4½" x 6" hardwood beam jaws, 26" between screws, 9" opening, 2" diameter wood screws. Fine condition. Asking $550, buyer to arrange own pickup/shipping.

JOB BACKER, floor model, antique cast iron and steel. 24½" x 5" opening. Fine condition. Asking $650, buyer to arrange own pick-up.

HEAVY-DUTY LYING PRESS, 3½" x 4" hardwood beam jaws, 18" between screws, 8" opening, 1¼" diameter wood screws. Fine condition. Asking $350, will arrange shipping if necessary.

"SCHÄRF-FIX 80" skiving/paring machine/tool. Complete, like new, with extra blades. Sold new at about $195, asking $100, UPS paid.

ANTIQUE SEWING FRAME, 19" wide x 10" high opening, all wood, in fine condition. Asking $100, UPS shipping paid.

3 NIPPING PRESSES, antique cast iron, approx. 9" x 11" platen, 2½" air. Two need some work, $50 each; one in good condition, $75. Would prefer buyer picked up, but shipping can be arranged.

SOME OTHER TOOLS for sale, ask for list and prices. I'm moving abroad, don't wish to ship/store tools. Call Phil Alleyn evenings/weekends at 617/266-6292, or write P0 Box 9052, Boston, MA 02114.

Courtland Benson sent in this list:

Hickok Standing Press
Job Backer
Type Cabinet with 17 drawers
Brass Type 10, 12, 14 pt. Gloucester

Please write for more information: 5033 Mt. Matheson Rd., Sooke, British Columbia, Canada V0S 1N0

Harold Holland has some surplus teflon strips for spatulas:

A small number of teflon strips (1/8" x 1" x 10") are available for sale. These strips can be easily hand-sanded into spatulas for a variety of conservation applications. For example, when mechanical separation of components is required, a teflon spatula is often superior to a bone folder or steel spatula.

Price: $10 + $2 for postage and handling. Harold Holland, 14 Tamarack Terr., Fredericton, NB, Canada E3B 2S3.

Wanted To Buy

Wanted to buy, permanently and in any quantity, brass type and handle letters. Send A-M-R-T and 1-2-3 stamp pad impressions and price. Also decorative pallets. Joseph J. Felcone Inc., Rare Books, PO Box 366, Princeton, NJ 08540.

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