The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 12, Number 7
Nov 1988


NEH Capability Budget Approved

President Reagan has signed a Fiscal Year 1989 appropriation bill increasing the budget of the National Endowment for the Humanities' Office of Preservation to $12.5 million, $8 million above the current budget. This sets into motion a nationwide microfilming program to save brittle books, about three million over the next 20 years; it also will provide smaller amounts for other types of preservation.

GBW Offers Roommate Service For Seminar

The Guild of Book Workers will hold its Standards of Excellence Seminar in Chicago this year, on October 29-30. As a service to seminar attendees who have to hold their costs down, a roommate service is being provided. The confirmation letter gives details on how it works: "If you would like to share a hotel room, please fill out the attached form and mail it to Nancie Ash at the address given below [Johns Brook Bindery, 1442 Stonebridge Circle, Wheat-on, IL 60187 (312/690-8923)]. You must submit your request prior to September 25. You will then be sent the name and address of an individual of the same sex attending the seminar and willing to share a room. Smoking will also be taken into consideration in assigning roommates. It will be up to you to contact the individual and make all hotel reservations. This is not a hotel reservation service. If we are unable to match you up with a roommate, we will notify you as soon as possible before October 5. This service in no way obligates GBW or CHB [Chicago Hand Bookbinders ] regarding lodging for seminar attendees."

This service, if made available by other organizations in binding and conservation, could increase the number of people who can afford to attend meetings, and thereby benefit the attendees, the organization and the field. Ms. Ash is quite willing to discuss how it worked out for GBW. She can be reached at the above address.

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