The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 9, Number 1
Feb 1985

Rare Book School 1985

In July and August 1985, the Columbia University School of Library Service will again offer various five-day non-credit courses on topics concerning rare books and special collections. Two types of courses will be offered: All-Day Courses, usually with two instructors, meeting about five hours/day (i.e. mornings and afternoons) for five days, Monday-Friday, and Half-Day Courses, with one instructor, meeting approximately 2½ hours/day (i.e. mornings or afternoons) for five days, Monday-Friday. Enrollment will be limited to about 16 students per course.

Tuition for the all-day seminars will be $350/course. Tuition for the half-day seminars will be $250/course. Low-cost, air-conditioned housing will be offered on campus for about $25/night. Applications received by 15 April 1985 will be given preference.

Of the 20 courses offered, four relate most closely to bookbinding and conservation:

Medieval Bookbinding Structures, taught by Chris Clarkson and Michael Gullick, all day, 22-26 July; repeated 29 July-2 August.

Introduction to the History of the Book, taught by Alice D. Schreyer and Peter M. Van Wingen, all day, 22-26 July.

Introduction to Preservation, taught by Pam Darling, mornings 5-9 August.

The Well-Tempered Collection, taught by Paul N. Banks, mornings, 5-9 August.

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