The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 5, Number 5
Nov 1981

Apprenticeship Workshop
II. Finding

The National Council for Apprenticeship in Art and Craft held a two-day "Pilot Apprenticeship Workshop" in New Haven, Connecticut last January, sponsored by the Connecticut Commission on the Arts. Excerpts from the summary report of that workshop were printed in the August issue of this Newsletter. An excerpt on "finding," one of the four major aspects of the apprenticeship problem, follows below. Future issues will cover other aspects (keeping, nurturing, releasing) and the three types of apprenticeship in crafts today.

Workshop participants divided into four groups:

Finding, Keeping, Nurturing, Releasing. Each group concentrated on in-depth discussion within the assigned category, dealing with both problems and solutions. Group memory technique was used.

1. Locating am apprentice or master:

2. Am apprentice in the studio:

3. A master (mentor) in the studio: Who is he/she?

4. Apprenticeship in academics:

5. Other areas to consider:

7. Cloning:

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