The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 5, Number 4
Oct 1981

Conservation Papers From A/N/W

Karen Crisalli of Andrews/Nelson/Whitehead sent the following information on request, in September, for the readers of the Newsletter.

Barrett Conservation Paper 12 x 16½, 11.5 to 14 grams per square meter. This acid-free paper (with a pH of 8.9) is the first Japanese-type paper to actually be made here in the United States in any great quantity. It was made by hand by Tin Barrett who studied Japanese paper-making in Japan under a Fulbright grant. The paper is made of 100% kozo fiber which Mr. Barrett imported from Japan. Using his knowledge of Japanese papermaking procedures, Tin soaked, cooked and beat the fibers by hand before forming the sheets in a vat of water using a traditional Japanese hand papermaking mold.

Tin Barrett produced only a limited number of these sheets and we have only a few hundred sheets of both firsts and seconds still available. However, quantities are still available also through two of our conservation paper distributors, Bookmakers in Washington, DC and Talas in New York City. Therefore, between the three of us we do feel that there is enough paper currently available to meet the immediate needs of most conservators who have not yet had an opportunity to use this beautiful paper. Tin has indicated that because of other commitments, he does not foresee the possibility of making more paper for us for quite some tine. Samples are available on request of this and the other papers described here.

Bitchu Torinoko This is a beautiful handmade Japanese paper, approximately 15½ x 21½ in size, made entirely of gampi fibers. Several thousand sheets are available through us as well as the two above-mentioned distributors and we believe that we will be able to offer this on a continuing basis for quite some tine.

Powell Repairing Paper [not the same as the Roger Powell Paper] - This handmade paper cones from the Hayle Mill in England and is made by hand by Barcham Green and Company of England in size 20 x 25. It is 112 grams per square meter and is made of cotton and manila. It has a beautiful tan color and was made to duplicate as closely as possible the paper that was used by Roger Powell many years ago. Production is in progress now and we hope to have the paper available in the United States by the end of October. This is one of the nicest fine book repair papers available anywhere.

Firenze Paper [wet strength] - Another new addition to our line which is specifically used during the deacidification of book pages. When a text block is disassembled each individual book page is sandwiched between two sheets of Firenze paper and the entire sandwich is then immersed in a deacidifying solution. It is absorbent, porous and does not fall apart when wet. It is stocked in size 20 x 30 and is of 100% cellulose composition.

Neutral glassine - A particularly popular sheet used for interleaving of limited edition art prints, and as transparent overlays for book pages containing artwork. It is stocked in size 24 x 36, and calipers .001 in thickness.

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