The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 9, Number 4
Jul 1985

More Subject Headings

The Book and Paper Group of the American Institute for Conservation has issued an updated 43-page Paper Conservation Catalogue, an outline summary of paper conservation procedures which is being filled out gradually by members as a convenience for the membership. Copies are available from the AIC for $4.00.

The list of topics covered in the Catalogue make a handy supplement to the Abbey Newsletter's Special Supplement on Subject Headings for Information Retrieval, because they focus on paper conservation. Although the "treatment" headings also appear in Robert Espinosa's list of headings in one place, the rest are scattered in all the lists.

1. Fiber identification
2. Media identification
3. Media problems
4. Support problems
5. Condition forms and description
6. Visual examination
7. Authentication
8. Documentation
9. Instrumental analysis
10. Spot tests
16. Fumigation
17. Dry cleaning
18. Washing
19. Solvent treatments
20. Alkalization and neutralization
21. Enzyme treatments
22. Bleaching
23. Consolidation/Fixing/Facing/Sizing
24. Backing removal
25. Mending
26. Filling and compensation
27. Humidification
28. Drying and flattening
29. Lining and mounting
30. Inpainting
31. Collage and composite pieces
40. Matting and framing
41. Encapsulation
42. Lamination and impregnation
43. Environment
44. Exhibition/Storage
45. Transportation/Packing
46. Adhesives
47. Materials/Tools/Equipment
48. Mold/Foxing
(The first group relates to examination, the second to treatment, the third to handling and related concepts. Space has been left for additional categories.)

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