The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 15, Number 4
Jul 1991

Products & Services

One-piece Custom Clamshell Boxes, Made by Machine


Michael Waters (CMI Custom Manufacturing, PO Box 88, Germantown, MD 20875, 301/869-2191) has invented a computerized machine that accepts book measurements at me end and gives you a fold-it-yourself clamshell box at the other. He calls the boxes "Microclimates" because this is what they provide for the book, and in fact this is what they enclosure does, though some do it better than others. Sample boxes were passed around at AIC and ALA. They were made of thin corrugated lignin-free board which added only a negligible amount to the thickness of the boxed book, but which was nevertheless quite sturdy. They are being used to house books damaged in the Leningrad fire. BookLab is making the boxes available (512/837-0479). Prices are attractive.

For Sale by Owner

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