The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 12, Number 1
Jan 1988

Editor's Page


The two books reviewed by Margit Smith in the December issue should be ordered not from the American Antiquarian Society but from the University Press of Virginia, Box 3608, Charlottesville, VA 22903. The books were: Bookbinding in Early America, and Early American Bookbindings from the Collection of Michael Papantonio.

The Library of Congress Preservation Office Library, listed in the October issue as a special collection on books and paper," is indeed open to the public, but by appointment only. Call the Preservation Office Librarian at 202/287-1029 or 287-5213.

The 1987 Survey

Responses are still trickling in from the survey sent out last October to individual subscribers, 522 in all. Replies to the first four questions have been tallied, and the 71 suggestions for topics to cover in greater depth have been typed on cards so they can be sorted by type and further considered. A full report will be made to readers when the last responses are in--that is, those that are received by the end of February.

The first question, "What field of work are you in or what personal interest does the Abbey Newsletter relate to?" listed 15 alternatives, of which book conservation was most often chosen, hand bookbinding next most often, and paper conservation next most often. So far, 32 respondents have said that they were "one of those rare (or maybe not-so-rare) people who used to be a full-time binder or conservator, and who subsequently came to administer a preservation program." This is 12%. of the 251 replies received so far. Three use BITNET, six ALANET, four CIN, and one each uses ARPANET, OCLC LINK and TAPPINET.

Alkaline Paper Advocate

By now all subscribers to the Abbey Newsletter should have received a sample copy of the Alkaline Paper Advocate. So far there are 15 subscriptions and one donation. Readers who would like a supply of Volume 1 #1 of the APA to hand out to people they know can write to the office for a supply, during February only. A mailing has been dome to 2000 major publishers, and there will be ads in Publishers Weekly and Small Press Magazine. Newsletter editors for relevant trade associations listed in Lockwood-Post's Directory have received sample copies, and selected people and organizations from Literary Market Place (e.g., paper consultants) will get copies. Is there anybody else who should get a sample copy?

Foreign Exchange

Now that the dollar has fallen so far in value, English subscribers can get their subscription via air mail for the same price they used to pay for surface, and it is probably not too different from that for other countries. Here are the prices of a $35 subscription in selected foreign currencies, as of January 6:

Australia: AD$49
Britain: �19
Canada: CD$45
France: FF 195
Italy: 445 lira
Japan: 4515 yen
South Africa: 69 rand  
W. Germany: 57 DM

The Abbey Newsletter: Bookbinding and Conservation is issued eight times a year and has about 1100 subscribers. New subscribers automatically receive all issues published in the current year, unless they request otherwise. All subscriptions expire on the last day of the year. To initiate or renew a subscription, send $35 (full-time students $20), or the equivalent in � sterling to Abbey Newsletter, 320 E. Center, Provo, UT 84601 (801/373-1598).

No paid advertisements are accepted, but any notice that is appropriate and has news value will be printed if there is room for it. Written contributions and bits of news are welcome. Claims for issues never received, or received in damaged condition, will be honored within a year of publication.

The Abbey Newsletter is selectively indexed in Art & Archaeology Technical Abstracts, the Institute of Paper Chemistry Abstract Bulletin and Graphic Arts Literature Abstracts (RIT). It is not indexed in the usual periodical indexes because it is a newsletter. All issues but v.1 #2 are in print, and all volumes come with an index.

The Editor encourages readers to copy and pass around any article from the Newsletter, even entire issues; but before copying any part on a scale that amounts to republication (say 20 or more), they must obtain permission from both author and editor.

Editor: Ellen McCrady Publisher: Abbey Publications
Copyright 1988 Abbey Publications, Inc.  


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