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Ellen Ruth McCrady, publisher of Abbey Publications and editor of the Abbey Newsletter, Alkaline Paper Advocate, and The Mold Reporter passed away on March 5, 2008, at the age of 81. See the obituary posted in the Conservation DistList by Ellen Cunningham-Kruppa

In July 2006, Abbey Publications was dissolved.

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2003 Abbey Publications Catalog (Note: This information is presented for historical purposes only.)

Part 1, Mold: The Whole Picture
Part 2, Assessment of Mold Problems
Part 3, A Neglected Public Health Problem
Part 4: Effect of Mold on Schools, Homes, & Human Beings

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Abbey Publications 2003 Subscription prices

In 2003, Abbey Publications will increase subscription rates for both the Abbey Newsletter and the Mold Reporter directly corresponding to the 4.07% increase in this year's consumer price index.

The new rates are as follows:

Title: Abbey Newsletter
Domestic Prices: $47.00 (individual) $88.50 (institutional)
Overseas Price: $47.00 (individual)+$12.00 postage=$59.00
$88.50 (institutional)+$12.00 postage=$100.50
Agency Discount: 3%
Postage rates: added into subscription price
Frequency: bimonthly, six issues per year
Issues in 2003: Vol. 26, #5 and #6; Vol. 27, #1-#4
ISSN: 0276-8291
Checks payable to: Abbey Publications, Inc.

Title: Mold Reporter
Domestic Prices: $36.50 (individual) $50.00 (institutional)
Overseas Price: $36.50 (individual)+$12.00 postage=$48.50
$50.00 (institutional)+$12.00 postage=$62.00
Agency Discount: 3%
Postage rates: added into subscription price
Frequency: bimonthly, six issues per year
Issues in 2003: Vol. 3, #1-#6
Checks payable to Abbey Publications, Inc.
ISSN: 1535-3729

Editor Ellen McCrady
Address Abbey Publications, Inc.
7105 Geneva Dr., Austin, TX 78723, USA
Phone 512-929-3992
Fax 512-929-3995
Tax ID no. 87-0436104

Abbey Publications is a nonprofit corporation set up to encourage preservation of library & archival materials, and the use of lasting materials in the creation of records. The corporation has five trustees (Ellen McCrady, Gary Link Frost, Roberta Pilette, James K. Wellvang, and Ellen Cunningham-Kruppa), and five officers (Ellen McCrady, president; Gary Link Frost, first vice president; James K. Wellvang, second vice president; and Craig Jensen?, Treasurer.

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