The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 9, Number 1
Feb 1985

Supplies &c.

Column Editor: Robert Espinosa

A Note From the Column Editor

It seems appropriate at this juncture to make a statement about the guidelines used in selecting information for this column. The following criteria are used to select, condense, or solicit communications from suppliers.

A) News. Businesses starting up, changing location or ownership, closing down, merging. New dealerships, lines of goods, catalogs, hours, mode of operation, partnerships; even new employees, if they are known outside the immediate area.

B) Summaries or background articles relating to current trends or issues. This can include explanations of longstanding shortages, discussions of whole new types of supplies made possible by recent research, and so on.

C) Background information, test data, comparative studies, and any scientific or consumer-oriented information about the products.

D) Replies to questions raised by other readers in the "Letters" or "Queries" columns, or to comments on the supplier or his products and field of expertise.

In addition, the column editor is very interested in reporting on sources of supplies brought to his attention through the experience of the readership or through his own experience. In these cases emphasis is placed on supply sources (including equipment and materials) according to the following criteria:

A) Items of demonstrated quality and value.

B) Items which are not widely known but potentially significant.

C) Items which are provided through prompt, reliable, and attentive service.

D) Items which are economically competitive.

There is no attempt to be comprehensive, but rather we are interested in providing a selective list of supplies and suppliers judged to be of the greatest value to the readership.

For Sale by Owner

Martini Book Sewer, additionally set for four tapes, little used; nipping press, 15" x 12" by 12" daylight; laying press and plough, 21" between wooden screws, 36" total length; laying press much restored, 24" between wooden screws, 40" total length; Farley proofing press, 18" x 20" with metal table; assorted brass finishing tools. Contact Mr. Alan Winstanley, 213 Devizes Rd., Salisbury, Wiltshire, 5P2 9LT England.

Assorted used brass finishing tools, including numerous gouges of different sizes, a few very marrow palettes, a few decorative stamps, a dotted-line fillet, and a decorative roll. Also several small fonts of used lead type. Contact Irene Mitkus, 7211 5. Whipple St., Chicago, IL 60629, (312) 778-7919.


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