The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 12, Number 3
Mar 1988

Editor's Page


All The Surplus Books Are Sold

The spare copies of books from the Abbey Newsletter library have all been sold. There was only one copy of each.

Why Another Newsletter Had To Be Started

Several people have asked why the material in the Alkaline Paper Advocate couldn't be printed in the Abbey Newsletter. The main reason is that it is going to a different (though overlapping) set of readers: papermakers, printers, publishers, distributors, lawmakers and authors, as well as binders, librarians, archivists, and conservators. The new readers would not be interested in most of the content of the Abbey Newsletter, and would be impatient with the brief coverage their favorite subjects would have to receive because of the shortage of room. They would not know the names in the "People" column, would not go to the events announced, except the ones that were already announced in their own literature, and would not have access to the literature cited in articles in AN. From an administrative point of view, it makes more sense to separate off the activities connected with alkaline paper, because news has to be gathered by going to different conventions, buying different books and periodicals, and talking to different people. This way, the expenses and income related to the new subject can be monitored better.

Covering The 1988 Conferences

This year I plan to go to AIC, the Paper and Book Intensive, ALA ACS and the TAPPI meeting in Washington. I will be sorry to miss the Canadian meetings (May 10-12, May 27-30, and Oct. 3-7). I used to have the money to go, but not the time; now I have the time but not the money. It would be a great favor if the people who take good notes at meetings, and who are going to these and other meetings, could send me a copy of their typed motes afterwards. I can turn them into a meeting report, as I did for the ALA Midwinter meeting, if it seems appropriate. I will also learn from the motes something about the current information needs of the people at the meeting, and about the direction of current trends (technical, professional, administrative and so on).

Follow-Up: The "German" Case Binding

Jim Dorsey has tried out the instructions for making the "Gebrochener Ruecken" that Werner Rebsamen described on p. 47-48 or the April 1987 issue, and has recorded his experience with a substantial number of books, in detail. He says he is sold on the three-piece case; however, "it is definitely a more difficult case to make and takes more time and work. In other words, it is ideal for the amateur." If any other readers have critiques of their own, I would be happy to summarize them together with the long critique Jim Dorsey sent in, for the benefit of other readers.

The Abbey Index as an Address List

Last year there were three cumulative indexes to this newsletter, prepared as much for the Editor s convenience as for the readers'. They let me know whether I have already covered or mentioned something before, so I won't waste space on a repetition; they serve as an address list, because every address in the Newsletter is indexed; and they let me use the back issues as a handy reference source, supplementing the information files and library. One day they will be cumulated over five or 10 volumes, if fortune smiles and I live long enough.

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