The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 11, Number 6
Aug 1987

Follow-up on Los Angeles Library Fire

At the June MA meeting in San Francisco, the Los Angeles Public Library had an exhibit table full of literature and items for sale in their "Save the Books" campaign. They hope to raise $10 million to replace the books lost in the April 1986 fire, the largest library fire in U.S. history (AN June 1986, p. 33). You could buy aprons, leather bookmarks, caps and so on (catalogs are available from Save the Books, P.O. Box 71439, Los Angeles, CA 90071); pick up a 40-page account of the fire and its aftermath, by the volunteers, librarians and readers involved, in the March-June issue of the Communicator (published by the Librarians' Guild, P0 Box 71568, Los Angeles, CA 90071); and learn the present status of the recovery effort from an information sheet. Although almost $9 million has been raised, the information sheet shows little progress of other sorts during the months since the fire:

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