The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 12, Number 6
Sep 1988

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In the June issue (#4), on p. 75, there is a notice about the National Archives' new series, "Technical Information Papers (TIPs)." It turns out the telephone number for NTIS was wrong; it should be 703/487-4600. Also, NTIS won't send anything unless you give then the NTIS number for it, and those are unavailable. In any case, you can get all three documents from the National Archives. The first two can be obtained from: Director, Archival Research and Evaluation Staff (NSZ), National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, DC 20408; and the third one from Ken Harris, Director, Preservation Policy and Services Division (NNP), National Archives (etc.). Once again, they are:

TIP-0l: Digital Raster Scanning, Optical Character Recognition, Speech Pattern Recognition
TIP-02: MARC/Life Cycle Tracking of Archival Records
TIP-03: Specifications for Cold Storage of Color Film Materials

On the next page in the same issue, under "Standards & Practical Guides," the authorship of the article on "Poor Condition: Procedures for Identifying and Treating Materials before Adding to the Collections" is wrong. Marion T. Reid is not an author, but the editor of the column. The sole author is Marsha J. Hamilton.

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