The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 9, Number 1
Feb 1985

New Preservation Posters

by Myra Jo Moon

In the last few years, consciousness of the need to preserve their deteriorating collections, libraries have begun to educate and inform library users about care of materials. The Illinois Cooperative Conservation Program, through Southern Illinois University at Carbondale has produced two poster sets, "Save a Book" and "Use and Enjoy but Don't Destroy," Which have had wide distribution as educational tools. The University of Texas has a very attractive poster informing users about the damage food and drink do to library materials. There is now a new set of posters available from Jon Kennedy Cartoons. Mr. Kennedy, who is an editorial cartoonist for the Arkansas Democrat, produces cartoon posters directed toward educational institutions as a sideline business.

His earlier work included poster sets about libraries called "Library Can be Beautiful" and "Light up Your Life--Read!" I noticed, in an illustrated article in Cartoonist Profiles about Mr. Kennedy and his work, two cartoon posters from his "Your Manners Are Showing" set that seemed particularly appropriate for libraries. One of the posters showed students throwing cans and wrappers on the floor rather than putting them in a large visible trash container, and the other showed one buy in the library marking and cutting a book. I wrote to Mr. Kennedy to order the posters and at the same time suggested topics for preservation of library materials if he were inclined to use the theme. He thanked me for the suggestion and said when he did such posters he would send me a set. Nearly a year later, the posters came. The title of the nine posters is "Listen to Your Books." They are printed on heavy paper, size 11" x 14", in two colors. The posters, as the flyer says, are intended to "focus your student's attention on abuses that show disrespect and thoughtlessness for library materials." the posters are suitable for elementary through senior high level--and this is where library education ideally begins--but their clever approach to such problems as food and drink, the dog-chewed book, mutilation by cutting a picture from a book, or the binding abuse caused by copy machines will help alert all library users to take better care of books. The price is good, $9.50 for nine posters, plus $1.00 for postage (order #56-K). Order from Jon Kennedy Cartoons, 301 Donaghey Bldg., P0 Box 1488, Little Rook, Arkansas 72203.

Two examples:


"OUCH! You're breaking my back!"


"OH NO!! I want a second opinion!"

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