The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 9, Number 4
Jul 1985

Book & Paper Group Annual

For the past three years the Book and Paper Group, of the American Institute for Conservation, has published its proceedings in a volume originally called "Postprints" and now "Annual". AIC members who also belong to the Group receive the volume shortly before the AIC meeting in the following year. Single copies may be had for $15 from the AIC, 3545 Williamsburg Lane, NW, Washington, DO 20008. Addresses of authors are in the AIC Directory, free to AIC members, $15 to nonmembers. (This year for the first tine it has an additional listing of members by specialty, which is handy for locating or communicating with other book and paper people.) Anyone may join AIC.

The Annual includes some papers that were not given at the meeting.

Vol. 1 - 1982

The Treatment of Oversize Paper Artifacts, by Gary E. Albright & Thomas K. McClintock

Recording Watermarks by Beta-Radiography and Other Means, by Nancy E. Ash

Practical Methods for Sun and Artificial Light Bleaching Paper, by Cathleen Baker

Methylcellulose and Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose: Uses in Paper Conservation, by Cathleen Baker

Relationships Between Color Production in Cellulose and the Chemical Changes Brought about by Bleaching, by Helen D. Burgess

Proposed Classification of Foxing, by C. Eugene Cain and Barbara A. Miller

A Hazard of Float Washing: Regeneration of Papersizing, by Marjorie B. Cohn

The Poster Exhibit on Solar Radiation Data, by Betsy Palmer Eldridge

A Sun Bleaching Project, by Betsy Palmer Eldridge

Looking Toward Developing Standards in Rare Book Conservation, by Don Etherington

The Darkening and Bleaching of Paper by Various Wavelengths in the Visible and Ultraviolet, by R. L. Feller, S. B. Lee and J. Bogaard

Vocabulary for Book Conservation Treatment, by Gary Frost

A Trial Terminology for Sewing Through the Fold, by Gary Frost & Pamela Spitzmueller

Leaf Casting on the Suction Table, by Robert Futernick

Alternatives to Conventional Methods of Reducing Discoloration in Works of Art on Paper, by Keiko Mizushima Keyes

The Light Bleaching Questionnaire, by Leslie Kruth

The Microtopography of Pencil Lead in Drawings, by Richard Newman

Making Watermarks Meaningful: Significant Details in Recording and Identifying Watermarks, by Kitty Nicholson

Selective Bibliography for the Study of Watermarks, by Kitty Nicholson

Vol. 2 - 1983

A Note on the Use of Magnesium Bicarbonate in Hydrogen Peroxide Solutions, by Nancy Ash

The Treatment of Transparent Papers: a Review, by Konstanze Bachman

The Analysis of Degradation Products Extracted from Selected 19th Century Papers, by Eugene Cain

Disaster, Economics Department, University of Michigan, 1981, by James W. Craven

Specifications for a Hard-Board Laced-In Conservation Binding, by Robert Espinosa

Conservator and Librarian, by Don Etherington

Modification of a Basic Polyester Post Binding, by Barbara Meier-James

The Proper Storage and Display of a Photographic Collection, by Debbie Hess Norris

Construction and Start-up of the Deacidification Unit at Princeton University Library, by Robert Parliament

Deacidification Panel, by Lois Olcott Price

Polyester Encapsulation in Signatures, by Glen Ruzicka

Rembrandt's Inks, by Marjorie Shelley

Pressure-sensitive Tape and Techniques for Its Removal, by Merrily A. Smith, Norvell N. N. Jones, II, Susan L. Page & Marian Peck Dirda

Manuscripts and Archival Collections: New Acquisitions, by James Stroud

Notes on the Manufacture of Goldbeater's Skin, by Jack C. Thompson

Vol. 3 - 1984

Seven Helpful Hints for Use in Paper Conservation, by Cathleen A. Baker

The Guard-O-Matic, by Connie Brooks

Evaluation of Archival Tapes: a Preliminary Report, by Helen D. Burgess and Carmen Charette

Solubility Parameters: Theory and Application, by John Burke

Funori: a Short Description, Recipe and Source, by Debra Evans

Treating 5000 Books at the Pierpont Morgan Library, by Deborah Evetts

Methods and Makeshift, by Robert Futernick

The Development of Lithographic Cartography and the Conservation Treatment of a Large Varnished Map, by Maria S. Holden

The Light Album, by Richard W. Horton

The Use of Friction Mounting as an Aid to Pressing Works on Paper, by Keiko Mizushima Keyes

Spring Water and Paper Conservation, by Stuart A. Kohler Techniques, by Roy Perkinson

History, Analysis and Treatment of "La Salle Manger au Chateau de Clayes," 1938, by Edouard Vuillard, by Pamela Young Randolph

Demonstration of Paper Suction Table Techniques, by Marilyn Kemp Weidner

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