The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 9, Number 7
Dec 1985

Lots of Jobs

Libraries, archives and museums must have recovered from the recession, because over twice as many job vacancies were announced in the Abbey Newsletter during 1985 as were announced in 1983. Here are the figures:

1982 - 33
1983 - 23
1984 - 35
1985, 1st 6 issues - 43
1985, all 7 issues - 55

Twelve jobs are announced in this issue, the most ever. All but four of the announcements were mailed directly to the Newsletter during the last five weeks; those four were copied from other newsletters.

As a general rule, vacancies are announced in the fall and winter. During the 1982-85 period, 90 announcements appeared September-February and only 58 during the other half of the year.

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