The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 21, Number 7

Digital Camera Reviews

Compiled by Timothy Vitale

There are several current articles on digital cameras, image processors and scanners out now. Look for the following:

Review of 27 digital cameras on CNET at,1,0-21-2,00.html

Review of 8 low end image editors (nothing tops Adobe Photoshop, yet) at

Review of 18 digital cameras in the February 10, 1998, PC Magazine, Grotta, D. & Grotta S.W., "Crossing the Threshold: Digital Cameras," pp. 132-173 or at For product info via PC Magazine:

Two very thorough reviews of top consumer digital cameras in February 1998, Popular Photography: McNamara, M.J. "Features, New Frontiers, New Digital Rollouts Break the Megapixel and Megabuck Barriers." pp. 50-53 +196.

Very nice article on the newest breed of scanners in Electronic Publishing, January 1998: Hevenor, K., "Flatbeds Chase the Drum (scanner) Market," pp. 34-38. Penwell Publishing Co.,, 603-891-9166.

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