The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 19, Number 6-7
Dec 1995

Some Third-Year Conservation Students & Their Internship Sites

Third-year paper conservation students from four pro-grams were listed in the September AIC News, along with their internship sites. Those specializing in paper (whether art-on-paper or archival conservation) or other library/archive materials are:

University of Delaware: Jayne Holt, paper, National Archives at College Park; and Heida Slobin Shoemaker, paper, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.

Conservation Center of the Institute of Fine Arts: Cynthia Connelly, Freer Gallery of Art/Arthur M. Sackler Gallery and Library of Congress; Rachel Mustalish, Library of Congress; and possibly Meghan Thumm, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (the listing does not give students' area of specialization).

Queen's University: Andrea Harland, paper, Princeton University Libraries; and Jennifer Koerner, paper (no internship site given).

State University, College at Buffalo: Lyzanne Gann, photographs, The Better Image; Thomas Primeau, paper, Pierpont Morgan Library; and Mary Studt, paper, Missouri State Archives and Intermuseum Laboratory.

Six third-year conservation students from the University of Texas-Austin were listed in the September issue, with their internship sites.

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