The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 23, Number 1

Canadian Conservation Institute Offers Worldwide Analytical Services

Ian Wainwright, Manager of the Analytical Research Laboratory at the Canadian Conservation Institute, sent out a brochure describing its lab services and a cover letter to remind the conservation community that they serve not only Canadian institutions, but "museums, galleries, archives, archaeologists, and collections in Canada and around the world." The letter continues:

"Since 1972, ARL [Analytical Research Laboratory] staff have worked closely with curators, conservators, archaeologists, and law enforcement agencies in Canada and around the world to solve analytical problems using a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach. We have completed several thousand projects on a wide range of objects and materials including paintings, sculpture, and polychromy; prints, drawings, and watercolors; natural and synthetic paint media and pigments; glass deterioration and metal corrosion; rock paintings and petroglyphs. Our database of reference materials includes data and samples obtained from many artistic, historical, and archaeological cultures and periods....

"Our laboratory is well equipped to handle a wide range of chemical and physical analyses, as well as photographic, x-radiographic, and digital imaging assignments. ARL staff provide confidential expertise in the area of authenticity and attribution for museums, galleries, and law enforcement agencies. Artifacts are safeguarded in a secure, stable environment while at CCI; samples only may also be submitted for analysis."

For more information, Mr. Wainwright invites readers to contact him by phone (613/998-3721), fax (613/998-4721) or e-mail (

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