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Conservation DistList--Yearly Subject Index

1995 National Preservation Office conference
Bellingham, Katy, (11-04-1994)

4TH Joint Technical Symposium
McCrady, Ellen, (09-23-1994)

4th Joint Technical Symposium
Henry, Walter, (09-14-1994)
Henry, Walter, (09-20-1994)

A death
Pilette, Roberta, (01-21-1994)
Henry, Walter, (06-03-1994)
Motylewski, Karen, (11-30-1994)

ADA and museum accessibility
Shelton, Sally, (08-10-1994)

AIC Ethics documents available in CoOL
Henry, Walter, (05-25-1994)

ALA Program on preservation education
Page, Julie, (06-14-1994)

ALA Schedule
Gertz, Janet, (05-17-1994)

ALA ballots
Gertz, Janet, (05-18-1994)

ALA ballots--corrigendum
Gertz, Janet, (05-25-1994)

ALA preconference on preservation funding
Hanthorn, Ivan, (06-06-1994)

ALA session on preserving physical evidence
Brown, Charlotte, (01-14-1994)

ALCTS Magnetic Media Institute
Fox, Lisa, (03-03-1994)

ALCTS film presentation schedule correction
Arnott, Julie, (05-23-1994)

ALCTS film presentation schedule correction--Corrigendum
Arnott, Julie, (06-02-1994)

ALCTS institute on library binding
Fox, Lisa, (08-01-1994)

ALISE Preservation Education Meeting
Cloonan, Michele Valerie, (01-26-1994)

AMIGOS Fall Membership Conference 1994
Derrick, Tonya, (10-13-1994)

AMIGOS Spring 1994 Membership Conference
Derrick, Tonya, (03-25-1994)

AMW oversewing machine
Bradford, Owen, (06-29-1994)
Parisi, Paul A., (07-01-1994)
Bradford, Owen, (07-20-1994)
Bradford, Owen, (08-22-1994)

Lyall, Jan, (02-24-1994)

ARL spec kit on automation in preservation
Stienbarger, Lisa M., (12-01-1994)
Watt, Marcia, (12-02-1994)

ASTM Proceedings on paper aging
Henry, Walter, (08-14-1994)

ASTM workshop on printing and writing papers
Henry, Walter, (03-08-1994)

Accordioning music scores
Philpott, Lisa, (02-11-1994)
Baird, Brian J., (02-17-1994)
Frost, Gary, (02-22-1994)

Acetate foil
Boral, John, (05-20-1994)
Henderson, William, (05-23-1994)

Acrylic ink
Desulis, Kate, (11-02-1994)

Henry, Walter, (02-15-1994)
Henry, Walter, (02-17-1994)
Henry, Walter, (03-25-1994)
Henry, Walter, (09-01-1994)
Henry, Walter, (11-10-1994)
Henry, Walter, (11-23-1994)
Henry, Walter, (12-27-1994)

Albumen prints
Cox, Robert Sayre, (11-29-1994)

Alkaline board and protein
Piechota, Dennis, (01-03-1994)
Brown, Geoffrey I., (01-14-1994)

Ammonia treatment for red-rotted leather
Eastman, Peter, (04-02-1994)

Analytical Services
Maines, Christopher, (07-12-1994)

Wellck, Michele, (05-04-1994)

Animation cells
Kellerman, Sue, (12-22-1994)
Hollinger, Bill, (12-27-1994)
Bonadies, Stephen D., (12-24-1994)

Anoxic fumigation supplies
Burke, John, (06-30-1994)
Mibach, Lisa, (07-18-1994)

Anoxic packaging supplies, etc.
Shiner, Jerry, (08-01-1994)

Antler at archaeological dig
Fairchild, Connie E., (07-25-1994)
Mibach, Lisa, (08-26-1994)

Appointment at National Center for Preservation Technology and Training
Henry, Walter, (08-01-1994)

Archaeological basket
BonaDea, Artemis, (10-11-1994)
Mibach, Lisa, (10-15-1994)

Architectural exhibitions
Howell, Alan G., (06-25-1994)

Archival Products fax number changed temporarily
Comer, Janice, (09-27-1994)

Archival requirements for preparing dissertations
Gahl, Norma, (08-12-1994)

Archival slide films
Pearce-Moses, Richard, (01-06-1994)

Archives Conservators Special Interest Group meeting
Ormsby, Mark, (05-24-1994)

Art-History http server
Henry, Walter, (01-06-1994)

Articles about baskets
Rothal, Jeff, (08-31-1994)

Artist's books
Trusky, Tom, (06-16-1994)
Milevski, Robert J., (07-08-1994)

Asbestos removal hazards
Bell-Russel, Danna, (02-16-1994)
Motylewski, Karen, (02-18-1994)

BENCHMARK software
Bialek, Joe, (01-10-1994)

BEVA workshop
Morse, Elizabeth, (07-27-1994)

Banana Leaf Manuscripts
Brown, Geoffrey I., (03-11-1994)

Banana leaf manuscripts
Lapidow, Amy R., (03-08-1994)

Stoebner, Sue, (01-13-1994)

Bibliography on architectural drawing records
Schrock, Nancy C., (07-26-1994)

Binders board available
Roessler, Ralph, (10-06-1994)

Binding music scores
Gregory, Gwen, (12-08-1994)

Biodeterioration newsletter available
Henry, Walter, (04-07-1994)

Blocked negatives
Dodge, Ann, (07-27-1994)
Walsh, Betty, (08-24-1994)

Board shear wanted
Van der Luft, Eric, (01-14-1994)

Board shears
Alstrom, Eric, (11-04-1994)
Eichelberger, Jeanne, (11-10-1994)
Jackson, Martha, (11-11-1994)

Body secretions in books
Price, Julie, (05-16-1994)
Mason, James W., (05-16-1994)
Scott, Ralph L., (05-17-1994)
Bear, Alice, (05-26-1994)

Book conservation and ethics
Milevski, Robert J., (04-01-1994)
DeCandido, Robert L., (04-13-1994)
Kellar, Scott K., (04-13-1994)
Brown, Geoffrey I., (04-13-1994)
Jermann, Pete, (04-15-1994)
Jensen, Craig, (04-16-1994)
Johnson, Jessica, (04-18-1994)
Frost, Gary, (04-18-1994)
Campbell, Harry, (04-21-1994)
Dirks, Lee, (04-26-1994)

Book on biodeterioration of paper and books
Levashova, Larisa G., (06-08-1994)

Book on emergency preparedness
Lord, Allyn, (06-13-1994)

Book press
Reynolds, Christine, (04-25-1994)
Baird, Brian J., (04-28-1994)
DeCandido, Robert L., (04-28-1994)
Saunders, Richard, (04-28-1994)

Bookbinding Workshops
McDonald, Walter H., (05-04-1994)

Bookbinding method
Milevski, Robert J., (12-27-1993)
Baird, Brian J., (01-03-1994)

Bookcraft Library binding system
Stall, Claudia, (06-30-1994)

Traister, Daniel, (02-17-1994)

Bookkeeper process
Leiner, Lee H., (11-17-1994)

Ryder, Becky, (03-05-1994)

Books soaked in gasoline
Quigg, Agnes, (06-16-1994)

Brass coatings
Hawk, Alan, (12-20-1994)
Chase, Tom, (12-27-1994)
Rogers, Dominique A., (12-26-1994)
Van Velzen, Bas, (12-24-1994)
Ketcham, Jane, (12-24-1994)
Ketcham, Jane, (12-26-1994)
Lowengard, Sarah, (12-26-1994)
Thompson, Jack C., (12-29-1994)
Grunder, Henry, (12-28-1994)

Brittle books procedures
Brown, Laura, (01-07-1994)

Brittle books project planning
III, Floyd T. Sweeting, (07-25-1994)

Buckram defects
Boccaccio, Mary, (08-05-1994)

Building specifications
Mccolgin, Michael, (10-21-1994)

Bursaries For IIC Congress
Robichaud, Deborah, (04-21-1994)

CIMI Consortium formed
Perkins, John, (01-31-1994)

CIPP mailing list
Scott, John, (02-11-1994)

CPA appoints interim president
Sitts, Maxine K., (05-11-1994)

California Preservation Internship
Jones, Lynn, (11-03-1994)

California disasters
Henry, Walter, (02-17-1994)

Call for nominations--Esther J. Piercy Award
Fox, Lisa, (10-07-1994)

Call for nominations--Gaylord Collections Conservation Award
Schrock, Nancy C., (10-18-1994)

Call for symposium speakers and participants
Dale, Robin, (08-17-1994)

Carolyn Morrow leaves Harvard
Carolyn, Morrow, (06-13-1994)

Carpet vs. tile
Roberts, Lisa, (01-24-1994)
Croft, Jim, (01-27-1994)

Carved wooden relief
Cogswell, Michael, (02-01-1994)
Johnson, Jessica, (02-04-1994)
Preusser, Frank D., (02-07-1994)
Saunders, Richard, (02-07-1994)
Brown, Geoffrey I., (02-11-1994)

Cataloging microform masters
Lilley, Barbara, (08-30-1994)

Ceiling tiles
Reynolds, Frank A., (07-28-1994)
Brown, Geoffrey I., (08-03-1994)

Cellulose acetate enclosures
Holland, Harold, (10-17-1994)

Changing library binders
Shaughnessy, Anita, (07-18-1994)

Chicago Area Conservation Group
Deller, Craig, (09-21-1994)

Wharton, Glenn, (12-29-1994)

Cigarette smoke
Herbert, Teri Lynn, (01-31-1994)

Circulation of brittle books
Sinclair, Regina, (07-07-1994)
Jacobs, Susan, (07-11-1994)
Hanson, Marty, (07-25-1994)
Sinclair, Regina, (07-29-1994)

Civil War records and preservation
Milevski, Robert J., (05-06-1994)

Clamshell boxes
Widener, Mike, (04-15-1994)
Ohman, Lill, (04-20-1994)

Markham, Sandra, (03-08-1994)

Cleaning and housing phonograph discs
Helmer, Normandy, (02-22-1994)
Roosa, Mark, (02-25-1994)
Baty, Laurie A., (02-25-1994)
Phillips, Gary, (02-25-1994)
Brown, Geoffrey I., (02-25-1994)
Cogswell, Michael, (02-25-1994)
Bradley, Kevin, (03-07-1994)

Cleaning books
Armour, Annie, (10-25-1994)
Schoonmaker, Dina, (10-25-1994)
Walters, Wendy, (10-28-1994)

Cleaning embossed leather wall coverings
Heikell, Vicki-Anne, (08-24-1994)
Thompson, Jack C., (08-26-1994)

Cleaning phonograph discs
Jenkins, Martin D., (06-01-1994)

Cloth storage
Kaplan, Hilary A., (07-29-1994)
Mibach, Lisa, (08-22-1994)

Carey, Maureen, (10-24-1994)
Mibach, Lisa, (10-30-1994)

Coatings for exhibit cases
Gregory, Anita, (03-11-1994)

Coatings for storage cases
Real, William, (12-20-1994)
Hollinger, Bill, (12-27-1994)

Collection assessment
Krauth, Steve, (03-01-1994)
Shelton, Sally Sally, (03-07-1994)

Collections conservation
Pearson, Colin, (05-20-1994)

Color database
Lowengard, Sarah, (06-19-1994)

Color microfilm
Weltin, Helen, (09-30-1994)

Colored folder stock
Hee, Linda, (03-02-1994)

Condition of British Manuscripts Microfilm Project film
Graham, Peter, (02-01-1994)

Condition survey software
Schrock, Nancy C., (05-27-1994)

Conference on coatings
Henry, Walter, (04-20-1994)

Conference on magnetic media
Fox, Lisa, (03-26-1994)

Conservation Administration News
Orr, Bonnie, (08-11-1994)

Conservation OnLine
Palmer, Patricia, (06-17-1994)

Conservation OnLine Gopher
Henry, Walter, (04-25-1994)

Conservation OnLine Web Server Cons FileList
Henry, Walter, (06-12-1994)

Conservation OnLine moved
Henry, Walter, (01-22-1994)

Conservation chat on America Online
Mibach, Lisa, (10-08-1994)

Conservation of anatomical charts
Skeen, Nancy, (04-21-1994)

Conservation of drums
Ford, Bruce, (07-19-1994)
Verheyen, Peter David, (07-19-1994)

Consolidation of gouache
Woodyard, Deborah, (04-22-1994)
Futernick, Robert, (04-29-1994)
Preusser, Frank D., (04-28-1994)
Bishop, Mitchell Hearns, (05-05-1994)
Mibach, Lisa, (05-10-1994)
Brown, Geoffrey I., (05-12-1994)

Copy stand for fragile books
Lang, Curt, (10-31-1994)

Copyright and preservation
Demas, Sam, (12-15-1994)

Corrosion Intercept
Shiner, Jerry, (11-01-1994)
Druzik, Jim, (11-01-1994)

Course on care of collections
Johnson, Jessica, (01-05-1994)

Course on disaster preparedness
Olley, Lorraine, (01-10-1994)

Course on exhibition materials
Henry, Walter, (04-01-1994)

Course on geological conservation
Shelton, Sally, (10-28-1994)

Course on identification of museum materials
Shelton, Sally, (06-07-1994)

Course on identification of museum materials--schedule change
Shelton, Sally, (07-15-1994)

Course on preventive conservation of geological materials
Shelton, Sally, (12-20-1994)

Course on textile care
Henry, Walter, (09-28-1994)

Crimping machines
Alstrom, Eric, (12-16-1994)

Curators-Conservators Discussion Group
Brown, Charlotte, (06-13-1994)

Damaged CDs
Smith, Anne Pat, (11-29-1994)
McCrady, Ellen, (12-02-1994)

Damaged microfilm set
Payne, Charlotte, (01-28-1994)
Dodson, Suzanne, (02-08-1994)

Dammar varnish
Bonadies, Stephen D., (11-14-1994)

Database software for archives
Stagnitto, Janice, (11-02-1994)

Deacidification by Midwest Freeze Dry
Ekfelt, Lynn, (03-31-1994)

Deacidification of newspapers
Edstrom, James, (07-16-1994)

Deionized water
Constance,, (09-18-1994)

Dental floss
Atwood, Cathy, (12-31-1993)

Diatomaceous earth and pest control
Croft, Jim, (05-16-1994)

Digital Audio Tape
Pearce-Moses, Richard, (04-27-1994)
Sagraves, Barbara, (05-03-1994)
St-Laurent, Gilles, (05-19-1994)

Digital image project funded by NEH
Berger, Barbara E., (04-01-1994)

Digital imaging workshop
Kenney, Anne R., (12-23-1994)

Disaster assistance information available
Murray, Toby, (03-24-1994)

Disaster plans
Croft, Jim, (01-13-1994)
Croft, Jim, (01-18-1994)
Frechette, Elizabeth, (03-17-1994)
Jones, Willie, (08-02-1994)
Jones, Willie, (08-25-1994)

Disaster recovery training
Doig, Judith, (08-29-1994)
Jackson, Martha H., (09-12-1994)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (09-15-1994)

Disaster response manual available
Kahn, Miriam B., (07-15-1994)

Disaster training
Nainis, Linda, (04-15-1994)

Disaster workshops
Bigelow, Sue, (11-24-1994)
Dunlap, Sue, (12-01-1994)

Disaster workshops--corrigendum
Tancin, Charlotte, (12-01-1994)

Disks accompanying books
Callery, Bernadette G., (01-25-1994)

Uspenskaya, Svetlana, (12-24-1993)

Dow Aegis Antimicrobial, "The Mold Solution"
Motylewski, Karen, (04-01-1994)

Dry mount analysis
Croteau, Shelly, (04-28-1994)

Drying costs
Power, Sally, (09-29-1994)
Kahn, Miriam B., (10-03-1994)

Durability of printing inks
Bohner, Hal, (05-09-1994)
Nadeau, Luis, (05-14-1994)

Dust cloths
Latour, Terry, (05-16-1994)

Dust jackets
Sootheran, Linda, (06-15-1994)
Schrock, Nancy C., (11-20-1994)

EMF radiation meter
Holland, Harold, (12-13-1994)

EPA issues rules on Halon
Strassberg, Richard, (06-27-1994)

Earthquake report
Henry, Walter, (01-21-1994)
Croft, Jim, (01-21-1994)
Henry, Walter, (01-21-1994)
Henry, Walter, (01-25-1994)

Electric guillotine
Sinclair, Regina, (11-15-1994)
Sinclair, Regina, (12-13-1994)

Electrolysis of metal threaded textiles
Hallam, David, (10-19-1994)
Mibach, Lisa, (10-23-1994)

Electrostatic painting
Tyrrell, Mary Ann S., (03-25-1994)

Elmer Eusman
Peters, Dale, (10-24-1994)

Ersatz leather
Ford, Bruce, (08-15-1994)

Esparto wax
Glastrup, Jens, (12-29-1994)

Establishing information clearinghouse
Frye, Dorothy T., (03-25-1994)

European Forum of Heritage Associations meeting
Johnson, Jessica, (10-19-1994)

Evaluating preservation awareness education
Drewes, Jeanne, (10-03-1994)

Exercising magnetic tapes
Zeccardi, Michelle, (08-24-1994)
Thompson, Jack C., (08-25-1994)
Lindner, Jim, (08-26-1994)

Exhibit cases
Jr., Everett C. Wilkie, (10-03-1994)

Exhibit slides
Poon, Carolynne, (10-21-1994)

Exhibition on conservation
Watson, Wendy, (02-16-1994)

Exhibition on conservation--catalogue available
Watson, Wendy, (05-27-1994)

Faculty awareness of preservation problems
Favretto, Christina, (07-11-1994)

Fastback bindings
Reitci, Steven John, (05-30-1994)
Harsin, Ella, (06-07-1994)

Fiber optic lighting systems
Young, Joan, (09-22-1994)

Fire and alcohol
Shelton, Sally, (02-22-1994)

Fire damaged paper
Klinger, Jane, (01-05-1994)
Thompson, Jack C., (01-09-1994)
Gavitt, Sharon, (01-11-1994)
Etherington, Don, (01-25-1994)

Fire protection seminar
Henry, Walter, (10-12-1994)

Flattening lined maps
Gavitt, Sharon, (07-29-1994)
Motylewski, Karen, (08-18-1994)

Flood response services
Shelton, Sally, (08-15-1994)
Weinberg, Robert J., (08-17-1994)

Floor wax on books
Helmer, Normandy, (02-22-1994)

Food and drink in the library
Herrick, Roxanna, (05-19-1994)
Stefano, Paula De, (05-19-1994)
Steckman, Betty, (05-27-1994)
Stall, Claudia, (05-25-1994)
Herrick, Roxanna, (12-13-1994)

Forbes Fellowship
Douglas, Janet, (11-28-1994)

Free internet training
Merrill-Oldham, Jan, (09-06-1994)

Free vacuum chamber
Henry, Walter, (01-02-1994)

Free-lance conservation
Edstrom, James, (02-28-1994)

Freeze drying
Helmer, Normandy, (03-17-1994)

Fume hoods
Honneffer, Frederick N., (02-11-1994)
Helmer, Normandy, (08-15-1994)
Mibach, Lisa, (08-23-1994)

Henry, Walter, (03-23-1994)

Fumigation of archival library materials
Helmer, Normandy, (08-05-1994)

Funding available from National Center for Preservation Technology
Henry, Walter, (05-16-1994)

Funding sources for conservation
Shelton, Sally, (06-09-1994)

Pearson, Colin, (07-18-1994)

Future of conservation/preservation funding
Motylewski, Karen, (09-01-1994)
Jensen, Craig, (09-09-1994)
Campbell, Harry, (09-08-1994)
Deller, Craig, (09-05-1994)
Graham, Peter, (09-15-1994)

George M. Cunha memorial scholarship fund
Russell, Ann, (12-01-1994)

Georgia Archives Institute
Hirtle, Peter, (11-14-1994)

Glass for lantern slides
Jackson, Rab, (11-18-1994)

Gopher access to CoOL
Croft, Jim, (02-19-1994)

Henry, Walter, (04-25-1994)

Grant for film preservation available
Henry, Walter, (06-17-1994)

Grant for treatment of blueprints
Hughston, Milan, (03-10-1994)

Guillotine for sale
Bearman, Frederick, (01-12-1994)

HVAC systems
Morris, Annette, (03-25-1994)
Mibach, Lisa, (04-01-1994)

Handling books during cataloguing
Bailey, Jean, (04-20-1994)
Simpson, Loerna, (04-21-1994)
Cosgrove, Alicia, (04-26-1994)
Graham, Peter, (04-26-1994)
Helmer, Normandy, (04-26-1994)
O'Connor, Shannon, (04-27-1994)
Saunders, Richard, (04-28-1994)

Hartman, Susan, (12-07-1994)
Smyth, Elaine, (12-08-1994)
Kaplan, Hilary A., (12-08-1994)

Harry Campbell
Etherington, Don, (12-10-1994)

Heat pipes
Van Velzen, Bas, (11-08-1994)
McCrady, Ellen, (11-16-1994)
Van Velzen, Bas, (11-22-1994)
Shiner, Jerry, (11-25-1994)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (11-23-1994)

Henry Unglik
Van Lanschot, Jettie, (11-18-1994)

Highlighter pens
Lyall, Jan, (09-06-1994)

Historic preservation professional qualification standards
Henry, Walter, (12-23-1994)

Humidity in file cabinets
Backman, Prudence, (04-14-1994)
Brown, Geoffrey I., (04-15-1994)

Hygrothermograph charts
Dodge, Ann, (12-29-1993)

Drewes, Jeanne, (10-03-1994)

ICOM Resins Working Group Newsletter
Grattan, David, (06-22-1994)

IIC Congress 1994 and Trade Show
Williams, Scott, (03-14-1994)

Glogoff, Stuart, (06-17-1994)

Impact of automation on preservation decisions
Kissner, Terry, (05-31-1994)
Steckman, Betty, (06-06-1994)

Infested Indian books
Belcher, Ellen, (01-26-1994)

Insects and books
Harmeyer, David A., (03-16-1994)
Preusser, Frank D., (03-24-1994)
Koestler, Robert J., (03-28-1994)

Insects and old books
Gonzalez, Linda, (06-21-1994)

Inspection of preservation microfilm
Fox, Lisa, (12-10-1994)

Integrated pest management
Thompson, Jack C., (02-20-1994)

International standard for permanent paper--ISO/CD 11108
Dahlo, Rolf, (04-08-1994)

Internship at Cornell
Dean, John F., (01-27-1994)

Internship at New York Botanical Garden Library
Reed, Judith, (06-09-1994)

Invisible ink
Decker, John Joseph, (08-08-1994)

Joint CMDS/PLMS Discussion Group
Hanson, Marty, (01-25-1994)
Hanson, Marty, (06-08-1994)

Joint Library Binding/Vendor Relations meeting at ALA
Kahn, Miriam B., (05-23-1994)

Joint action on burst bindings
Graham, Peter, (02-17-1994)

Kerosene on book cover
Williams, Jeannette B., (03-21-1994)

Kohler Collection of British Popular Poetry
Payne, Charlotte, (07-15-1994)

Kress foundation grant recipients sought
BonaDea, Artemis, (08-25-1994)

LAPNet workshop on earthquake recovery
Coleman, Christopher, (12-02-1994)

Labeling Methods
Cosgrove, Alicia, (02-14-1994)

Carmack, Noel, (12-06-1994)
BonaDea, Artemis, (12-08-1994)
Page, Julie, (12-14-1994)

Labels for polyester folders
Belanger, Terry, (11-29-1994)
Henderson, William, (12-02-1994)

Lacquer conference
Bear, Alice, (01-03-1994)

Large color image preservation grant
Hart, Andrew, (06-20-1994)

Large color image preservation grant--corrigendum
Hart, Andrew S., (06-23-1994)

Laser discs
Stoebner, Sue, (02-11-1994)

Leather bloom
Kaimowitz, Jeffrey, (03-22-1994)
Johnson, Jessica, (03-23-1994)
Motylewski, Karen, (03-24-1994)
Motylewski, Karen, (03-24-1994)
Howell, Alan G., (03-27-1994)

Lecture series at Columbia
Bearman, Frederick, (04-12-1994)

Library Binding Discussion Group agenda
Blaine, Susan F., (01-11-1994)

Library architecture
Lee, Vicki, (02-18-1994)

Library binderies
Kimball, Merle, (11-09-1994)
Bradford, Owen, (11-11-1994)

Library binding discussion group
Williams, Sara, (12-21-1994)

Library-Vendors Relations Discussion Group
Kahn, Miriam B., (01-21-1994)

Library-Vendors Relations Discussion Group meeting
Kahn, Miriam B., (01-06-1994)

List of suppliers
Bradford, Owen, (09-12-1994)

Long-term book storage
Ryder, Becky, (09-02-1994)

Longevity of digital documents
Hollinger, Bill, (12-17-1994)

METRO Conservation Forum schedule change
Henry, Walter, (03-09-1994)

MLA statement on significance of original materials
Henry, Walter, (10-31-1994)
Graham, Peter, (11-07-1994)
Silverman, Randy, (11-08-1994)
Frost, Gary, (11-08-1994)

Magnetic closures for containers
Clausen, Carol, (05-17-1994)
Baird, Brian J., (05-19-1994)
Ashman, David, (05-24-1994)

Magnetic media
Druzik, Jim, (10-05-1994)

Magnetic media preservation consultant
Henry, Walter, (08-16-1994)

Marking CD's
Mohlhenrich, Janice, (01-26-1994)

Marking CD-ROMs
Olson, John A., (10-05-1994)
Lindner, Jim, (10-14-1994)
Bellingham, Katy, (10-14-1994)

Marking books
Shoaf, Eric C., (09-06-1994)
Palmer, Patricia, (09-21-1994)

Mass deacidification Preservation of artifactual value in microfilming projects
Schoonmaker, Dina, (02-17-1994)

Material Safety Data Sheets
Henry, Walter, (12-08-1994)

Matting and Framing for transport
Bennett, Wendy, (12-14-1994)

Mekatronics EZ press
Draper, Bryan, (08-01-1994)

Melted plastic on paper
Denning, Larry, (07-08-1994)

Mending tape
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (04-19-1994)

Michigan Alliance Conference proceedings available
Mibach, Lisa, (11-09-1994)

Microclimate generators
Shiner, Jerry, (08-25-1994)

Microfilm Distribution Service
Watt, Marcia, (06-28-1994)

Microfilm deterioration
McCormick, Michael, (05-10-1994)
McCormick, Michael, (06-05-1994)

Microfilm storage boxes
Kaplan, Hilary A., (10-05-1994)
Stewart, Charles, (10-06-1994)
Fox, Michael, (10-19-1994)
Hollinger, Bill, (10-17-1994)

Microfilming workshops
Motylewski, Karen, (03-14-1994)

Midwest Regional Conservation Guild meeting
Real, William, (09-02-1994)

Missing pages
Stefano, Paula De, (10-26-1994)

Model disaster plan
Baillie, Jeavons, (01-24-1994)

Nyuksha, Yu. P., (02-07-1994)

Mold and insects
Grandinette, Maria, (04-15-1994)

Mold health hazards
Verheyen, Peter David, (09-12-1994)
Glaser, Mary Todd, (09-19-1994)
Bailey, Jean, (09-22-1994)
Kesse, Erich, (09-23-1994)
Milevski, Robert J., (09-29-1994)
Glaser, Mary Todd, (10-04-1994)
Deller, Craig, (10-06-1994)

Mold liability
Motylewski, Karen, (06-07-1994)

Mold on books
Brown, Geoffrey I., (11-01-1994)
Glastrup, Jens, (11-04-1994)

Mold on books Cleaning books
Smith, Laura, (10-20-1994)

Mothballs for book storage
Cartwright, James, (07-02-1994)
Real, William, (07-11-1994)

Motion picture projectors
Roberts, Kate, (12-14-1994)

Moving collections
Sinclair, Regina, (05-11-1994)

Museum architecture
Shelton, Sally, (06-13-1994)
Cianchette, Robert, (06-17-1994)

Museum lighting
Coates, Donna Jean, (03-29-1994)
Motylewski, Karen, (04-01-1994)
Bailey, Forrest, (04-20-1994)

Musty books
Graham, Peter, (01-06-1994)

Musty odors in books
Dunlap, Sue, (08-16-1994)
Maltby, Sue, (08-22-1994)
Beth, Schobernd, (08-23-1994)

Mylar enclosures for photographs
Smith, Steven R., (08-16-1994)

NAGPRA Forum at SAA meeting
Henry, Walter, (02-15-1994)

NEDCC Preservation Manual
Motylewski, Karen, (10-20-1994)

NEDCC technical leaflets
Motylewski, Karen, (08-03-1994)

NEH Preservation and Access application deadlines
Paulson, Barbara, (09-03-1994)

NIC report on preserving natural science collections
Henry, Walter, (03-23-1994)

NISO Paper permanence publications available Proceedings on Paper Aging Phenomena available
Henry, Walter, (08-21-1994)

NOTIS Preservation Interest Group
Sagraves, Barbara, (01-11-1994)

NOTIS spine labeling
Larson, Cathy, (08-02-1994)

National Center for Preservation Technology & Training
Stott, Peter, (04-06-1994)

National Endowment for the Humanities BBS
Volpe, Suzanne M., (12-02-1994)

National Museum of American Art Online
Henry, Walter, (01-25-1994)

Negative containers
Bradford, Owen, (04-15-1994)

New England Preservation Calendar
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (11-07-1994)

New England Preservation Calendar--Corrigendum
Overbeck, Kristen, (11-14-1994)

New List
Henry, Walter, (11-03-1994)

New York State Library grants
Lilley, Barbara, (09-01-1994)

New York State Preservation Administration Internship
Gertz, Janet, (11-04-1994)

New address for MBK Consulting
Kahn, Miriam B., (08-25-1994)

New address for PTI
Roessler, Ralph, (07-26-1994)

New book on photo deterioration
Ware, Mike, (12-10-1994)

New books on photographic processes
Nadeau, Luis, (10-29-1994)

New chair for NOTIS PIG
Sagraves, Barbara, (01-27-1994)

New email address for Abbey Publications
McCrady, Ellen, (08-15-1994)

New list
Henry, Walter, (03-09-1994)
Henry, Walter, (03-09-1994)
Henry, Walter, (03-14-1994)
Henry, Walter, (04-27-1994)
Henry, Walter, (06-17-1994)
Verheyen, Peter David, (06-22-1994)
Henry, Walter, (06-26-1994)
Karp, Cary, (08-11-1994)

New list--CIDOC-L
Karp, Cary, (08-31-1994)

New version of LC's rare book box manual
Milevski, Robert J., (07-28-1994)
Smith, Merrily, (09-02-1994)

Nitrate film and safety
Grant, Sharlane, (02-03-1994)
Pigniolo, Loren Charles, (02-06-1994)

Nitrate film and safety: Corrigendum
Henry, Walter, (02-15-1994)

Nitrate-base film identification
Reynolds, Frank A., (06-17-1994)

Nitrogen anoxia for museum pest control
Druzik, Jim, (10-18-1994)

Notes from conference on pest management
Motylewski, Karen, (11-08-1994)

Novel about conservator
Conway, Paul, (07-28-1994)

Odor in Indian books
Strang, Tom, (01-10-1994)
Bear, Alice, (01-14-1994)

Odor in audio cassettes
Watt, Marcia, (09-01-1994)
Lindner, James, (09-06-1994)

Odor removal
Lunas, Susan, (11-08-1994)
Van Velzen, Bas, (11-11-1994)
Hollinger, Bill, (11-10-1994)
Druzik, Jim, (11-10-1994)
Martin, Melanie, (11-15-1994)

Old Wei T'o
Bell-Russel, Danna, (05-06-1994)
Thompson, Jack C., (05-12-1994)
Atwood, Cathy, (05-14-1994)

Organizational structure of bindery preparation units
Stienbarger, Lisa, (02-08-1994)

Orphaned collections
Shelton, Sally, (06-07-1994)

Oversized books
Latour, Terry, (11-16-1994)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (11-23-1994)

Oversized image scanning project
Gertz, Janet, (12-14-1994)

Gertz, Janet, (04-19-1994)

PLMS Discussion Group meeting
Smith, Anne Pat, (06-20-1994)
Drewes, Jeanne, (06-18-1994)

PLMS Preservation Education & Outreach Discussion Group
Page, Julie, (06-14-1994)

PLMS Preservation Education and Outreach Discussion Group
Page, Julie, (01-18-1994)

PLMS resolution
Gertz, Janet, (02-24-1994)

PLMS/RLMS Joint Reporting Session
Watt, Marcia, (01-27-1994)

POST-IT notes
Derby, Deborah, (12-08-1994)

Paint for interior of safe
Nelson, Peter, (11-18-1994)
Brown, Geoffrey I., (11-29-1994)

Paint for microfilm cabinets
Shaughnessy, Anita, (06-07-1994)
Thies, Cheryl, (06-15-1994)
Dodson, Suzanne, (06-16-1994)
Shelton, Sally, (06-17-1994)
Mibach, Lisa, (06-19-1994)

Painted wood symposium
Deller, Craig, (09-13-1994)
Harvey, Dave, (10-25-1994)

Panel discussion on conservation education
Scott, John, (02-03-1994)

Paper Nao
Jackson, Martha, (12-30-1994)

Paper and Book Intensive 1995
Barrett, Tim, (12-14-1994)

Paperback binding service
Herrick, Roxanna, (08-29-1994)
Eyler, Carol, (09-21-1994)
Eyler, Carol, (09-23-1994)

Vitez, Cheri, (04-16-1994)
Brown, Geoffrey I., (04-26-1994)

Permanence of platinotypes
Nadeau, Luis, (01-10-1994)

Permanent markers
Bailey, Gail, (10-26-1994)
Schrock, Nancy C., (10-27-1994)
Seitz, Phillip, (10-31-1994)
Mibach, Lisa, (11-01-1994)

Permanent paper policy document available
Henry, Walter, (04-07-1994)

Permanent paper policy document available--corrigendum
Henry, Walter, (04-08-1994)

Pest control
DeBolt, Dean, (11-01-1994)
McCrady, Ellen, (11-03-1994)
Peters, Dale, (11-04-1994)

Photo conservation chat on AOL
Stahl, Joan, (12-09-1994)

Photo preservation seminar
Nishimura, Doug, (06-15-1994)

Pendergrass, Andrew, (07-19-1994)
Motylewski, Karen, (07-25-1994)

Schulte, Rebecca, (01-07-1994)
Wasman, Wendy, (01-08-1994)
Jr., Everett C. Wilkie, (01-08-1994)
Bond, Elayne, (01-10-1994)
Lake, Gretchen, (01-12-1994)
Frost, Gary, (01-12-1994)

Photocopy toner stability
Motylewski, Karen, (02-01-1994)

Photograph storage
Dunlap, Sue, (06-21-1994)
Howell, Alan G., (06-25-1994)

Photographic activity test for plastics
Brandis, Leanne, (03-04-1994)

Photos for microfilming book needed
Fox, Lisa, (12-07-1994)

Plastic grocery bags
Milevski, Robert J., (08-23-1994)
Kesse, Erich, (09-23-1994)
Milevski, Robert J., (09-29-1994)

Plastic identification
Gorman, Laura, (05-04-1994)

Plastics and storage
Swartzell, Ann, (09-21-1994)
Fox, Michael, (10-19-1994)

Polarizing microscope
Milevski, Robert J., (06-01-1994)

Polyethylene bags
Farren, Donald, (05-25-1994)
McCrady, Ellen, (06-02-1994)
Mibach, Lisa, (06-19-1994)

Polyvinyl acetate
Hopkins, William, (12-28-1994)

Position at ArconTest, Inc.
Maltby, Sue, (12-09-1994)

Position at Brown
Shoaf, Eric C., (07-06-1994)

Position at CCAHA
Rawnsley, Virgilia, (11-15-1994)

Position at Carolina State University
Scott, Wendy, (03-09-1994)

Position at Columbia
Gertz, Janet, (07-25-1994)

Position at Cornell
Demas, Sam, (07-13-1994)

Position at Freer Gallery
Maines, Christopher, (05-13-1994)

Position at Harvard
Carolyn, Morrow, (07-19-1994)
Schrock, Nancy C., (11-28-1994)

Position at Huntington Library
Foote, Carl, (02-03-1994)

Position at ICI
Fairfield, John R., (05-11-1994)

Position at LA County Museum
Welsh, Elizabeth C., (12-29-1993)

Position at Minnesota Historical Society
Thies, Cheryl, (02-04-1994)
Thies, Cheryl, (04-04-1994)

Position at NYU
Murray, Kate, (03-09-1994)

Position at National Museum of Health & Medicine
Sledzik, Paul, (11-14-1994)

Position at New York Historical Society
Balicki, Alan, (01-06-1994)

Position at North Bennet Street School
McDonald, Walter H., (02-28-1994)

Position at Northwestern
Frieder, Richard, (02-11-1994)

Position at Northwestern University Library
Frieder, Richard, (04-30-1994)

Position at Ohio State University
Sullivan, Sharon A., (12-07-1994)

Position at Princeton
Milevski, Robert J., (11-09-1994)

Position at State Historical Society of Wisconsin
Hohler, Joanne, (05-10-1994)

Position at Texas Memorial Museum
Johnson, Jessica, (05-27-1994)

Position at University of Kansas
Gilliland, Sandra, (06-14-1994)

Position at University of Maryland at College Park
Carignan, Yvonne A., (08-04-1994)

Position at University of Michigan
Zachary, Shannon, (05-03-1994)

Position at University of North Carolina
Paris, Jan, (11-14-1994)

Position at University of Texas
Banks, Paul N., (02-18-1994)
Banks, Paul N., (03-11-1994)

Position at Utah State Archives
Fagen, Linda, (07-12-1994)

Position at Utah State University
Elkington, Nancy, (08-09-1994)

Posters and postcards about food in libraries
Verheyen, Peter David, (02-18-1994)

Potential curriculum program at Evergreen State College
Stilson, W. Randolph, (05-29-1994)

Presentation on 19th Century Bookbindings
Silverman, Randy, (04-04-1994)

Presentation on funding
Adamitis, Victoria, (01-31-1994)

Presentation on handling photographic materials
Davies, Rachel, (09-23-1994)

Presentation on imaging
Morris, Annette, (11-02-1994)

Preservation Administrators Discussion Group
Blaine, Susan F., (01-19-1994)

Preservation Administrators Discussion Group agenda
Gertz, Janet, (06-08-1994)

Preservation Education Program at ALA
Page, Julie, (04-20-1994)

Preservation Intensive Institute
Cloonan, Michele Valerie, (12-29-1993)
Cloonan, Michele Valerie, (04-06-1994)

Preservation Intensive Institute course added
Cloonan, Michele Valerie, (05-18-1994)

Preservation Intensive Institute, UCLA, 1994
Espinosa, Robert, (09-29-1994)

Preservation Issues in Small to Mid-Sized Libraries Discussion Group
Hedberg, Jane, (01-25-1994)
Hedberg, Jane, (06-14-1994)

Preservation Library
Partridge, Sharon, (04-19-1994)

Preservation Summit at LC: Partners in Preservation
Smith, Merrily, (04-07-1994)

Preservation and Conspectus
Lyall, Jan, (12-19-1994)

Preservation awareness
Kevil, L. Hunter, (11-22-1994)
Bond, Elayne, (11-28-1994)
Page, Julie A., (11-30-1994)

Preservation databases
Manapsa, Jacqueline L., (05-27-1994)

Preservation fund raising
Derrick, Tanya, (02-15-1994)

Preservation imaging projects
Combs, Jeanne-Elizabeth, (04-29-1994)
Moore, Dorothy Wright, (05-06-1994)

Preservation manuals
Olley, Lorraine, (03-25-1994)

Preservation microfilming conference proceedings
Bellingham, Katy, (05-31-1994)

Preservation microfilming workshop
Motylewski, Karen, (10-04-1994)

Preservation of artifactual value in microfilming projects
Bond, Elayne, (02-18-1994)

Preservation of books
Menges, Gary, (06-17-1994)

Preservation of circulating videotape
William, Richards, (07-21-1994)

Preservation policy statements
Altman, Burt, (09-12-1994)

Preserving heirlooms
Koga, Dean, (05-10-1994)

Preserving scent
Henry, Walter, (04-15-1994)
DeCandido, Robert L., (04-15-1994)
Brown, Geoffrey I., (04-15-1994)
Burke, John, (04-18-1994)
Herskovitz, Bob, (04-19-1994)
Verheyen, Peter David, (04-18-1994)

Printer for labelling
Palmer, Patricia, (09-13-1994)

Producing microform printing masters
Webb, Colin, (07-25-1994)

Program on environmental management
Schoonmaker, Dina, (10-26-1994)

Program on preservation of magnetic media
Motylewski, Karen, (09-01-1994)

Program on videotape preservation
Bell-Russel, Danna, (03-07-1994)

Proposed merger of PLMS and RLMS
Gertz, Janet, (01-06-1994)
Gertz, Janet, (01-17-1994)

Public photocopiers and paper permanence
Helmer, Normandy, (06-06-1994)

Brown, Geoffrey I., (11-29-1994)

Publication on conservation in small libraries
Pickwoad, Nicholas, (09-22-1994)

Publication on conservation of geological collections
Shelton, Sally, (06-23-1994)

RFP: Preservation education staff training kit
Smithee, Jeannette, (10-26-1994)

RLG Archives Microfilming Manual Library of Congress work on digital imaging
Henry, Walter, (09-14-1994)

RLMS Discussion Group meeting
Dirks, Lee, (06-06-1994)

RLMS Discussion Group topic
Dirks, Lee, (01-11-1994)

Radiation and mold
Quigg, Agnes, (07-11-1994)
Deller, Craig, (07-14-1994)
Watt, Marcia, (07-14-1994)
Motylewski, Karen, (07-18-1994)
Motylewski, Karen, (07-19-1994)

Rare Book School 1994
Belanger, Terry, (01-19-1994)

Real costs of deterioration
Partridge, Sharon, (05-12-1994)

Recruiting conservators
Baillie, Jeavons, (01-03-1994)

Recycling books
Stetson, Keith R., (01-13-1994)

Refurbishing leather
Honneffer, Frederick N., (01-21-1994)
Dean, John F., (01-25-1994)
Pickwoad, Nicholas, (01-28-1994)

Relative Humidity/Temperature Meter
Hughes, Susan, (04-10-1994)
Brown, Geoffrey I., (04-13-1994)
Thompson, Jack C., (04-18-1994)
Thompson, Jack C., (05-12-1994)

Remote storage
Sinclair, Regina, (11-04-1994)
Eichelberger, Jeanne, (11-10-1994)
Lilley, Barbara, (11-14-1994)

Removal of crayon markings from documents
Honneffer, Frederick, (10-10-1994)

Removing ink from baseball cards
Henstell, Bruce, (03-29-1994)
Motylewski, Karen, (04-01-1994)

Removing labels
Milam, Sheila A., (02-16-1994)

Removing labels from vinyl
McCrady, Ellen, (10-24-1994)

Removing old polish residue
Johnson, Jessica, (03-25-1994)
Schwartz, George, (03-30-1994)
Mibach, Lisa, (04-01-1994)
Eastman, Peter, (04-02-1994)
Barger, M. Susan, (04-06-1994)
Brown, Geoffrey I., (04-07-1994)
Johnson, Jessica, (04-08-1994)
Mibach, Lisa, (04-09-1994)

Removing outer layer of book covers
Stall, Claudia, (07-12-1994)
Verheyen, Peter David, (07-14-1994)

Removing photograph from glass
McCarty, Patsy L., (06-08-1994)

Removing stamping on spine labels
Petersen, Scott, (11-18-1994)
Stall, Claudia, (11-21-1994)
Henderson, William, (11-28-1994)
McCrady, Ellen, (12-06-1994)

Repairing Emu egg artifacts
Maltby, Sue, (06-03-1994)
Mibach, Lisa, (06-18-1994)

Repairing edges of books
Stall, Claudia, (02-21-1994)

Report on staffing
Drewes, Jeanne, (07-13-1994)

Research on lightfastness of watercolor paint
Schaudt, Jennifer, (12-13-1993)

Risk management workshop offered by PRLC
Melnick, Susan M., (10-11-1994)

Risks of DYLUX recording of watermarks
Charbeneau, Brett, (02-14-1994)

Room shortage at AIC meeting
McCrady, Ellen, (04-12-1994)
Henry, Walter, (05-06-1994)

SE-LIN Focus Group meeting
Boral, John, (01-28-1994)

SE-LIN labels
Gibbs, Nancy, (09-30-1994)

SPEC Kit on preservation automation Course on Japanese paper conservation Conference on pest, insect, & fungus management
Milevski, Robert J., (04-22-1994)

SPNHC Annual Meeting
Henry, Walter, (04-27-1994)

SPNHC annual meeting
Pinzl, Ann P., (12-14-1994)

Saint-Petersburg Restoration Guild
Skliarskaya, Anna, (12-30-1994)

Scales for photodocumentation
Johnson, Jessica, (05-13-1994)

Schott reading lamps
Widener, Mike, (12-02-1994)
Espinosa, Robert, (12-05-1994)
Van Velzen, Bas, (12-06-1994)
Roberts, Kate, (12-06-1994)
Lemmen, Barbara, (12-10-1994)

Science and Technology Library Preservation Survey
Newby, Jill, (05-12-1994)

Science for Conservators books
Murray, Kate, (04-19-1994)

Scotch Removable Magic Tape
Van der Luft, Eric, (11-17-1994)
Brown, Geoffrey I., (11-29-1994)
Johnston, Dan, (12-01-1994)

Scott Kellar
Kellar, Scott K., (01-08-1994)

Se-Lin User Group meeting
Boral, John, (06-09-1994)

Se-lin tape
Shaughnessy, Anita, (01-10-1994)

Security strips
Lee, Vicki, (06-08-1994)
Dunlap, Sue, (06-14-1994)
Mason, James W., (06-19-1994)
Boomgaarden, Wes, (08-05-1994)
Gertz, Janet, (12-13-1994)

Self-service photocopying
Smith, Merrily, (07-12-1994)

Session on conservation science at EAS
Scott, John, (02-11-1994)

DeBolt, Dean, (09-21-1994)

Shelving oversized books
Gilderson-Duwe, Caroline, (07-18-1994)
Stall, Claudia, (07-19-1994)

Short course on outdoor bronze conservation
Scott, John, (02-11-1994)

Shrink wrapping
Sinclair, Regina, (03-08-1994)

Warren, Yolanda, (01-07-1994)
Warren, Yolanda, (09-12-1994)

Silver cleaning reference
Hee, Linda, (03-11-1994)
Williams, Scott, (03-14-1994)

Motylewski, Karen, (01-14-1994)

Smithsonian press release
Druzik, Jim, (09-22-1994)
Real, William, (09-27-1994)
Webb, Colin, (09-29-1994)
Webb, Colin, (09-30-1994)
Piechota, Dennis, (10-01-1994)
Henry, Walter, (10-01-1994)

Bailey, Forrest, (01-22-1994)

Smoke odour removal
Howell, Alan G., (01-11-1994)

Software for creating training materials
Fox, Lisa, (08-10-1994)

Sound recording cleaning equipment
Sims, David, (05-24-1994)

Sound recording formats
Wilke, Tricia B., (10-17-1994)
Lindner, Jim, (10-21-1994)

Sound recording formats--addendum
Henry, Walter, (11-01-1994)

Sources for Canada Balsam
Ellis, Linda, (11-10-1994)

South African Paper Conservation Group
Peters, Dale, (10-05-1994)

South East Asia
Peachey, Jeff, (08-08-1994)

Soy Ink
DeBolt, Dean, (09-21-1994)

Williams, Jeannette B., (04-19-1994)

Stability of computer printer inks
Boothe, Nancy L., (11-16-1994)

Stamp pad ink
Johnson, Jessica, (01-28-1994)

Standards for labels
O'Loughlin, Elissa, (08-19-1994)

Steel and vinyl phonograph records
Motylewski, Karen, (08-29-1994)
Gilles, St-Laurent, (09-06-1994)

Stereo viewer
Derby, Deborah, (12-01-1994)

Storage cases with environmental control
Sagraves, Barbara, (08-17-1994)
Miller, Patricia L., (08-22-1994)
Chase, Tom, (08-22-1994)
Preusser, Frank D., (08-22-1994)
Southern, Ed, (08-22-1994)
Kahn, Miriam B., (08-24-1994)
Deller, Craig, (09-10-1994)

Storage of functional objects
Hallam, David, (12-10-1994)

Storage of home movies
Edstrom, James, (05-02-1994)

Storage of large-format glass plate negatives
Scharff, Mikkel, (07-19-1994)
Kahn, Miriam B., (07-20-1994)

Stuart Fleming
Watson, Wendy, (03-06-1994)

Student Research Projects
Smith, Wendy, (04-22-1994)

Summer Institute at Syracuse University
Bennett, Blythe, (02-28-1994)

Surface roughness measurement
Koestler, Bob, (12-16-1994)

Symposium on Preservation of Sound and Moving Images
Merrill-Oldham, Jan, (08-25-1994)

Symposium on art conservation
Watson, Wendy, (10-17-1994)

Symposium on collaboration between conservators and art historians
Watson, Wendy, (02-16-1994)

Symposium on exhibition
Roosa, Mark, (03-02-1994)

Symposium: Preserving Art for the Future
Bone, Leslie, (11-01-1994)

TIIAP grant for CIMI
Perkins, John, (10-13-1994)

Text of ISO/CD 11108
Dahlo, Rolf, (04-11-1994)

Theft detection devices
Gilderson-Duwe, Caroline, (11-15-1994)

Time Capsules
Merrill-Oldham, Jan, (07-12-1994)

Time accounting
Jackson, Martha H., (03-22-1994)

Time capsules
Honneffer, Frederick N., (06-29-1994)
Odell, Scott, (07-01-1994)

Tips on reading DistList
Henry, Walter, (01-22-1994)

Tri-Clean Laundry discs
Tse, Season, (06-27-1994)

U-matic tapes and sticky shed
Gaustad, Lars, (05-18-1994)
Lindner, Jim, (05-18-1994)
Ford, Bruce, (05-24-1994)

UMI Preservation Fellowship
Buchanan, Sally, (03-16-1994)

UV sterilization
Alison, Bullock, (04-22-1994)
Preusser, Frank D., (04-28-1994)

UV/Ozone and mold
Mccolgin, Michael, (05-23-1994)
Preusser, Frank D., (05-26-1994)

Ultrasonic welder for sale
Motylewski, Karen, (05-03-1994)

Underwater archaeological conservation
Cohen-Williams, Anita, (03-01-1994)
Preusser, Frank D., (03-03-1994)

Upcoming events in Washington, DC
Kelly, Jim, (02-01-1994)

Update on mass deacidification at Library of Congress
Harris, Kenneth E., (06-03-1994)

Upholstered furniture conservation
Huaco, Valerie, (04-29-1994)

Use of detergents in paper conservation
Smith, Wendy, (05-26-1994)
Bear, Alice, (05-29-1994)

Use of heat to reverse sticky shed syndrome
Merrill-Oldham, Jan, (03-23-1994)
Milevski, Robert J., (03-28-1994)

User education
Price, Julie, (05-16-1994)

Using vesicular/diazo film for service copies
Bond, Elayne, (06-02-1994)
Hughes, Susan, (06-06-1994)
Friend, John, (06-07-1994)

VPD papers
Widener, Mike, (11-01-1994)
Groenevelt, Tina, (11-03-1994)
Kahn, Miriam B., (11-04-1994)
Groenevelt, Tina, (11-19-1994)
McCrady, Ellen, (11-21-1994)

Vacuum drying books
Rhode, Michael, (09-13-1994)
Peters, Dale, (09-15-1994)

Vacuum hot table available
Quigley, Suzanne, (08-25-1994)

Vacuum pumps
Kaplan, Hilary A., (07-19-1994)

Vapour phase corrosion inhibitors
Hallam, David, (10-27-1994)

VeRes members visit Petersburg
Van Velzen, Bas, (09-26-1994)

Vendor problems
Ten Hoor, Joan, (03-04-1994)
Seitz, Phillip, (03-09-1994)
Seitz, Phillip, (03-30-1994)

Visiting Princeton during ALA midwinter meeting
Milevski, Robert J., (11-16-1994)

Visual aids for disaster planning
Morris, Kim, (03-04-1994)

Vue-All boxes
Cartwright, James, (11-10-1994)

WAAC workshop on non-toxic methods of pest control
Bone, Leslie, (08-31-1994)

Water purification
Honneffer, Frederick N., (02-07-1994)
Brown, Geoffrey I., (02-11-1994)
Martin, Cindy, (11-08-1994)
Brown, Geoffrey I., (11-11-1994)
Druzik, Jim, (11-10-1994)
Druzik, Jim, (11-11-1994)
Druzik, Jim, (11-11-1994)
Druzik, Jim, (11-17-1994)

Water spills
Reynolds, Frank A., (07-01-1994)
Real, William, (07-11-1994)
Nainis, Linda, (07-20-1994)

Water-based polyurethanes
Strong, Patricia, (09-01-1994)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (09-13-1994)
Deller, Craig, (09-05-1994)

Western Museum Association Pre-conference session
Hee, Linda, (04-20-1994)

White Matt Window Cover
Anderson-Story, Janet, (07-25-1994)
Burke, John, (07-26-1994)

Whiteout for labelling archaeological artifacts
Henry, Walter, (09-01-1994)

Work related health problems
Armour, Annie, (02-04-1994)
Hollinger, Bill, (02-04-1994)
Ketcham, Jane, (02-04-1994)
Boccaccio, Mary, (02-11-1994)
Preusser, Frank D., (03-03-1994)
Nyuksha, Yu. P., (03-15-1994)
Boothe, Nancy, (03-24-1994)

Workshop on library preservation
Sinclair, Regina, (05-12-1994)

Workshop on the Medieval book
Thompson, Jack C., (05-10-1994)

X-radiography and watermarks
Henry, Walter, (01-12-1994)

X-ray radiography
Deller, Craig, (06-14-1994)

fastBack bindings
Saunders, Richard, (05-27-1994)

pH of paper
Lyall, Jan, (11-27-1994)

pH testing
Schmitz, Greg, (06-18-1994)

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