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Subject: ALA Schedule

ALA Schedule

From: Janet Gertz <gertz>
Date: Tuesday, May 17, 1994
ALA Annual Conference SCHEDULE
Meetings Relevant to Preservation

Hotel codes:

CB   --   Castle Beach Club
DRL  --   Doral Ocean Beach
EDN  --   Eden Roc
FNT  --   Fontainebleau
INT  --   Intercontinental
HYAT --   Hyatt
MBCC --   Miami Beach Conference Center
OCN  --   Ocean Resort
OMNI --   Omni International
SHER --   Sheraton Biscayne Bay
RAM  --   Ramada Resort Deauville

6/23 Thursday
8-5:30 pm      PLMS Preconf:  Developing the Midas Touch -
               Rethinking Funding Strategies for Preservation

6/24 Friday

2-4 pm         PLMS Cooperative Preservation Programs Disc.
               Gp.       MBCC-D235

2-5:30 pm      PLMS Preservation Administrators Disc. Gp.
               FNT-Fnt BR A

4:30-5:30 pm   PLMS Preservation Educ. Prog. Planning
               Subcom, 1994        FNT-Conf 4

6/25 Saturday

8-9 am         PLMS Educ. Com. Task Force on Internships in
               Pres. Admin.        OMNI-Merrick

               PLMS Pres. & Tech. Svcs. Prog. Planning
               Subcom.        HYAT- Azalea A

               RLMS Executive Com. I         INT-Tuttle

8:30-11 am     PLMS Phys. Quality Com.       HYAT-North Hall

9-11 am        Pres Microfilming Program:  Film to File -
               Moving from Microfilm to Electronic Formats

9:30-11 am     PLMS Pres. Instructors Disc. Gp.   MBCC-D239

               RLMS Bibliographic Control of Microforms

11:30-12:30 pm PLMS Lib/Vendor Relations Disc. Gp.

               RLMS Public Svc. Managers of Microform
               Facilities Disc. Gp.     MBCC-C228

               PLMS/RLMS Jt. Reporting Session (Discussion
               of PLMS/RLMS merger vote outcome)

2-4 pm         PLMS Lib. Binding Disc. Gp.   MBCC-C227

               PLMS Pres. Issues in Small-Mid Size Libraries
               Disc. Gp.      EDN-Imperial S

               PLMS Publications Com.        HYAT-Board

6/26 Sunday

8-9 am         PLMS Pres. & Tech. Svcs. Prog. Planning
               Subcom.        SHER-Buenos Aires

8:30-11 am     PLMS Pres. Management Com.    HYAT-Orchid A

               ACRL RBMS Curators & Conservators Disc. Gp.
               DRL - Medit. Center

9:30-11 pm     PLMS Educ. Com. Library Binding Institute
               Planning Task Force      OMNI-Merrick

               RLMS Educ. Com.     OMNI-Stafford

9:30-12:30 pm  ALCTS Pres Microfilming Com.
               OMNI-Mira Flores

               Jt. PLMS/CMDS Disc. Gp.       OCN-Boardroom

               RLMS Micropublishing Com.     INT-Godfrey

11:30-12:30 pm PLMS Nominating Com.   HYAT-Azalea A

2-4 pm         PLMS Disc. Gp. (Discussion of PLMS/RLMS
               merger vote outcome)     FNT-Voltaire

4:30-5:30 pm   PLMS Subcom on Pres. of Science & Tech.
               Materials      HYAT-Tuttle N

               RLMS Disc. Gp.      MBCC-C225

8-10 pm        PLMS Exec. Com. I   DRL-Regency Conf.

               RLMS Exec. Com. II       RAM-Regency III

6/27 Monday

8:30-11 pm     PLMS Educ. Com.     OMNI-Serena

               RLMS Copying Com.   FNT-Conf 5

11:30-12:30 pm PLMS Pres. Educ. & Outreach Disc. Gp.

2-4 pm         PLMS Policy & Planning Com.   HYAT-Foster I

               RLMS Electronic Imaging Techs. Com.

2-5:30 pm      PLMS Program:  Selling Preservation - What to
               Say to the Customer      MBCC-D233+D234

6/28 Tuesday

8-12:30 pm     PLMS Exec. Com. II       MBCC-A107

9:30-12:30 pm  RLMS Exec. Com. III      MBCC-D229

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