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Subject: Conservation OnLine Web Server Cons FileList

Conservation OnLine Web Server Cons FileList

From: Walter Henry <whenry>
Date: Sunday, June 12, 1994
As many of you know, the yearly cycle of the Cons DistList concludes
with the AIC annual meeting. As the DistList enters its 8th year, we
have more than 1000 participants from 18 countries and, if my counts are
correct have just reached our 300th "instance".

This seems a nice time to announce the birth of the Conservation OnLine
Web Server. CoOL (a family of full text databases of information
concerning the conservation of museum, library and archives materials)
is now accessible via three methods World Wide Web, Gopher, and WAIS.

To access CoOL via WWW, you will need a client, such as Mosaic, Lynx,
Cello, etc. CoOL's URL is

The trailing slash is required. To access by Gopher, point your Gopher
at To access by WAIS, retrieve the src files
from cool-directory-of-servers on, port 210
(search for the word source and you'll get src files for all the CoOL

The addition of the web server completes the intended architecture of
CoOL, which was envisioned as three partially-overlapping rings (i.e.
some documents are available by all three methods, some only by one,
some by a combination of two).

The Web "ring" provides access to the Gopher, but also offers some
special items of its own, which take advantage of the special
capabilities of the Web. Of special interest is an electronic hypertext
edition of Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books: A Descriptive
Terminology, by Matt Roberts and Don Etherington. The original LC
(printed) publication of this wonderful book is now out of print.

Now that CoOL is fully, I have decided to bring to an end the Cons
FileList, a service which now seems redundant. I realize that this will
cause some inconvenience to a few of you, but hope that you will use
this as an opportunity to explore WWW, Gopher and WAIS (the latter two
of which can be used even by people with mail-only connections to the
net).  For more info (alas slightly out-of-date at the moment and likely
to stay that way), send a message INFO COOL to
waiscool [at] palimpsest__stanford__edu.

Now for the nagging (the few noble souls who have contributed material
to CoOL can skip the rest of this message). There are quite a few
exciting new additions to CoOL in the works, but I'm getting *very*
discouraged by the lack of contributions from CoOL's users. I can't
provide all of the content of CoOL; *you* are going to have to cough up
some text (papers, policy documents, disaster manuals, data sets, etc)
or this thing just isn't going to work. Send texts in electronic format
either by email to waiscool [at] lindy__stanford__edu (for ascii text) or on
disk (for word processing files, preferably MSWord for Mac, or
WordPerfect for DOS). Send disks to

    Walter Henry
    Conservation Lab
    Stanford University Libraries
    Stanford, CA  94550

Please send only materials for which you hold copyright (or which you
know to be in the public domain), and include a note giving us
permission to mount the material in CoOL.

                   Conservation DistList Instance 8:1
                   Distributed: Monday, June 13, 1994
                        Message Id: cdl-8-1-001
Received on Sunday, 12 June, 1994

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