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Conservation DistList--Yearly Subject Index

A death
Seddon, Tracey, (04-13-2016)
Lelyveld, MaryJo, (04-20-2016)
Perkins, Zoe A., (07-06-2016)

AAMC Foundation Engagement Program for International Curators
Lydon, Lucy, (07-19-2016)

AIC Education and Training Committee member sought
Pourchot, Eric, (03-10-2016)

AIC Emerging Conservation Professional Network members sought
Sullivan, Michelle, (03-26-2016)

AICCM Textile Special Interest Group Symposium
O'Connor, Julie, (01-19-2016)
O'Connor, Julie, (02-28-2016)

ASHRAE Energy Guideline for Historic Buildings available for public review
Grzywacz, Cecily, (04-12-2016)

Academic programme at South African Institute for Heritage Science and Conservation
Dreyer, Christian, (07-05-2016)

Access policies and handling procedures
Halil, Katie, (03-04-2016)

Adhesive on mounted interior textiles
Lammens, Jefta, (06-21-2016)

Henry, Walter, (05-16-2016)

Administrivia--DistList is on hiatus
Henry, Walter, (08-18-2016)

Administrivia--Forthcoming DistList hiatus
Naugle, Bonnie, (08-05-2016)
Naugle, Bonnie, (08-12-2016)

Air quality
Da Rocha, Silvia Alexandra, (06-09-2016)

Aluminium sculpture
Knightley, Harriet, (06-06-2016)

American Friends of the Mauritshuis Grant
Stols-Witlox, Maartje, (04-11-2016)

Gabrieli, Smadar, (01-31-2016)
Shiner, Jerry, (02-10-2016)
Knight, Barry, (02-08-2016)

Archives and Records Association Annual Conference
Dand, Catherine, (04-08-2016)

Archives and Records Association Annual Conference--addendum
Dand, Catherine, (07-22-2016)

Art Institute of Chicago receives funding commitment from Grainger Foundation
Langley, Allison, (02-17-2016)

Atlas of Water Damage on Inkjet-printed Fine Art
Nishimura, Douglas W., (05-23-2016)

BAACG annual business meeting
Stewart, Elisa, (07-31-2016)

BROMEC (Bulletin of Research on Metal Conservation)
Crawford, James Bruce, (07-22-2016)

Backboards for paintings
Sanden, Anna, (02-02-2016)

Balkan Heritage Field School
Parmakova, Anna, (02-18-2016)

Banks/Harris Award Reception
Strauss, Robert J., (06-14-2016)

Barcoding equipment
Bowser, Jennifer, (07-20-2016)

Black inlay in copper alloy sign
Graham, Fiona, (03-02-2016)

Blog article on Goya prints
Udina, Rita, (04-25-2016)

Blog article on cultural genocide
Williams, James, (02-09-2016)

Books and tools for sale
Smith, Christine, (06-01-2016)

Books with blocked pages
Ubbink, Kyla, (03-24-2016)

Burmese tattoo manuscripts
Luerssen, Stephanie, (01-22-2016)

Call for abstracts--BROMEC (Bulletin of Research on Metal Conservation)
Crawford, James Bruce, (04-20-2016)

Call for abstracts--ICOM-CC Triennial Conference
Reifsnyder, Joan Marie, (04-05-2016)

Call for abstracts--ICOM-CC joint interim meeting on physical issues in paintings conservation
Pillay, Ruven, (01-28-2016)

Call for applications--CXD Nicholas Hadgraft Scholarship
Hutchinson, Pauline, (02-04-2016)

Call for applications--Conservation studies program at Nagaur
Menon, Sreekumar, (01-07-2016)

Call for applications--Nigel Williams Prize
Oliveira, Tiago, (01-21-2016)

Call for applications--Workshop on printmaking
Campbell, Angela, (01-05-2016)

Call for articles--ARC Magazine special issue
Volter, Sarah, (01-04-2016)

Call for articles--Journal of the Institute of Conservation
Kemp, Jonathan, (01-06-2016)

Call for articles--Journal of the Institute of Conservation--corrigendum
Kemp, Jonathan, (01-06-2016)

Call for articles--Preservation, Digital Technology and Culture (PDT&C)
Drewes, Jeanne, (01-27-2016)

Call for expressions of interest--Conservators
Evans, Gretel, (01-05-2016)

Call for expressions of interest--Document preservation technician
Ramos, Juan, (04-13-2016)

Call for nominations--AIC Textile Specialty Group Award
Breeze, Camille Myers, (12-29-2015)

Call for nominations--IIC Keck Award
Voce, Graham, (02-11-2016)

Call for nominations--Marsh Awards
Pullen, Derek, (02-11-2016)

Call for nominations--Schulman and Bullard Article Prize
Campbell, Angela, (01-05-2016)

Call for nominations--Waldo Gifford Leland Award
Patty, William J., (02-01-2016)

Call for papers on Picasso, Picabia, and Ernst
Pearson, Harriet, (05-08-2016)

Call for papers--AIC Paintings Specialty Group
Keegan, Kelly Jean, (08-01-2016)

Call for papers--Architectural Paint Research (APR) conference--addendum
Kavenagh, Claudia, (05-16-2016)

Call for papers--Archives and Records Association Annual Conference
Dand, Catherine, (01-10-2016)

Call for papers--Association of Print Scholars symposium
Campbell, Angela, (03-18-2016)

Call for papers--British Association of Paintings Conservator-Restorers (BAPCR)
Sutcliffe, victoria, (01-24-2016)

Call for papers--CAC-ACCR Annual Conference and Workshop
Richardson, Kendrie, (07-21-2016)

Call for papers--CAC-ACCR Annual Conference and Workshop--corrigendum
Richardson, Kendrie, (07-25-2016)

Call for papers--CeROArt
Verbeeck, Muriel, (03-18-2016)

Call for papers--Conference on Auricular style frames
Alabone, Gerry, (12-31-2015)

Call for papers--Conference on development of preventive conservation in France
Gall-Ortlik, Agnes, (06-15-2016)

Call for papers--Conference on digital photography
Fricker, Anna, (02-01-2016)

Call for papers--Conference on gels in conservation
Choi, Yunsun, (04-26-2016)

Call for papers--Conference on museum conservation
Kryg, Paulina, (06-29-2016)

Call for papers--Conference on plaster casts
Ruppel, Jorun, (01-28-2016)

Call for papers--Conference on science and engineering in arts, heritage, and archaeology
Orr, Scott Allan, (02-05-2016)

Call for papers--Conference: From Futurism to Classicism
Nevin, Austin, (02-04-2016)

Call for papers--Digital Library Perspectives (DLP)
Eden, Brad, (01-28-2016)

Call for papers--Disaster preparedness
Drewes, Jeanne, (01-20-2016)

Call for papers--Facture
LeBleu, Michelle, (02-26-2016)

Call for papers--ICOM-CC Graphic Document Group Interim Conference
Hofmann, Christa, (02-04-2016)

Call for papers--ICOM-CC Photographic Materials Working Group Interim Meeting--addendum
Juergens, Martin, (01-02-2016)

Call for papers--ICOM-CC Triennial Conference
Reifsnyder, Joan Marie, (02-20-2016)

Call for papers--JAIC special issue
Del Hoyo, Julio M., (01-25-2016)

Call for papers--Journal of the Institute of Conservation special issue
Kemp, Jonathan, (06-14-2016)

Call for papers--Materials Research Society (MRS)
Reedy, Chandra L., (05-22-2016)

Call for papers--North American Textile Conservation Conference (NATCC)
Giuntini, Christine, (06-24-2016)

Call for papers--Renaissance Society of America Annual Conference
Higgs, Sally, (05-23-2016)

Call for papers--Seminar on consolidation
Weyer, Angela, (06-21-2016)

Call for papers--Symposium on George Stubbs and wax painting
Richardson, Clare, (01-26-2016)

Call for papers--Symposium on art and cultural heritage
Gates, Glenn, (02-05-2016)

Call for papers--Symposium on collaboration
Owczarek, Nina, (02-05-2016)

Call for papers--Symposium on modern materials and media
Palmer, Karina, (07-04-2016)

Call for papers--Symposium on sharing knowledge
Martin, Aurelie, (06-27-2016)

Call for papers--Symposium on wood and furniture conservation
Meurs, Renzo Dirk, (03-28-2016)

Call for papers--Triennial Meeting for Conservators of the Baltic States
Konsa, Kurmo, (06-28-2016)

Call for posters--Conference on technical art history
Wadum, Jorgen, (04-25-2016)

Call for posters--Illuminated manuscripts
Ricciardi, Paola, (04-08-2016)

Call for posters--Illuminated manuscripts--addendum
Ricciardi, Paola, (06-16-2016)

Call for posters--Symposium paintings on metal plate
Fuster-Lopez, Laura, (03-27-2016)

Call for presentations--Preservation Administration Interest Group (PAIG)
McCann, Laura, (03-18-2016)

Call for speakers--ICOM-CC Legal Issues in Conservation Working Group Interim Meeting--addendum
Rushfield, Rebecca A., (03-09-2016)

Call for tips--Paintings Specialty Group tips session
Keegan, Kelly Jean, (03-23-2016)
Keegan, Kelly Jean, (05-02-2016)

Call for volunteers--Baltimore Museum of Industry
Siegel, Robin, (03-31-2016)

Carmac encapsulation tape
Shepherd, William, (05-26-2016)

Carol Mancusi-Ungaro receives Forbes Prize
Voce, Graham, (02-09-2016)

Carsulae baths excavation
Whitehead, Jane, (02-17-2016)

Carsulae baths excavation--addendum
Whitehead, Jane, (04-08-2016)

Celebrating 29 Memorable Years of the ConsDistList
Naugle, Bonnie, (08-17-2016)

Celebrating 29 Memorable Years of the Conservation DistList
Ezelle, Melissa, (08-05-2016)

Change Over Time
Boyles, Kerry L., (07-13-2016)

Chantry Library transferred from OCC to Icon
Richmond, Alison, (02-23-2016)

Chemical attacks
Hackett, Joanne, (03-09-2016)

Chloride meters and titrators
Loizides, Eleni, (04-07-2016)
Grieve, Susanne, (04-27-2016)

Classification of conservation and preservation activities
Hardy, Vanessa, (03-30-2016)

Cleaning copper intaglio plates
Jedamus, Laurie, (06-29-2016)

Collecting and conserving performance art
Phillips, Joanna, (04-08-2016)

Colloquium on wet wood conservation
Eggert, Gerhard, (02-15-2016)

Communicating conservation information to the public
Hackett, Joanne, (04-26-2016)

Condition reporting software
Stevenson, David, (03-08-2016)
Goetz, Kornelius, (03-15-2016)

Conference curation and conservation
Holling, Hanna, (01-30-2016)

Conference nineteenth-century painting practice and conservation
Sutcliffe, victoria, (06-09-2016)

Conference on Applications of Radiation Science and Technology
Boutaine, Jean Louis, (05-07-2016)

Conference on Auricular style frames
Alabone, Gerry, (06-01-2016)

Conference on Mesoamerican manuscripts
Llado-Buisan, Virginia, (01-28-2016)

Conference on architectural iron and steel
Schur, Susan E., (12-24-2015)

Conference on conservation science and education
Seymour, Kate, (02-13-2016)

Conference on conserving kinetic art--addendum
Mattison, Gary, (02-10-2016)

Conference on education and research in conservation-restoration
Borchersen, Karen, (02-25-2016)

Conference on exhibit design
Bailey, Stephenie, (05-19-2016)

Conference on flexible bindings
Demeyere, Tom, (05-20-2016)

Conference on metal
Chemello, Claudia, (03-05-2016)

Conference on metal soaps in art
Keune, Katrien, (01-17-2016)

Conference on museum conservation
Kryg, Paulina, (03-23-2016)

Conference on rare books
Polhamus, Emily, (08-03-2016)

Conference on science and engineering in arts, heritage, and archaeology
Orr, Scott Allan, (04-28-2016)

Conference on study collections
Cattersel, Vincent, (08-19-2016)

Conference on tattoos
Ellis, Margaret Holben, (04-01-2016)

Conference on technical art history
Casadio, Francesca, (03-22-2016)

Conference on textiles and costumes in South East Asian collections
Parisi, Flavia, (05-30-2016)

Conference on wood science and technology
Seymour, Kate, (05-23-2016)

Conference on wood science and technology--addendum
Seymour, Kate, (06-23-2016)

Conservar Patrimonio
Cruz, Antonio Joao, (07-28-2016)

Conservation Science Annual
Scott, John, (04-15-2016)

Conservation fellowship in Asian paintings awarded
Lee, Katelin, (06-29-2016)

Conservation needs assessment
Teper, Jennifer Hain, (02-12-2016)

Conservation of radioactive objects
Rowe, Sophie, (06-21-2016)
Tomlinson, Valerie, (06-26-2016)
Zweifel, Sophia, (07-06-2016)

Conservation workflows for medium rare library materials
Cobbledick, Susan, (12-28-2015)
Huttner, Sidney F., (01-11-2016)
Tomlinson, Valerie, (02-15-2016)

Conservator in Ethiopia sought
D'Andrea, Catherine, (02-08-2016)

Consolidation of sepiolite-rich armorial panel
Gerdwilker, Christa, (03-24-2016)

Copper alloy objects with zinc sulfate efflorescence
Nuij, Marianne, (06-01-2016)
Bailey, George, (06-14-2016)

Corrosion Intercept
Neuman, Ingrid, (07-20-2016)

Course on Islamic bookbinding
Yavari, Armin, (04-08-2016)

Course on electrolytic pencil
Frick, Shirley, (08-12-2016)

Course on ethnographic collections
Cattersel, Vincent, (03-24-2016)

Course on leather
Campbell, Liz, (03-08-2016)

Course on medieval book structures
Udina, Rita, (02-24-2016)

Course on preventive conservation
Campbell, Liz, (05-25-2016)

Course on project management
Martin, Joy, (01-27-2016)

Course on safeguarding Islamic books and manuscripts
Aramouni, Nayla, (02-26-2016)

Course on ship models
Kuh, Davina, (03-02-2016)

Course on showcases
Thickett, David, (03-23-2016)

Course on surface cleaning
Barata, Carolina, (02-15-2016)

Course on wood anatomy and identification
Goossens, Angele, (06-23-2016)

Courses at Campbell Center
Connors, Sarah, (04-06-2016)

Courses at University of Cambridge Museums
Martin, Joy, (03-18-2016)

Courses at West Dean College
Campbell, Liz, (01-04-2016)
Campbell, Liz, (07-11-2016)

Courses on tracing paper and identifying prints
Black, James, (01-11-2016)

Covering furniture with parchment
Pringle, Sarah, (02-22-2016)

Carroll, Elizabeth, (07-28-2016)

Degradation of rigid polyurethane foam
Maitre, Carole, (03-30-2016)

Die Technischen Mitteilungen fur Malerei available online
Den van Berg, Klaas Jan, (01-19-2016)

Doctoral research fellowship at University of Oslo
Streeton, Noelle, (05-23-2016)

Don Etherington retrospective
Oey, Mary, (04-18-2016)

Dyes for cellulosic textiles
Firth, Jessie, (05-10-2016)
Von Lerber, Karin, (05-17-2016)

Editor sought for The Picture Restorer
Wright, Adele, (06-14-2016)

Editors sought for Digital Library Perspectives
Eden, Brad, (06-02-2016)

Electrolytic reduction of iron with silver inlay
Bullard-Smith, Victoria, (07-24-2016)
Wei, Bill, (08-03-2016)

Electronic cigarettes in museums
Baker, Richard A., (02-08-2016)
Rossol, Monona, (02-21-2016)

Emanuele Luzzaty
Ferroni, Alice, (03-30-2016)

Emergency response planning for archaeological sites
Roberts, Caroline, (08-05-2016)

Encyclopedia of Conservation and Restoration
McCoy, Richard S., (04-10-2016)

EnviMat Summer School - Malta
Cassar, JoAnn, (03-21-2016)

Exhibition catalogs
Neuman, Ingrid, (01-13-2016)

Exhibition on cave temples of Dunhuang
Hood, Amy, (02-10-2016)

Exhibition on mosaics
Zenowich, Desiree, (03-09-2016)

FAIC Kress Conservation Fellowships
Saetren, Sarah, (01-12-2016)

FAIC Latin American and Caribbean Scholars Program Scholarships
Saetren, Sarah, (08-16-2016)

FAIC courses
Saetren, Sarah, (04-27-2016)

FAIC scholarships
Saetren, Sarah, (01-04-2016)
Connors, Sarah, (08-15-2016)

Fellowship at CCAHA
Keyser, Della, (01-12-2016)

Fellowship at Chrysler Museum of Art
Lewis, Mark, (04-06-2016)

Fellowship at Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
Evans, Debra, (01-11-2016)
Evans, Debra, (01-11-2016)

Fellowship at Guggenheim Museum
Phillips, Joanna, (07-29-2016)

Fellowship at Historic New England
Neiro, Michaela Z., (02-26-2016)

Fellowship at Institute of Fine Arts, NYU
Pourchot, Eric, (01-13-2016)

Fellowship at LACMA
Gilberg, Mark, (05-20-2016)

Fellowship at Menil Collection
Epley, Bradford A., (07-18-2016)

Fellowship at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
DiRamio, Diana, (04-01-2016)

Fellowship at National Air and Space Museum
Horelick, Lauren, (07-17-2016)

Fellowship at National Gallery, London
Padfield, Joseph, (02-23-2016)
Padfield, Joseph, (02-23-2016)

Fellowship at Northwestern
Grafakos, Tonia Effie, (02-11-2016)

Fellowship at Philadelphia Museum of Art
Ward, Renee, (01-15-2016)
Ward, Renee, (05-20-2016)

Fellowship at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Spangler, Allison, (01-19-2016)

Fellowship at Trinity College, Dublin
Neligan, Clodagh, (06-23-2016)

Fellowship at Walters Art Museum
Quandt, Abigail, (02-25-2016)
Dahl, Betsy, (04-28-2016)

Fellowship at Yale
McClure, Ian, (04-25-2016)

Fellowship at Zentrum fur Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe (ZKM)
Pour, Nahid Matin, (04-04-2016)

Fellowships at Balboa Art Conservation Center
Crocker, Ashleigh, (01-07-2016)

Fellowships at National Gallery of Art
Skalka, Michael, (01-05-2016)

Fellowships at Worcester Art Museum
Albertson, Rita, (03-09-2016)

Fibres adhered to adhesive dots on artwork
Alvis, Alayne, (07-21-2016)

Film on textile conservation
Karydis, Christos, (01-20-2016)

Film to film transfer vendors
Griffiths, Ross, (01-26-2016)

Freelance conservators ordering chemicals
Oldale, Sharon, (02-02-2016)

Freezing funerary bundles
Kuon, Rosanna, (03-07-2016)

Fulbright Scholar Program
Anderson, Beth, (04-28-2016)

Fume extraction
Minter, William, (04-23-2016)
Rossol, Monona, (04-24-2016)

Fumigation cabinet for sale
George, Sylvia James, (02-24-2016)

Gantry design for imaging
MacKenzie, Mark Giles, (03-21-2016)

Gerry Hedley Student Symposium
Straub, Michaela, (04-18-2016)

Gerry Hedley Student Symposium--addendum
Straub, Michaela, (05-09-2016)

Getty Conservation Institute publications available
Duer, Anna, (04-05-2016)

Getty Trust and Rijksmuseum sign agreement to pursue digital innovation
Jaskol, Julie, (03-18-2016)

Gloves for use with organic solvents
Loizides, Eleni, (06-21-2016)
Rossol, Monona, (06-25-2016)

Gold foil
Smith, Margit J., (05-11-2016)
Bessler, Erin, (05-17-2016)
Geraty, Peter, (05-16-2016)
Belcheva, Malina, (05-22-2016)

Gordon Research Seminar on Scientific Methods in Cultural Heritage Research
Hull, Alyssa, (02-05-2016)
Mass, Jennifer L., (04-17-2016)
Hull, Alyssa, (05-27-2016)

Grants for IIC Congress
Voce, Graham, (04-26-2016)

Grants for attending IFLA World Library and Information Congress
Drewes, Jeanne, (01-06-2016)

Graphics Atlas
Nishimura, Douglas W., (02-03-2016)

HCCH Summer School
Boettner, Michaela, (07-04-2016)

Hand held UV lamp for mould remediation
Alvis, Alayne, (05-03-2016)
Meek, Elizabeth, (05-12-2016)

Handling documents after restoration from flood
Norris, Peggy W., (07-18-2016)
Rossol, Monona, (07-24-2016)

Hayle Mill images
Green, Simon, (03-19-2016)

Hazard labels for glassware
De van Geer, Sam, (07-21-2016)

Historical varnish and lacquer recipes
Cattersel, Vincent, (02-04-2016)

History of archival tape
O'Loughlin, Elissa, (06-20-2016)

Humanities Collections and Reference Resources Grants
Risseeuw, Katherine, (02-25-2016)

Hygrothermographs available
Ross, Lauren, (03-16-2016)

ICOM-CC Experts meeting on enamel on metal
Gall-Ortlik, Agnes, (02-23-2016)

ICOM-CC Graphic Documents Working Group Interim Meeting
Hofmann, Christa, (03-07-2016)

ICOM-CC Legal Issues in Conservation Working Group Interim Meeting
Wei, Bill, (04-25-2016)

ICOM-CC Photographic Materials Interim Meeting
Juergens, Martin, (04-21-2016)

ICOM-CC joint interim meeting on physical issues in paintings conservation
Rivers, Laura, (07-20-2016)

ICON Furniture and Wood Group Annual General Meeting and lecture
Bainbridge, Tristram, (02-14-2016)

IFLA preconference
Drewes, Jeanne, (02-19-2016)

IIC Congress
Voce, Graham, (04-01-2016)

IIC Congress--addendum
Voce, Graham, (07-22-2016)

IPERION CH Doctoral Summer School
Cano, Emilio, (03-30-2016)

IPERION CH Training Camp
Cano, Emilio, (08-02-2016)

Icon Book and Paper Group General Meeting and Clare Hampson Memorial Lecture
Smith, Holly, (02-07-2016)

Icon Book and Paper Group General Meeting and Clare Hampson Memorial Lecture--addendum
Smith, Holly, (02-24-2016)

Icon Trustee sought
Green, Simon, (08-05-2016)

Impact of loud sound on museum collections
Haupt, Margaret, (04-14-2016)

Improperly sealed imitation gold leaf on paintings
Smith, Shelley M., (04-22-2016)
Rossol, Monona, (04-24-2016)

Insect damage to tempera painting
Prins, Steven, (06-27-2016)
Florian, Mary-Lou, (07-04-2016)

International Congress on the Deterioration and Conservation of Stone
Hughes, John, (04-18-2016)

International Meeting for Conservation and Documentation of Ecclesiastical Artefacts
Karydis, Christos, (05-17-2016)

International Symposium on archaeometry
Kyriazi, Evangelia, (04-16-2016)

Internship at Boston College
Hebard, Barbara, (04-20-2016)

Internship at Bowes Museum
Whife, Patrick, (07-07-2016)

Internship at British Museum
Whife, Patrick, (01-20-2016)

Internship at Caere
Spirydowicz, Krysia, (01-11-2016)

Internship at Canterbury Cathedral
Bruce, Donna, (07-28-2016)

Internship at Chester Beatty Library
Rose, Kristine, (06-11-2016)

Internship at Georgia Archives
Norman, Kim, (05-04-2016)
Norman, Kim, (05-25-2016)

Internship at Guildhall Art Gallery, London
Wade, Nancy, (05-27-2016)

Internship at Heritage Council and National Library of Ireland
Lumsden, Katy, (07-12-2016)

Internship at Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden
Ryan, Gwynne, (01-19-2016)

Internship at Huntington Library
Moore, Holly, (01-26-2016)

Internship at Mount Vernon
Noce, Leah, (12-31-2015)

Internship at National Archives of Ireland
Reid, Zoe, (04-15-2016)

Internship at National Library of Ireland
Connor, Louise O', (07-12-2016)

Internship at National Library of Scotland
Whife, Patrick, (05-05-2016)
Whife, Patrick, (05-27-2016)

Internship at National Museums Scotland
Whife, Patrick, (01-20-2016)

Internship at National Trust for Scotland
Whife, Patrick, (05-27-2016)

Internship at Olin Conservation, Inc.
Olin, David, (08-06-2016)

Internship at Pilgrim Art Restoration
Moreno, Alejandro Lopez, (01-07-2016)

Internship at Royal Museums Greenwich
Atkinson, Amy, (02-05-2016)

Internship at Trinity College, Dublin
Neligan, Clodagh, (06-23-2016)

Internship at University of Chicago Library
Byrne, Sherry, (01-25-2016)

Internship at University of Kansas Libraries
Baker, Whitney, (01-20-2016)

Internship at University of Virginia Library
Gilligan, Eliza, (01-15-2016)

Internship at University of Washington Libraries
Johnson, Justin P., (01-21-2016)

Internship at the Hampton Court Palace
Wilson, Jo, (07-21-2016)

Internship in Paintings Conservation
Whife, Patrick, (07-07-2016)

Internships at Art Conservation de Rigueur
Rousseau, Elise Yvonne, (02-23-2016)
Rousseau, Elise Yvonne, (04-22-2016)

Internships at Denver Art Museum
Moomaw, Kate, (03-18-2016)

Internships at Rakow Research Library and West Lake Conservators Ltd.
Dumville, Moya, (01-29-2016)

Internships at Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen
Wadum, Jorgen, (02-11-2016)

Internships at University of Delaware
Martin, Claire, (01-29-2016)

Interviews on dollhouse conservation
Giffin, Sarah, (07-16-2016)

Invitation to attend IFLA Satellite preconference in Washington DC
Drewes, Jeanne, (04-04-2016)

Iron rods in 16th century limp-vellum binding
Udina, Rita, (08-01-2016)

Islamic Manuscript Conference
Yavari, Armin, (07-28-2016)

JAIC scope
Caldararo, Niccolo, (07-03-2016)

JAIC scope--corrigendum
Caldararo, Niccolo, (07-12-2016)

James A. Lindner Digital Archive Summer Fellowship
Davis, Dionti, (02-04-2016)

Journal of the Institute of Conservation
Kemp, Jonathan, (03-30-2016)

Kress Conservation Fellowships
Choudhury, Abigail, (05-05-2016)

LED lighting
Wahl, Laura, (01-04-2016)

LED lights for photodocumentation
Kraus, Erin, (02-11-2016)

Lab design
Alvis, Alayne, (07-07-2016)
Shepherd, William, (07-11-2016)
Thompson, Jack C., (07-11-2016)
Deller, Craig, (07-18-2016)
Fuller, Richard, (07-18-2016)

Labelling foam book supports
Jones, Lesley, (01-08-2016)

Latex glove
Dignard, Carole, (02-09-2016)

Leafcasting machine available
Griffin, Isobel, (02-01-2016)

Lecture on George Frederic Watts
Thuer, Chantal-Helen, (02-11-2016)

Lecture on Picasso and Cubism
Thuer, Chantal-Helen, (07-07-2016)

Lecture on Picasso and Cubism--addendum
Thuer, Chantal-Helen, (08-03-2016)

Lecture on conservation of the Faddan More Psalter
Fredericks, Maria, (02-24-2016)

Lecture on emergency management for cultural heritage
Oey, Mary, (04-18-2016)

Lecture on fungi in historic collections
Kingham, Emilia, (05-04-2016)

Lecture on material history of the book
Fredericks, Maria, (02-24-2016)

Lecture on painting techniques
Mathisen, Susan, (01-21-2016)

Lecture on parchment
Whymark, Francesca, (02-18-2016)

Lecture on the Faddan More Psalter
Jarvis, Jennifer, (03-10-2016)

Lecture on vandalism
Thuer, Chantal-Helen, (04-24-2016)

Letraset dry transfer media
Dean, J. Claire, (03-16-2016)
Segel, Kathrine, (03-22-2016)

Library of Congress Topics in Preservation Series (TOPS)
Oey, Mary, (06-24-2016)

Lifting pastedown
De Cools, Marie-Alix, (08-03-2016)

Ligatus Summer School
Bower, Thomas, (06-13-2016)

Ligatus Summer School--addendum
Bower, Thomas, (08-02-2016)

Light exposure policies
Carroll, Elizabeth, (06-24-2016)

MA program at Courtauld Institute of Art
Verri, Giovanni, (01-11-2016)

Magnetic bookends with flanged sides
Hebard, Barbara, (05-23-2016)

Marking plastics
Van Breemen, Eveline, (06-17-2016)

Marks in books
Smyth, Adam, (04-18-2016)

Mass digitisation of degrading cellulose acetate collections
Corkill, Felicity, (05-17-2016)

Masterclass on care and conservation of basketry
Martin, Joy, (04-01-2016)

Masterclass on loss compensation
Palmeira, Marta, (02-03-2016)

Masters program at University of Malta
Cassar, JoAnn, (03-28-2016)

Masters program at University of the Peloponnese
Kyriazi, Evangelia, (06-29-2016)

Materials and technique used by Prince Monyo
Bernicky, Chantal, (05-28-2016)

Baker, Richard A., (02-08-2016)
Kingery-Schwartz, Anne, (02-29-2016)

Milling mannequins with Computer Numeric Control (CNC)
Clayton, Sarah, (07-31-2016)

Mitsubishi RP oxygen absorbers and Escal barrier film
White, Heather, (04-19-2016)
Lane, Anne, (05-02-2016)

Montefiascone Project
Fredericks, Maria, (01-30-2016)

Moriki paper available
Saner, Eileen, (05-11-2016)

Mounting items in vertical display
Minter, William, (03-25-2016)
Jaeschke, Helena, (03-30-2016)

Moving collections
Tveit, Eva Storevik, (04-15-2016)

Moving library collections during installation of fire equipment
Jarvis, Jennifer, (07-20-2016)
Tomalak, Ann, (07-24-2016)
Minter, William, (08-03-2016)

Mowital as a consolidant for ceramics
Winter, Barbara, (03-31-2016)

Multilingual Conservation Dictionary
Bogdanowska, Monika, (05-07-2016)

NEH Preservation Assistance Grants
Downs, Mary, (03-23-2016)

National Digital Stewardship Residency
Coulbourne, George, (08-19-2016)

National Gallery Technical Bulletin
Peckham, Elizabeth, (05-26-2016)

Natural History Museum, London receives IIC Keck Award
Voce, Graham, (08-19-2016)

New book on comparative anatomy of plant tissue
Florian, Mary-Lou, (07-27-2016)

New book on erosion and conservation of stone
Kyriazi, Evangelia, (06-21-2016)

New book on scientific analysis in heritage
Tapini, Laura M., (07-01-2016)

New site--Alfred Stieglitz
Penichon, Sylvie, (07-28-2016)

Nitrile gloves that pass Oddy testing
Li, Samantha, (03-23-2016)

Nordic Conservation PhD Student Colloquium
Van der Meulen, Douwtje, (06-27-2016)

Norman Lewis
Proctor, Robert, (03-02-2016)

Oddy tests of unbleached cotton calico
Tomlinson, Valerie, (06-01-2016)
Roundhill, Linda S., (06-03-2016)
Dessaints, Rachel, (06-08-2016)
Tomlinson, Valerie, (06-13-2016)
Depta, Agnieszka, (06-22-2016)

Ohio Preservation Council grant
Nelson, Miriam, (02-18-2016)

Oil painting damaged by water
Fillion, Christine, (03-30-2016)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (04-12-2016)
Portell, Jean D., (04-17-2016)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (05-13-2016)
Schmidt, Ellen, (05-16-2016)

Online bridging course on chemistry
Dreyer, Christian, (04-26-2016)

Online classes at Northern States Conservation Center
Alten, Helen, (02-05-2016)
Alten, Helen, (02-24-2016)
Alten, Helen, (05-12-2016)
Alten, Helen, (06-23-2016)

Online classes from LYRASIS
Peterson, Annie, (02-29-2016)
Peterson, Annie, (03-28-2016)
Peterson, Annie, (05-02-2016)
Peterson, Annie, (05-31-2016)
Peterson, Annie, (06-29-2016)
Peterson, Annie, (07-27-2016)

Online course on care of photographs
Alten, Helen, (05-12-2016)

Online course on conservation of globes
Niemeyer-Thomel, Nina, (08-05-2016)

Online course on microbial infestation
Weyer, Angela, (07-05-2016)

Online course on restoration theories and methods
Weyer, Angela, (03-29-2016)

Online course on transparent coatings on furniture and wooden objects
Niemeyer-Thomel, Nina, (07-15-2016)

Online courses at Museum Study
Bredehoft, Brad, (01-27-2016)
Bredehoft, Brad, (03-09-2016)
Bredehoft, Brad, (04-14-2016)
Bredehoft, Brad, (06-08-2016)
Bredehoft, Brad, (08-11-2016)

Online courses for museum and conservation professionals
Harvey, David, (12-24-2015)
Harvey, David, (01-28-2016)
Harvey, David, (02-24-2016)
Harvey, David, (03-20-2016)
Harvey, David, (05-15-2016)
Harvey, David, (06-08-2016)
Harvey, David, (07-25-2016)

Open Day at West Dean College
Young, Gemma, (01-13-2016)

Origin of claim of funori drying matte
Stewart, Rod, (07-02-2016)

Paint applied directly from the tube
Graczyk, Agata, (02-24-2016)
Lack, Cyndie, (03-02-2016)
Nix, Laura Reid, (03-01-2016)
O'Malley, Michael J., (03-07-2016)

Paint manufacturing product literature
Smithen, Patricia, (05-12-2016)

Paintings mounted on sheet metal
Jessup, Wendy, (03-06-2016)

Paper bath cleaning and stain removal
Udina, Rita, (02-24-2016)

Pay parity between curators and conservators
O'Regan, Patricia, (02-03-2016)

PhD position at Northumbria University
Theodorakopoulos, Charis, (02-25-2016)

PhD position at University of Neuchatel
Joseph, Edith, (06-28-2016)

PhD project on salt resistant mortars
Starinieri, Vincenzo, (06-09-2016)

Photographic prints identification chart
Weaver, Gawain, (04-26-2016)

Pip Laurenson appointed Professor in Art, Collection and Care at Maastricht University
Van Saaze, Vivian, (03-02-2016)

Plan chest for sale
Press, Suzanne, (07-07-2016)

Playing instruments from collection
Ryan, Renita, (08-16-2016)

Drewes, Jeanne, (05-04-2016)

Portfolio Day at Winterthur
Cassman, Vicki, (07-25-2016)

Position at AOC Archaeology Group
Evans, Gretel, (06-27-2016)

Position at Abbott and Holder Ltd.
Edwards, Tom, (04-06-2016)

Position at Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences
Jaros, Dawn, (06-09-2016)

Position at Art Conservation de Rigueur
Rousseau, Elise Yvonne, (03-11-2016)
Rousseau, Elise Yvonne, (05-04-2016)

Position at ArtScience Museum, Singapore
Lai, Agnes Yuen Yien, (06-30-2016)

Position at Artex Fine Art Services
Sifuentez, Monica, (08-16-2016)

Position at Auckland Museum
Cooper, Sue, (03-08-2016)
Hourani, Tammee, (04-13-2016)
Cooper, Sue, (06-01-2016)
Langston, Ian, (07-27-2016)

Position at Balboa Art Conservation Center
Crocker, Ashleigh, (02-05-2016)

Position at Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH)
Soppa, Karolina, (04-22-2016)

Position at Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem
Arenstein, Rachael Perkins, (01-19-2016)

Position at Bodleian Library
Gilroy, Nicole, (07-11-2016)

Position at British Library
Browne, Mark, (04-08-2016)
Browne, Mark, (04-08-2016)
Rogerson, Cordelia, (04-25-2016)

Position at British Museum
East, Melissa, (01-15-2016)
East, Melissa, (02-29-2016)
East, Melissa, (05-20-2016)

Position at British Museum--addendum
East, Melissa, (02-29-2016)

Position at CCI
Joy, Elisabeth, (03-21-2016)
Tang, Alyson, (06-09-2016)

Position at CCI--addendum
Tang, Alyson, (06-21-2016)

Position at Canada Aviation and Space Museum
Warren, Sue, (05-19-2016)

Position at Citywide Monuments Conservation Program, New York
Brown, Sheena, (01-26-2016)

Position at Cleveland Museum of Art
Knutas, Per, (07-05-2016)

Position at Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
Silence, Patricia, (04-25-2016)

Position at Columbia
Gertz, Janet, (04-07-2016)

Position at Corning Museum of Glass
Koob, Stephen, (06-23-2016)

Position at Courtauld Institute of Art
Saad, Anjum, (06-22-2016)

Position at Courtauld Institute of Art, British Museum and CNR-NANOTECH
Verri, Giovanni, (01-15-2016)

Position at Dartmouth
Sagraves, Barbara, (08-08-2016)

Position at Detroit Institute of Arts
Steele, John, (01-06-2016)

Position at Durham University
Branigan, Elizabeth, (05-17-2016)

Position at ECS Conservation
Crean, Brian, (06-29-2016)

Position at Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art
Kiefer, Kathleen, (02-12-2016)

Position at FAIC
Pourchot, Eric, (02-26-2016)

Position at Field Museum
Brown, Jonathan P., (06-09-2016)

Position at Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
Ferguson, Katie, (03-09-2016)

Position at GWU Textile Museum
Fusco, Maria, (07-20-2016)

Position at Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)
Bernecker, Thomas, (01-15-2016)

Position at Getty Conservation Institute
Segler, Tina, (05-19-2016)
Segler, Tina, (05-19-2016)

Position at Harry Ransom Center
Cunningham-Kruppa, Ellen, (03-08-2016)

Position at Highland Archive Centre, Inverness
Aitken, Richard, (02-23-2016)

Position at Historic Royal Palaces
Wilson, Jo, (03-17-2016)
Wilson, Jo, (04-15-2016)
Wilson, Jo, (06-23-2016)

Position at Horniman Museum
Gresson, Julia, (05-25-2016)

Position at Huntington Library
Moore, Holly, (03-16-2016)

Position at Image Permanence Institute
Nishimura, Douglas W., (07-26-2016)

Position at Immediate Office of the Chief of Naval Operations
Goldberg, Lisa, (05-20-2016)

Position at Janie Lightfoot Textiles
Burgess, Jessica, (01-20-2016)

Position at Kiruna Centre for Conservation of Cultural Property
Rumbin, Kirsi, (01-22-2016)

Position at LACMA
Gilberg, Mark, (08-08-2016)

Position at Library of Birmingham
Rayner, Corinna, (01-25-2016)

Position at Library of Congress
Drewes, Jeanne, (02-29-2016)
Drewes, Jeanne, (03-07-2016)
Drewes, Jeanne, (04-13-2016)
Drewes, Jeanne, (05-11-2016)

Position at Lincoln Cathedral
Heidschuster, Carol, (01-12-2016)

Position at Lis Art Conservation and Restoration Services
Lis, Jennifer, (07-11-2016)

Position at Lloyd's Register Foundation Heritage and Education Centre
Atkinson, Charlotte, (08-10-2016)

Position at London Metropolitan Archives
De Stefani, Caroline, (03-22-2016)

Position at M+ Museum
Cheung, Idy, (04-01-2016)
Cheung, Idy, (04-01-2016)
Cheung, Idy, (04-01-2016)
Cheung, Idy, (04-01-2016)

Position at Metropolitan Museum of Art
Miller, Kathy, (03-03-2016)
Miller, Kathy, (03-03-2016)

Position at Midwest Art Conservation Center (MACC)
Clise, Dianna, (07-06-2016)

Position at Minnesota Historical Society
Braun, Tom James, (08-04-2016)

Position at Missouri Historical Society
Pack, Crista, (01-29-2016)

Position at Missouri State Archives
Fox, Lisa, (06-16-2016)

Position at Modern Art Conservation
Siano, Suzanne, (05-09-2016)

Position at Mountain States Art Conservation
Reading, Paulette, (07-27-2016)

Position at Munch Museum
Gaspar, da, (03-17-2016)
Gaspar, da, (03-17-2016)

Position at Museum Conservation Institute
N'Gadi, Ann, (05-10-2016)

Position at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
DiRamio, Diana, (06-10-2016)

Position at NARA
O'Neill, Marta G., (05-25-2016)

Position at NYU Libraries
McCann, Laura, (03-18-2016)

Position at National Conservation Service (NCS)
Woods, Chris, (06-16-2016)

Position at National Gallery of Ireland
Jameson, Kate, (01-21-2016)
Jameson, Kate, (05-30-2016)

Position at National Gallery, London
Morris, Jennifer, (01-27-2016)

Position at National Library of Scotland
Griffin, Isobel, (01-28-2016)
Griffin, Isobel, (04-22-2016)

Position at National Museum Cardiff
Jones, Sioned, (03-08-2016)

Position at National Museum of African American History and Culture
Neumann, Antje, (07-26-2016)

Position at National September 11 Memorial and Museum
Merrigan, Maureen, (03-29-2016)

Position at National Yunlin University of Science and Technology
Turner-Walker, Gordon, (03-22-2016)

Position at New York Academy of Medicine
Theerman, Paul, (03-08-2016)

Position at New York Public Library
Frangakis, Evelyn, (04-11-2016)

Position at New York State Archives
Culver, Marie, (01-20-2016)
Culver, Marie, (01-20-2016)

Position at Newberry Library
Rayborn, Judy, (02-04-2016)
Rayborn, Judy, (02-18-2016)

Position at Norfolk Record Office
Sellwood, Nick, (05-12-2016)

Position at Northwestern University-Art institute of Chicago Center for Scientific Studies in the Arts (NU-ACCESS)
Casadio, Francesca, (03-22-2016)

Position at Olin Conservation, Inc.
Olin, David L., (05-17-2016)

Position at Oxford Conservation Consortium
Eagan, Jane, (05-25-2016)

Position at Page Conservation, Inc.
Page, Deborah S., (08-08-2016)

Position at Parks Canada
Dufourmantelle, Kenza, (03-21-2016)
Lapointe, Anne, (04-06-2016)

Position at Peabody Museum
Holdcraft, T. Rose, (08-02-2016)

Position at Pitt Rivers Museum
Richardson, Heather, (01-08-2016)
Richardson, Heather, (02-25-2016)

Position at Plowden and Smith Ltd
Usman, Lisa, (03-30-2016)

Position at Queen Anne's Revenge (QAR)
Williams, Teresa, (03-01-2016)

Position at Queen's House
Atkinson, Amy, (02-04-2016)

Position at Reading Prison
Hourigan, Sue, (03-18-2016)

Position at Royal Collection Trust
Hughes-Thomas, Bronwyn, (02-08-2016)
Hughes-Thomas, Bronwyn, (03-16-2016)
Steuerwald, Anna-Maria, (03-21-2016)

Position at Royal Collection Trust--corrigendum
Hughes-Thomas, Bronwyn, (02-19-2016)
Hughes-Thomas, Bronwyn, (02-23-2016)

Position at Royal College of Surgeons of England (RCS)
Webb, Hilary, (03-17-2016)
Lempriere, Amalia, (04-08-2016)

Position at Royal Museums Greenwich
Atkinson, Amy, (07-11-2016)

Position at Royal Ontario Museum
Gunner, Mara, (05-16-2016)

Position at SF Art Conservation
Geiger, Rowan, (06-02-2016)

Position at SGS Art Services
Monacelli, Mark, (05-17-2016)
Monacelli, Mark, (05-17-2016)

Position at SGS United Kingdom Ltd.
Ryder, Gill, (05-10-2016)
Ryder, Gill, (05-10-2016)

Position at Saint Louis Art Museum
Shockey, Hugh, (01-27-2016)
Wagner, Abigail, (05-05-2016)

Position at Science Museum Group
Leskard, Marta, (06-16-2016)

Position at Science Museum, London
Bainbridge, Jennifer, (04-14-2016)
Cairncross, Bryony, (06-29-2016)

Position at Science Museum, Wroughton
Leskard, Marta, (07-18-2016)

Position at Singapore Art Museum
Lim, Wendy, (04-25-2016)

Position at Singapore Art Museum--corrigendum
Lim, Wendy, (05-04-2016)

Position at St Albans Museums
Warren, Kate, (07-18-2016)

Position at Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Archive Service
Nichols, Richard, (04-12-2016)

Position at Tate
Miah, Shuhel, (01-07-2016)
Miah, Shuhel, (01-07-2016)
Miah, Shuhel, (02-08-2016)
Miah, Shuhel, (02-08-2016)
Miah, Shuhel, (02-18-2016)
Miah, Shuhel, (04-29-2016)
Miah, Shuhel, (05-13-2016)
Miah, Shuhel, (06-03-2016)
Miah, Shuhel, (08-05-2016)
Miah, Shuhel, (08-09-2016)

Position at Tate--corrigendum
Miah, Shuhel, (01-14-2016)
Miah, Shuhel, (01-14-2016)

Position at Texas A&M University
Goodman, Jeanne, (04-20-2016)

Position at The Strong
McNeal, Carrie, (08-08-2016)

Position at The University of Manchester
Duff, Jim, (01-19-2016)

Position at Thermo Lignum UK Limited
Wilke, Nikolaus, (04-27-2016)

Position at Tobit Curteis Associates, LLP
Curteis, Tobit, (04-10-2016)

Position at Toronto Public Library
McPhee, Wendy, (05-24-2016)

Position at UCLA
Metzger, Chela, (08-03-2016)

Position at United Kingdom Antarctic Heritage Trust (UKAHT)
Rowe, Sophie, (06-02-2016)

Position at University of Amsterdam
Goossens, Angele, (06-23-2016)

Position at University of Hawai'i
Crawford, Ann, (02-01-2016)

Position at University of Kansas Libraries
Baker, Whitney, (07-27-2016)

Position at University of Lincoln
Smirniou, Melina, (07-25-2016)

Position at University of Michigan
Zachary, Shannon, (06-14-2016)

Position at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Paris, Jan, (04-21-2016)

Position at University of Pennsylvania Libraries
Bogus, Ian, (01-12-2016)

Position at University of Virginia
Gilligan, Eliza, (02-22-2016)

Position at Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Harrison, Ainslie, (05-25-2016)
Harrison, Ainslie, (06-16-2016)

Position at Walters Art Museum
Dahl, Betsy, (07-01-2016)
Dahl, Betsy, (07-22-2016)

Position at Washington University in St. Louis
Novak, Joy, (06-20-2016)

Position at Weilhammer and Schoeller L.P.
Weilhammer, Ulrich, (06-15-2016)

Position at West Dean College
Osborne, Katharine, (01-29-2016)
Florescu, Rachel, (07-21-2016)

Position at West Lake Conservators Ltd.
Blakney, Susan, (02-25-2016)

Position at Windsor Castle
Rader, Philippa, (07-14-2016)

Position at Windsor Castle--corrigendum
Rader, Philippa, (07-18-2016)

Position at Winterthur Museum
Markee, Chase, (01-05-2016)
Wickens, Joelle, (07-27-2016)

Position at the Conservation Center, Chicago
Tonino, Jenna, (02-02-2016)
Tonino, Jenna, (02-02-2016)
Tonino, Jenna, (03-29-2016)

Position at the Hamilton Kerr Institute
Dixon, Lesley, (04-12-2016)

Position at the Hampton Court Palace
Wilson, Jo, (01-13-2016)
Wilson, Jo, (01-13-2016)
Wilson, Jo, (07-15-2016)

Position at the National Trust
Neal, Sian, (02-09-2016)
Jordan, Maria, (08-10-2016)

Position at the Victoria and Albert Museum
Bainbridge, Tristram, (03-08-2016)
Bainbridge, Tristram, (03-16-2016)
Hackett, Joanne, (05-18-2016)

Position in London
Miller, Ann-Marie, (04-01-2016)

Position in central England
Bubb, Ruth, (05-11-2016)

Positions at CCAHA
Matijkiw, Anastasia, (05-04-2016)

Positions at English Heritage
Stanley, Bethan, (03-18-2016)

Positions at Henry Ford
Fahey, Mary, (08-16-2016)

Positions at Macdonald and Lawrence
Macdonald, Gordon, (02-06-2016)

Positions at Museum of Cultural History
Klokkernes, Torunn, (06-26-2016)

Positions at New York State Archives
Culver, Marie, (06-29-2016)

Positions at Pitt Rivers Museum
Richardson, Heather, (03-18-2016)

Postdoctoral fellowship Northwestern University-Art institute of Chicago Center for Scientific Studies in the Arts (NU-ACCESS)
Walton, Marc Sebastian, (05-11-2016)

Postdoctoral fellowship at British Museum
Korenberg, Capucine, (03-08-2016)

Postdoctoral fellowship at Delft University of Technology
La de Rie, Rene, (01-05-2016)

Presentation on Federal Depository Library Program
Zavinski, Tamara, (06-21-2016)

Preservation of rubber figures
Porteous, Gyllian, (05-27-2016)
Shiner, Jerry, (06-22-2016)

Preserving podcasts
Parrella, Andrew, (03-21-2016)

Preserving whiteboard marker drawing
Perkins, Beverly, (07-11-2016)

Primal B60A
Bargazova, Stefka, (02-24-2016)
Koob, Stephen, (02-29-2016)
Bargazova, Stefka, (03-08-2016)

Publication on West Coast Minimalism
Duer, Anna, (04-05-2016)

Publication on colour change in paintings
Thuer, Chantal-Helen, (06-16-2016)

Publication on infrared Lighting
Christie-Miller, Ian, (07-15-2016)

Publication on paintings conservation
Thuer, Chantal-Helen, (01-11-2016)

Publication on polychrome sculpture
Duer, Anna, (04-05-2016)

Removing epoxy resin from textile
Knight, Lisa, (02-14-2016)

Report on sustainability
Schmisseur, Alaina, (01-11-2016)

Request for proposals--Textiles
Berson, Jordan, (06-23-2016)

Research on paintings created with paint applied directly with the tube
Graczyk, Agata, (03-16-2016)

Restoring vegetable fibers and human hair
Jimenez, Laura Maria, (03-17-2016)

Retrieval policies for cellulose acetate negative collections
Kindl, Silvia, (07-08-2016)

Rundbrief Fotografie
Seidel, Wolfgang, (01-07-2016)
Seidel, Wolfgang, (03-14-2016)

San Gemini Preservation Studies
Withers, Polly, (01-13-2016)

San Gemini Preservation Studies Field School
Cardillo, Max, (02-05-2016)

Sarah Reidell appointed Margy Meyerson Head of Conservation at University of Pennsylvania Libraries
Bogus, Ian, (07-26-2016)

Corneli, Katharine, (02-20-2016)

Scholarship in heritage science
Wilson, Jo, (08-05-2016)

Seminar and Symposium on Mechanics of art materials
N'Gadi, Ann, (04-29-2016)

Seminar and symposium on mechanics of art materials--addendum
N'Gadi, Ann, (08-01-2016)

Seminar on conservation of Mackintosh's Glasgow School of Art
Gonzalez-Longo, Cristina, (05-03-2016)

Seminar on mold on mobile art objects
Meier-Wolff, Christina, (02-16-2016)

Seminar on multispectral and hyperspectral imaging
Howell, David, (05-05-2016)

Seminars on digital communication
Xarrie, Mireia, (01-11-2016)

Shared studio space available
Cox, Brittany, (05-30-2016)

Shipping inflatable objects
Maltby, Susan L., (06-01-2016)
Knight, Barry, (06-27-2016)
Shepherd, William, (07-04-2016)
Braun, Tom James, (07-05-2016)
Shiner, Jerry, (07-05-2016)

Garnett, Margaret, (04-29-2016)

Sketch pads
Potje, Karen, (04-29-2016)

Smart glass
Potter, Sarah, (04-27-2016)
Bruno, Lisa, (05-02-2016)
Kennedy, Rebecca, (05-02-2016)

Smoke machines
Kate, Perks, (02-19-2016)
Rossol, Monona, (02-21-2016)
Shepherd, William, (02-22-2016)
Tomlinson, Valerie, (02-22-2016)
Strehle, Helle, (03-22-2016)
Tomlinson, Valerie, (04-05-2016)
Tutt, Gundula, (03-30-2016)

Soda cans
McNeal, Carrie, (03-31-2016)
Tomlinson, Valerie, (04-12-2016)
Braun, Tom James, (04-14-2016)

Source for cyclododecane sought
Kelsey, Marianne, (03-22-2016)

Specialist Certificate in Cross Cultural Materials Conservation
Scott, Marcelle, (08-17-2016)

Splitting paper by laser
Udina, Rita, (05-17-2016)

Spreadsheets for environmental monitoring
Mazzini, Mauro J., (04-14-2016)

Stability of 3-D printing polymers
Durant, Fletcher, (03-01-2016)

Steam pencil
Rutherston, Jane, (04-21-2016)

Storing materials after mold remediation
Lewandowski, Susan, (01-08-2016)

Storing objects in sealed plastic bags
McKenna, Eliza, (03-31-2016)
Tomlinson, Valerie, (04-12-2016)
Shashoua, Yvonne, (04-08-2016)
Dessaints, Rachel, (04-14-2016)
Potje, Karen, (04-18-2016)
Kaplan, Hilary, (04-25-2016)

Storing silver picrate
Waymouth, Robyn, (06-29-2016)
Lee-Bechtold, Sue, (07-03-2016)

Student bursary for student to attend ICON conference
Allen, Sarah, (02-05-2016)

Studentship at Centre for Doctoral Training Science and Engineering in Arts, Heritage and Archaeology (SEAHA)
Eklund, Julie, (05-16-2016)
McCarthy, Selina, (08-08-2016)

Studentships at Centre for Doctoral Training Science and Engineering in Arts, Heritage and Archaeology, University of Oxford and University of Brighton
Vlachou, Constantina, (02-09-2016)

Studies in Conservation
Reedy, Chandra L., (05-22-2016)
DeGhetaldi, Kristin, (07-18-2016)

Surface deposits on wall paintings
Fox, Sarah Jane, (04-01-2016)

Survey on EwaGlos
Weyer, Angela, (03-16-2016)

Survey on EwaGlos--addendum
Weyer, Angela, (07-21-2016)

Survey on Letraset dry transfer media
De Oliveira, Thais Biazioli, (06-21-2016)

Survey on Visible-Induced Luminescence Imaging (VIL)
Serotta, Anna, (01-26-2016)

Survey on adhesives and consolidants
Weldon, Marianne, (04-14-2016)

Survey on animal sinew
Pauline, Piszczek, (03-07-2016)

Survey on biocides and waterlogged wood treatments
Funke, Anna, (05-26-2016)

Survey on ceramics consolidation
Hagerman, Madeline, (06-08-2016)

Survey on ceramics consolidation--corrigendum
Hagerman, Madeline, (06-08-2016)

Survey on conservation education and training for emerging conservators
Smith, Shelley M., (04-17-2016)

Survey on cross-disciplinary conservation
Williams, Emily, (07-11-2016)

Survey on degradation of artist's books
Rokisky-Ring, Madalyn, (05-24-2016)

Survey on education and jobs in book and paper conservation
Pearlstein, Ellen, (03-28-2016)

Survey on fungi treatments on wooden objects
Prevet, Marine, (06-10-2016)

Survey on hook and loop fasteners in textile conservation
Amundson, Annika, (04-08-2016)

Survey on ionic fixatives
Hyslop, Jess, (07-14-2016)

Survey on laid-thread couching in textile conservation
Sutherland, Hannah, (05-03-2016)

Survey on light control in historic house museums
Leithall, Rosanna, (05-01-2016)

Survey on magnets
Billot, Marion, (06-08-2016)

Survey on nanotechnology
Recasens, Cristina Ruiz, (02-04-2016)

Survey on preservation statistics
Robertson, Holly, (01-19-2016)

Survey on preservation statistics--addendum
Robertson, Holly, (02-23-2016)

Survey on sustainable conditions for preserving heritage collections in arid climate
Matta, Maria, (06-16-2016)

Survey on textile foxing
Zweifel, Sophia, (07-22-2016)

Survey on university collections
Harper, Sarah, (06-23-2016)

Survey on use of peroxide on blackened lead pigments on paper
Camus, Camilla, (06-15-2016)

Survey on volunteers historic houses and Museums
Archetti, Samantha, (07-06-2016)

Survey on volunteers in emergency planning
Archetti, Samantha, (06-29-2016)

Symposium and workshop on plastics associated with photographic materials
Saetren, Sarah, (01-21-2016)

Symposium on Florence flood
Zachary, Shannon, (05-03-2016)

Symposium on George Stubbs and wax painting
Richardson, Clare, (07-08-2016)

Symposium on Picasso, Picabia and Ernst
Pearson, Harriet, (08-16-2016)

Symposium on collaboration
Owczarek, Nina, (07-16-2016)

Symposium on curation
Blanc, Alexandra, (01-09-2016)

Symposium on frames
McGowan-Jackson, Holly, (07-08-2016)

Symposium on mother of pearl
O'Shea, Colleen, (05-06-2016)

Symposium on technologies for digital photo fulfillment
Fricker, Anna, (08-17-2016)

Symposium on wooden cultural heritage
Konopka, Daniel, (03-21-2016)

Symposium paintings on metal plate
Fuster-Lopez, Laura, (07-26-2016)

Table cases
Bockmuehl, Celia, (07-18-2016)

Talk on medieval girdle books
Bower, Thomas, (03-29-2016)

Talk on the Parthenon Restoration Project
Bower, Thomas, (02-02-2016)

Test sequence for sandstone consolidation products
O'Connor, Julie, (05-23-2016)

The Great Parchment Book blog
Smith, Philippa, (01-06-2016)

The profession of French conservators is in danger
Donovan, Sue, (03-21-2016)

Thermoformed glass protection system
Scott, David A., (12-29-2015)

Time capsules
Juhlin, Victoria, (01-08-2016)
Shepherd, William, (01-12-2016)
Storch, Paul, (01-11-2016)

Tlingit Baskets
Mahony, Caitlin, (05-23-2016)

Toll House
Caswell, Irene, (03-17-2016)

Training day on large scale maps and plans
Antony, Oliver, (08-01-2016)

Training program on low-cost methods for art examination
Cosentino, Antonino, (08-17-2016)

Treating wood for use in exhibition spaces
Smith, Meghan, (08-01-2016)

Treatment of mail armour
Tomlin, Charlotte, (05-05-2016)

Ultrasonic welder
Kelsey, Marianne, (04-18-2016)
Shepherd, William, (04-26-2016)
Minter, William, (05-01-2016)
Yeager, Nicholas, (04-23-2016)

University College London (UCL) MSc Sustainable Heritage programme bursary
Curran, Katherine, (04-26-2016)

Vacuum hot table available
Inman, Samuel, (07-14-2016)

Vacuum hot table for sale
Day, John, (07-01-2016)

Vibration logging
Tomlinson, Valerie, (05-09-2016)

Victorian glasshouses at West Dean Gardens
Caswell, Irene, (03-29-2016)

Vinegar in a humidifier
Sanares-Reyes, Missy, (05-02-2016)
Stavroudis, Chris, (05-10-2016)
MacKenzie, Mark Giles, (05-16-2016)

Vinyl records
Van der Laan, Sjoukje, (08-04-2016)

Visible storage
Bjornson, Alicia M., (01-24-2016)
Chapman, Vivien, (02-01-2016)
Tomlinson, Valerie, (02-09-2016)
Stubbs-Lee, Dee, (02-08-2016)

Volara 4E
Deller, Craig, (01-25-2016)

WAAC Newsletter
Tallent, Carolyn, (08-12-2016)

Water towers
Klein, Tracey, (01-18-2016)

Waterlogged horn
Garcia, Irene, (02-01-2016)

Waterlogged sponge
Kelly, Susannah, (05-23-2016)

Webinar on croudsourcing
Norris, Sarah, (06-29-2016)

Webinar on experimental design for conservation research
Church, Jason, (07-08-2016)

Webinar on historic furniture
Norris, Sarah, (01-05-2016)

Workbenches for sale
Dawson, Andrew, (02-16-2016)

Workshop on "heavy heritage" in the Mediterranean Basin
Camurcuoglu, Duygu, (01-18-2016)

Workshop on Japanese archival documents
Gaitan, Angela Nunez, (08-05-2016)

Workshop on Japanese paper conservation techniques
Marin-Loebard, Rosemary, (02-15-2016)

Workshop on Kumayri Cultural Museum-Preserve
Hart, Caitlin, (07-13-2016)

Workshop on MA program at University of Oslo
Streeton, Noelle, (01-18-2016)

Workshop on MediaInfo
Laurenson, Pip, (06-27-2016)

Workshop on Modular Cleaning Program
Stewart, Elisa, (03-16-2016)
Choudhury, Abigail, (06-21-2016)

Workshop on Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI)
Privett, Helen, (04-27-2016)

Workshop on XRF
Sbarbatti, Annabelle, (03-16-2016)

Workshop on XRF--addendum
Sbarbatti, Annabelle, (05-17-2016)

Workshop on architectural and environmental conservation
Hart, Caitlin, (05-22-2016)

Workshop on artist interviews
Graham, Margaret, (02-04-2016)

Workshop on blade sharpening
Smith, Katie, (04-21-2016)

Workshop on book conservation skills for paper conservators
Brown, Carol E., (07-15-2016)

Workshop on care and identification of photographs
Weaver, Gawain, (03-29-2016)

Workshop on case binding
Norman, Kim, (05-02-2016)

Workshop on cleaning acrylic painted surfaces
Sbarbatti, Annabelle, (01-29-2016)

Workshop on cleaning painted surfaces
Tang, Ally, (06-29-2016)

Workshop on cloth case bindings
Norman, Kim, (06-14-2016)

Workshop on coated paper
Defranceschi, Jessica, (05-28-2016)

Workshop on digital curation
Meister, Sam, (02-19-2016)

Workshop on digital networks
Xarrie, Mireia, (06-10-2016)

Workshop on digitally printed materials
Nishimura, Douglas W., (01-05-2016)

Workshop on disaster planning
Wei, Bill, (04-07-2016)

Workshop on feather conservation
Martin, Joy, (03-10-2016)

Workshop on fills and retouches
Seymour, Kate, (01-04-2016)
Young, Jennifer, (01-12-2016)

Workshop on functional objects
Wiggin, Vanessa, (02-17-2016)

Workshop on glass conservation
Tang, Ally, (06-29-2016)

Workshop on identification of photomechanical prints
Homburger, Hildegard, (03-16-2016)

Workshop on indigo dyed paper--addendum
Bancroft, Anne, (02-10-2016)

Workshop on indoor climate
Martin, Joy, (07-18-2016)

Workshop on karibari
Lee, Michael, (01-06-2016)

Workshop on leather conservation
Fletcher, Yvette A., (01-05-2016)

Workshop on museum lighting
Saetren, Sarah, (07-22-2016)

Workshop on non-destructive analysis
Voce, Graham, (05-18-2016)

Workshop on non-destructive testing for preventive conservation
Twydle, John, (03-09-2016)

Workshop on pigment identification
Goossens, Angele, (06-06-2016)

Workshop on risk management
Martin, Joy, (03-18-2016)

Workshop on salvaging collections
Martin, Joy, (03-22-2016)

Workshop on scientific analysis
Defranceschi, Jessica, (05-15-2016)

Workshop on scroll-boxes
Whymark, Francesca, (01-26-2016)

Workshop on social media
Xarrie, Mireia, (02-09-2016)

Workshop on spectral imaging
Striegel, Mary, (05-31-2016)

Workshop on stub binding
Green, Arthur, (02-08-2016)

Workshop on tear mending
Askew, Emma, (06-05-2016)

Workshop on traditional upholstery
Hart, Caitlin, (03-13-2016)

Workshop on wood identification
Wilkinson, Randy S., (08-02-2016)

Workshops from Messors
Creanza, Tonio, (03-12-2016)

Workshops on blade sharpening and bookbinding structure
George, Sylvia James, (02-26-2016)

Workshops on bookbinding
Green, Arthur, (07-20-2016)

Workshops on conservation of Japanese art objects
Oda, Momoko, (01-29-2016)

Workshops on digital prints--addendum
Sbarbatti, Annabelle, (02-29-2016)

Workshops on storage enclosures
Pisano, Maria G., (05-10-2016)

Writing conservation blogs
Smith, Philippa, (01-27-2016)

Yale Preservation Lecture
Pilette, Roberta, (03-28-2016)

Zip lock bags yellowing
Marconi, Emanuele, (05-25-2016)
Rossol, Monona, (05-28-2016)
Shashoua, Yvonne, (05-28-2016)
Tomlinson, Valerie, (05-29-2016)
Shiner, Jerry, (06-01-2016)

Smart, Rose, (02-11-2016)
McMann, Joanna, (02-16-2016)

chlorine dioxide and mold
Peterson, Annie, (06-09-2016)

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