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2nd Joint Technical Symposium Proceedings
Ritchie, Mark, (04-20-1993)

3rd Joint Technical Symposium Proceedings
Ritchie, Mark, (04-10-1993)
Ritchie, Mark, (04-19-1993)

4th Joint Technical Symposium
Ritchie, Mark, (04-29-1993)

ACRL Arts program
Nilsen, Micheline, (06-16-1993)

AIC Code of Ethics revision
Henry, Walter, (06-16-1993)
Frost, Gary, (06-17-1993)
Cox, Richard, (06-18-1993)
McMorland, Irene, (06-18-1993)
Welsh, Elizabeth C., (06-21-1993)
Espinosa, Robert, (06-28-1993)
Etherington, Don, (07-02-1993)
Banks, Paul N., (06-30-1993)
Thompson, Jack C., (07-01-1993)
Mibach, Lisa, (07-10-1993)
Graham, Peter, (07-12-1993)

AIC flood efforts
Motylewski, Karen, (07-21-1993)

AKZO cancellation of DEZ deacidification services
Henry, Walter, (12-16-1993)

ALA Physical Quality and Treatment Discussion Group
Jensen, Craig W., (06-19-1993)

ALA Preconference
Nyberg, Sandra, (03-08-1993)

ALA Preconference correction
Nyberg, Sandra, (03-12-1993)

AMIGOS preservation workshop
Clareson, Tom, (10-08-1993)

ASC and SPNHC Annual Meeting
Henry, Walter, (11-05-1993)

Abbey Publications in Austin
McCrady, Ellen, (11-16-1992)

Accelerated aging
Antonsen, Karl E., (01-20-1993)

Access to Conservation OnLine
Henry, Walter, (12-16-1993)

Addendum: IPI storage guide for acetate film
Nishimura, Doug, (03-16-1993)

Addresses needed for colleagues
Welsh, Elizabeth C., (09-20-1993)

Adhesive binding equipment
Wellvang, Jim, (09-21-1993)
Baird, Brian J., (09-27-1993)

Adhesive used in periodicals
Mohlhenrich, Janice, (08-04-1993)

Adhesives for wood
Zavala, Adriana, (07-14-1993)

Henry, Walter, (05-29-1993)
Henry, Walter, (07-21-1993)

Advanced conservation workshops
Spitzmueller, Pamela, (11-23-1993)

Ten Hoor, Joan, (04-13-1993)
Kesse, Erich, (05-20-1993)

Air filtration systems
Davis, Sheryl, (10-05-1993)

Appointments at Yale
Conway, Paul, (09-22-1993)

Archival photocopying
Jr., Everett C. Wilkie, (01-11-1993)
Jr., Everett C. Wilkie, (03-08-1993)

Archival properties and graininess of photographic films
Lyne, Andrew, (06-29-1993)
Hoskin, Monica, (07-13-1993)
Nishimura, Doug, (07-14-1993)

Archival quality paper
Hedrick, David, (06-29-1993)

Art Sorb
Clausen, Carol, (01-07-1993)

ArtWatch International presentation
Welsh, Elizabeth C., (11-06-1993)

Award for preservation program
Olley, Lorraine, (07-15-1993)

Shelton, Sally, (03-04-1993)

Lipscomb, Roy, (03-05-1993)

Binding costs
Bond, Elayne, (12-18-1992)

Binding data standards
Elkington, Nancy, (01-05-1993)
Unger, Carol, (01-08-1993)
Kesse, Erich, (01-08-1993)

Binding photocopied pages
Graham, Peter, (10-07-1993)

Binding thick books
Schoonmaker, Dina, (11-08-1993)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (11-15-1993)
Bond, Elayne, (11-15-1993)

Biodeterioration course
Johnson, Jessica, (05-13-1993)

Blue wool scales
Rodnitzky, Shirley, (08-09-1993)
Banks, Paul N., (08-12-1993)
Thompson, Jack C., (08-18-1993)

Atwood, Cathy, (07-20-1993)

Board shear for sale
Gubkin, Sharlane, (07-02-1993)

Book Arts Press
Belanger, Terry, (02-03-1993)

Book press
Simpson, Mathew, (10-22-1993)

BookLab moves
Jensen, Craig W., (10-26-1993)

Bookbinders in Europe
Fuhrman-Danner, Michele, (03-22-1993)

Bookbinding and marbling video
Bearman, Frederick, (03-04-1993)

Bookbinding and tight budgets
Antille, Josee, (12-22-1992)

Bookbinding equipment wanted
Pickwoad, Nicholas, (01-05-1993)

Bookbinding method
Graham, Peter, (12-20-1993)

Bookkeeper deacidification spray
Boccaccio, Mary, (12-01-1993)

Brief book review
Motylewski, Karen, (02-04-1993)
Motylewski, Karen, (12-22-1993)

Brief book reviews
Motylewski, Karen, (04-09-1993)

British Library grants
Henry, Walter, (04-07-1993)

CFC's and Wei To
Thompson, Jack C., (12-29-1992)
Gubkin, Sharlane, (01-27-1993)

Call for nominations--Gaylord Collections Conservation Award
Henry, Walter, (09-03-1993)

Call for papers
Welsh, Elizabeth C., (10-08-1993)

Carpet installation
Williams, Jeannette B., (09-16-1993)

Adair, Torsten Wesley, (09-14-1993)

Center for the History of the Book
Henry, Walter, (10-30-1993)

Ceramics gopher and mailing list
Henry, Walter, (07-18-1993)

Chemical sponges
DeBolt, Dean, (02-10-1993)
Murray, Toby, (02-12-1993)
DeBolt, Dean, (03-02-1993)
Kahn, Miriam B., (03-17-1993)

Cleaning library stacks
Lunde, Diane, (02-25-1993)

Collection conservation
Jones, Lynn, (06-18-1993)
Atwood, Cathy, (06-21-1993)

Collections conservation
Boal, Gillian, (07-02-1993)
Campbell, Harry, (07-20-1993)

Colored Japanese paper
Atwood, Cathy, (06-20-1993)
Aurand, Gudrun, (07-01-1993)
Henry, Walter, (07-09-1993)
Bearman, Frederick, (07-13-1993)

Comic books
Schoonmaker, Dina, (12-17-1992)
DeBolt, Dean, (12-17-1992)

Computer disk labels
Childress, Eric, (01-15-1993)

Computer programs for boxmaking
Hughston, Milan, (11-16-1993)
Baird, Brian J., (11-18-1993)
Roessler, Ralph, (11-19-1993)
Jackson, Rab, (12-03-1993)

Computer systems
Ritchie, Mark, (01-22-1993)
Milevski, Robert J., (01-25-1993)

Conference on Archives and Automation
Ritchie, Mark, (02-25-1993)

Conference on Magnetic Media
Fox, Lisa, (02-19-1993)

Conference on electronic imaging
Henry, Walter, (03-28-1993)

Conference on photographs, scrapbooks, and albums
Clareson, Tom, (04-13-1993)

Conference on preservation strategies
Wright, Dorothy, (02-18-1993)

Conference: Exhibiting Rare Books
Henry, Walter, (01-14-1993)

Conference: The Magnetic Media Challenge
Merrill-Oldham, Jan, (02-03-1993)

Conservare '93
Murray, Toby, (09-15-1993)

Conservation OnLine
Henry, Walter, (02-03-1993)

Conservation technician available
McCrady, Ellen, (11-12-1992)

Conservation techniques slide presentation
Tusa, Bobs M., (01-04-1993)

Container for Sumerian tablet
Jones, Wendy, (05-25-1993)
Johnson, Jessica, (05-26-1993)

Core Collection in Preservation
Kesse, Erich, (05-07-1993)

Gubkin, Sharlane, (02-04-1993)
Henry, Walter, (10-30-1993)

Course on pest control
Daniel, Vinod, (10-20-1993)

Crack & Peel labels
Markees, Kathleen A., (05-13-1993)

Criteria for selection for preservation
Ongering, Hilde, (01-25-1993)
Cox, Richard, (01-29-1993)

Crystal identification
Tyrrell, Mary Ann S., (11-02-1993)
Nishimura, Doug, (11-07-1993)
Karpowicz, Adam, (11-08-1993)
Tyrrell, Mary Ann S., (11-19-1993)

Curators and Conservators Discussion Group
Berger, Sidney, (01-07-1993)
Berger, Sidney, (01-08-1993)

Data linkage: A third strategy
Lipscomb, Roy, (09-03-1993)

Date due slips
Smith, Elizabeth, (08-20-1993)
Payne, Charlotte, (08-24-1993)

Gertz, Janet, (11-19-1993)
Grattan, David, (11-29-1993)
Bond, Elayne, (11-29-1993)

Deacidification seminar proceedings
Gertz, Janet, (03-18-1993)

Dead Sea Scrolls & cellophane tape
Graham, Peter, (05-17-1993)

Deferred binding of paperbacks
Williams, Sara R., (11-08-1993)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (11-15-1993)
Palmer, Patricia, (11-15-1993)
Bond, Elayne, (11-15-1993)
Schoonmaker, Dina, (11-15-1993)
Mason, James W., (11-16-1993)
Coleman, Ross, (11-18-1993)
Jones, Lynn, (11-19-1993)

Stoebner, Sue C., (01-27-1993)
Mibach, Lisa, (01-30-1993)

Monika, Russ, (12-17-1992)

Designers Bookbinders conference
Bearman, Frederick, (06-24-1993)

Deterioration within enclosures
Clement, Daniel, (03-23-1993)
Motylewski, Karen, (03-24-1993)
Clement, Daniel, (04-02-1993)
Thompson, Jack C., (04-12-1993)

Developer-incorporated RC papers
Nishimura, Doug, (10-25-1993)

Digital photography conference
Mibach, Lisa, (09-02-1993)

Digital preservation of maps
Allen, David Y., (02-09-1993)
Gertz, Janet, (02-12-1993)
Larsgaard, Mary L., (02-12-1993)

McIntyre, John, (01-08-1993)

Digitizing projects
Coleman, Christopher, (04-21-1993)

Disaster plan update available
Gubkin, Sharlane, (12-29-1992)

Disaster planning
Smit, Wim, (02-04-1993)
Thompson, Jack C., (02-05-1993)
Henry, Walter, (11-24-1993)
Kahn, Miriam B., (11-28-1993)

Disaster planning lecture
Carey, Maureen, (10-15-1993)

Disaster recovery boxes
Morris, Annette, (02-11-1993)

Disaster recovery supply estimates
Davis, Sheryl, (12-14-1993)

Distorted microfiche
Shaughnessy, Anita, (08-12-1993)
Baird, Brian J., (08-17-1993)
Kesse, Erich, (08-17-1993)
Nishimura, Doug, (09-01-1993)

Document Repair Tape
Backman, Prudence, (08-30-1993)

Draft digitization principles
Henry, Walter, (07-29-1993)

Early 20c white marble substrate for b/w photos
Scott, John, (08-24-1993)

Barger, M. Susan, (03-11-1993)

Edible books
Adair, Torsten Wesley, (01-23-1993)
Imai, Kiyoshi, (02-12-1993)
Clement, Daniel, (03-01-1993)

Electronic formats
Rolich, Andrea, (04-19-1993)

Electronic text standards
Van der Luft, Eric, (05-28-1993)

Welsh, Elizabeth C., (01-04-1993)
Pilette, Roberta, (12-04-1992)
Henry, Walter, (01-03-1993)
Jermann, Pete, (01-08-1993)

DeBolt, Dean, (03-02-1993)
Motylewski, Karen, (03-10-1993)
DeBolt, Dean, (03-12-1993)
Motylewski, Karen, (03-16-1993)

Endleaf paper recalled
Roessler, Ralph, (02-04-1993)

Environmental control
Ryder, Becky, (03-22-1993)

Henry, Walter, (03-12-1993)

Evaluating binderies
Cook, Eleanor, (09-28-1993)
Motylewski, Karen, (10-04-1993)

Exhibition practices and guidelines
Horn, Elizabeth, (09-16-1993)
Jackson, Martha H., (09-29-1993)

Facsimile reprint
Mokrzycki, Karen, (04-01-1993)

Fax paper
Motylewski, Karen, (06-04-1993)
Henry, Walter, (06-09-1993)
Nadeau, Luis, (06-16-1993)
Motylewski, Karen, (06-18-1993)

Fiber identification
Charbeneau, Brett, (11-08-1993)

Film base ID Chart
Nishimura, Doug, (09-08-1993)

Fire suppression systems
Nishimura, Doug, (10-20-1993)

Fire suppression using Micromist
Welsh, Elizabeth C., (09-28-1993)

Flood damage in midwest
Motylewski, Karen, (07-21-1993)
Welsh, Elizabeth C., (07-25-1993)
Graham, Peter, (07-22-1993)

Florence bombing
Henry, Walter, (05-27-1993)
Frame, Cyndie, (06-07-1993)

Clausen, Carol, (01-07-1993)

Food and drink in the library
Gertz, Janet, (06-16-1993)
Cramer, Jane, (06-17-1993)
Sitts, Maxine K., (06-21-1993)
Stefano, Paula De, (06-21-1993)
Meltzer, Jessie, (06-23-1993)

Frame repair
Sootheran, Linda, (02-08-1993)

Freeze drying and vacuum drying
Player-Dahnsjo, Ylva, (03-02-1993)

Smith, Steven R., (09-29-1993)

Oswald, Alison, (10-01-1993)

Gaylord collections conservation award
Harvey, Lonnie, (09-20-1993)

Geoscience imagery proceedings
Zipp, Louise S., (10-08-1993)

Getty email system
Henry, Walter, (04-25-1993)

Gingko leaves and bookworms
Farren, Donald, (07-15-1993)
Atwood, Cathy, (07-21-1993)

Graduate studies in conservation
Nadeau, Luis, (11-05-1993)
Johnson, Jessica, (11-08-1993)
Mibach, Lisa, (11-12-1993)

Guidelines for microform handling
Paris, Jan, (10-15-1993)
Biddle, Michaelle, (10-18-1993)
Clement, Daniel, (10-18-1993)
Hughes, Susan, (10-19-1993)
Sinkule, Karen, (10-22-1993)

Guild of Book Workers Newsletter
Huttner, Sid, (08-12-1993)

Hughston, Milan, (03-19-1993)
DeBolt, Dean, (03-23-1993)
Motylewski, Karen, (03-24-1993)
Glaser, Mary Todd, (03-26-1993)

Hurricane preparedness
DePew, John, (08-11-1993)

IPI storage guide for acetate film
Nishimura, Doug, (03-12-1993)
Nishimura, Doug, (05-17-1993)
Nishimura, Doug, (05-27-1993)

Image enhancement software
Mibach, Lisa, (11-21-1993)

Impact of recon on preservation operations
Frieder, Richard, (07-21-1993)
Baird, Brian J., (07-23-1993)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (08-02-1993)

Morse, Elizabeth, (03-25-1993)
Welsh, Elizabeth C., (03-28-1993)

Integrated Pest Management
Motylewski, Karen, (10-04-1993)

Interlibrary loan
DeLong, Diane, (06-11-1993)

International library binding symposium
Henry, Walter, (09-16-1993)

Internship at Columbia
Gertz, Janet, (07-01-1993)

Internship at NY State Program
Gertz, Janet, (07-29-1993)

Internship at New York Botanical Garden Library
Reed, Judith, (10-29-1992)

Inventory control
Milevski, Robert J., (03-11-1993)

Kathryn Gerlach
Cloonan, Michele Valerie, (08-30-1993)
Welsh, Elizabeth C., (10-23-1993)

LC Preservation Directorate
Smith, Merrily, (08-06-1993)

Lab design
Bledsoe, Kathleen, (03-01-1993)

Ryder, Becky, (10-19-1993)

Labelling photographs
Larsgaard, Mary L., (02-12-1993)

Seitz, Phillip, (05-08-1993)
Motylewski, Karen, (05-14-1993)

Labels for video cassettes
Merrill-Oldham, Jan, (03-17-1993)

Kaplan, Hilary A., (12-18-1992)

Laser discs
Schroeder, Kim, (12-09-1993)

Laser printed labels
Croft, Jim, (01-23-1993)
Shelton, Sally, (01-21-1993)

Leather consolidants
Koons, Kim, (07-19-1993)

Legal status of biological materials in collections
Shelton, Sally, (08-20-1993)

Library Journal Sourcebook
Merrill-Oldham, Jan, (01-15-1993)

Library book trucks
Stoebner, Sue C., (03-11-1993)
Espinosa, Robert, (03-16-1993)

Library of Congress manuscript marking ink
Smith, Merrily, (07-07-1993)

Library of Congress report available
Miller, Elizabeth F., (06-21-1993)

Library preservation workshop
Sinclair, Regina, (02-22-1993)
Sinclair, Regina, (05-03-1993)
Partridge, Sharon, (06-15-1993)

Light bleaching
Stoebner, Sue C., (01-15-1993)
Roberts, Lisa, (01-19-1993)

Light exposure to framed items
Rodnitzky, Shirley, (05-17-1993)

Light meters
Callery, Bernadette G., (02-28-1993)
Gilliland, Lynne, (03-08-1993)

Locked book trucks and hand-held copiers
Motylewski, Karen, (06-28-1993)

Longevity of digital videotape
Schroeder, Kim, (12-09-1993)
Ritchie, Mark, (12-15-1993)

MCN conference
Karp, Cary, (10-10-1993)

METRO Conservation Forum
Callery, Bernadette G., (08-06-1993)

Magnetic tape deterioration
Lyall, Jan, (12-09-1993)
Motylewski, Karen, (12-10-1993)
Nishimura, Doug, (12-13-1993)
Lindner, Jim, (12-18-1993)

Manuscript storage
Van Breda, Cobus, (02-02-1993)
Thompson, Jack C., (02-05-1993)

Paris, Jan, (05-20-1993)
Williams, Sara R., (05-24-1993)

Marking microfilm
Smith, Merrily, (07-07-1993)

Marking photographs
Sootheran, Linda, (01-18-1993)
DeBolt, Dean, (01-19-1993)

Masking slides
Atwood, Cathy, (02-06-1993)
Motylewski, Karen, (02-18-1993)

Mass deacidification
Buchanan, Sally, (05-13-1993)

Mass deacidification test
Gertz, Janet, (07-29-1993)
Atwood, Cathy, (08-03-1993)
Sinclair, Regina, (08-04-1993)
Gertz, Janet, (08-11-1993)

Materials in remote storage
Hallock, Nancy L., (02-26-1993)
Motylewski, Karen, (03-01-1993)

Methyl bromide
Kesse, Erich, (01-25-1993)
Jackson, Rab, (02-17-1993)
Motylewski, Karen, (02-19-1993)

Methyl cellulose
Morris, Annette, (01-28-1993)
Mibach, Lisa, (01-30-1993)

Microfilm service copies
Todaro, Don, (06-22-1993)

Microfilm specimens needed
Nishimura, Doug, (02-09-1993)

Microfilm trailer holders
Stoebner, Sue C., (12-17-1992)

Microfilming architectural drawings
Motylewski, Karen, (05-05-1993)

Microform reproduction negotiation guidelines
Biblo, Lisa, (01-06-1993)
Biblo, Lisa, (01-12-1993)

Milezyme 8X
Jackson, Martha H., (09-30-1993)

Motylewski, Karen, (03-25-1993)
Hallock, Nancy L., (06-12-1993)
Motylewski, Karen, (06-17-1993)
Kissner, Terry, (06-21-1993)
Motylewski, Karen, (12-16-1993)

Mold control
Mibach, Lisa, (12-26-1992)

Mold on books
Duncan, Lucy E., (07-14-1993)

Morpholine in sprinkler system
Mason, James W., (01-08-1993)
Ravines, Patrick, (01-12-1993)
Mibach, Lisa, (01-15-1993)

Jr., Everett C. Wilkie, (05-17-1993)

Museums and mysteries
Shelton, Sally, (08-16-1993)

Mylar and storage
Markham, Sandra, (04-14-1993)

Mylar source
Belanger, Terry, (05-17-1993)
Maltby, Susan, (05-22-1993)

Myra Jo Moon
Williams, Sara R., (05-24-1993)

NEH proposals
Paulson, Barbara, (04-14-1993)

NISO Information Services
Swartzell, Ann, (04-20-1993)

NISO Standards--Guides to Microform Sets
Dodson, Suzanne, (01-29-1993)

NY Historical Society closing
Pilette, Roberta, (02-08-1993)

NYS scanning grant
Kenney, Anne, (08-19-1993)

Natural history specimen salvage
Shelton, Sally, (02-17-1993)
Croft, Jim, (02-18-1993)
Molnar, Ralph, (02-24-1993)

Natural history specimens
Ten Hoor, Joan, (02-01-1993)
Motylewski, Karen, (02-03-1993)

Needs assessment
Erwin-Ploog, Patricia, (07-12-1993)

Needs assessment analysis available
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (01-25-1993)

New PLMS discussion group
Hedberg, Jane, (06-01-1993)

New Wilhelm book
Henry, Walter, (07-25-1993)

New address for AIC
Henry, Walter, (07-08-1993)

New list
Henry, Walter, (04-28-1993)
Henry, Walter, (05-07-1993)
Henry, Walter, (06-09-1993)
Henry, Walter, (06-27-1993)
Henry, Walter, (10-09-1993)

New list (corrigendum)
Henry, Walter, (07-09-1993)

New lists
Henry, Walter, (12-12-1993)

New platinum print book
Nadeau, Luis, (09-25-1993)

New textile lab
Henry, Walter, (03-05-1993)

News from LCCDG
Grandinette, Maria, (04-09-1993)

News from UT program
Harris, Carolyn, (05-12-1993)

Nitrate film storage
Bender, Nathan, (07-27-1993)
Pearce-Moses, Richard, (07-30-1993)
Nishimura, Doug, (08-06-1993)

OMS Spec kit on library repair
Henry, Walter, (05-14-1993)

Odor in Indian books
Jones, Wendy, (12-10-1993)
Gilderson-Duwe, Caroline, (12-14-1993)

Odor in deacidified materials
Motylewski, Karen, (02-04-1993)

Odor in safe
Schoonmaker, Dina, (05-26-1993)

Schoonmaker, Dina, (08-31-1993)

Older "archival" products
Austen, Barbara, (02-25-1993)
Clement, Daniel, (03-01-1993)
Kaplan, Hilary A., (03-01-1993)
Motylewski, Karen, (03-10-1993)
Clement, Daniel, (03-19-1993)

Opportunity for conservation technician sought
Baird, Brian J., (02-19-1993)

Out of print Encyclopedia
Nadeau, Luis, (10-20-1993)

Williams, Sheryl, (12-21-1992)

Oversized documents
Smith, Glenn T., (07-15-1993)

Nishimura, Doug, (10-10-1993)
Nishimura, Doug, (10-19-1993)

Ozone generators
Smith, Pat, (09-27-1993)
Kahn, Miriam B., (10-04-1993)

PLMS call for comments/suggestions
Grendler, Marcella T., (06-15-1993)

Packing materials
Welsh, Elizabeth C., (01-19-1993)
Richwine, Beth, (03-04-1993)

Paper art
Warren, Yolanda, (07-02-1993)

Paper for platinum printing
Roessler, Ralph, (09-29-1993)

Paper for wet collections
Simmons, John E., (07-14-1993)

Paper stock for rubbings
Charbeneau, Brett, (11-08-1993)
Charbeneau, Brett, (11-15-1993)

Paperback binding
Szalkowski, Barbara, (06-16-1993)

Paperbacks vs. hardbacks
Schoonmaker, Dina, (01-06-1993)
Harris, Susan, (01-08-1993)

Papermaking apprenticeship
Spitzmueller, Pamela, (02-16-1993)

Papermaking video available
Welsh, Elizabeth C., (01-01-1993)

Johnson, Jessica, (10-21-1993)

Pest management publication
Coleman, Christopher, (04-02-1993)

Pesticides in Shastri books
Renshawe, Mike, (04-02-1993)

Photo print paper
Hiscock, Philip, (04-21-1993)

Olszewski, Ann, (09-29-1993)

Photocopies, etc.
Carey, Maureen, (06-09-1993)
Nadeau, Luis, (06-16-1993)

Photographic sleeves
Rodnitzky, Shirley, (02-18-1993)
Widener, Mike, (02-24-1993)
Kaplan, Hilary A., (03-01-1993)
McGuire, Sue Lynn, (03-03-1993)
Herbert, Teri Lynn, (02-25-1993)
Motylewski, Karen, (03-10-1993)
Austen, Barbara, (04-01-1993)
Graham, Peter, (05-12-1993)
Pigniolo, Loren Charles, (05-15-1993)

Plants in libraries
Kesse, Erich, (05-27-1993)
Henry, Walter, (05-27-1993)

Plants in the Library
Page, Julie, (05-27-1993)

Plants in the library
Williams, Sara R., (05-24-1993)
Buchanan, Sally, (05-26-1993)

Platinotypes and photoceramics
Nadeau, Luis, (07-19-1993)

Platinum toning and washing silver prints
Nadeau, Luis, (07-21-1993)

Polaroid prints
Reynolds, Frank A., (09-27-1993)
Nishimura, Doug, (10-01-1993)
Pigniolo, Loren Charles, (10-01-1993)
Nishimura, Doug, (10-10-1993)
Nadeau, Luis, (10-14-1993)
Nishimura, Doug, (10-27-1993)

DeBolt, Dean, (06-28-1993)

Polypropylene bags
Romaine, Paul W., (09-24-1993)

Polysulfide instructions
Nishimura, Doug, (01-11-1993)

Position at AAS
Gehnrich, Babette, (03-17-1993)

Position at Columbia
Gertz, Janet, (04-14-1993)
Gertz, Janet, (06-04-1993)
Gertz, Janet, (08-23-1993)
Gertz, Janet, (12-01-1993)

Position at Cornell
Demas, Sam, (12-04-1993)

Position at Getty Conservation Institute
Zak, Jackie, (11-15-1993)

Position at Harvard
Biblo, Lisa, (07-12-1993)
Morse, Elizabeth, (12-23-1993)

Position at Hoover Institution
Fortson, Judith, (02-18-1993)

Position at Huntington Library
Roosa, Mark, (12-22-1992)
Roosa, Mark, (12-22-1992)
Roosa, Mark, (06-15-1993)

Position at ICI
Fairfield, John R., (09-16-1993)

Position at Mann Library
Demas, Sam, (07-29-1993)

Position at Minnesota Historical Society
Thies, Cheryl, (03-25-1993)

Position at NEDCC
Motylewski, Karen, (05-11-1993)

Position at NY State Education Department
Brooks, Connie, (02-09-1993)

Position at NYU
Stefano, Paula De, (10-25-1993)

Position at Ohio University
Smith, Anne Pat, (08-13-1993)

Position at PRLC
Lynn, James, (07-06-1993)
Lynn, James, (07-06-1993)

Position at Princeton
Milevski, Robert J., (08-23-1993)

Position at RLG
Elkington, Nancy, (07-13-1993)

Position at Smith
Bialek, Joe, (05-07-1993)

Position at Smith--Correction
Bialek, Joe, (05-11-1993)

Position at Smithsonian Institution Libraries
Gwinn, Nancy E., (07-15-1993)

Position at Smithsonian Institution Libraries (corrigendum)
Gwinn, Nancy E., (07-15-1993)

Position at UT Austin
Harris, Carolyn, (11-05-1993)

Position at Union Theological Seminary
Gertz, Janet, (03-01-1993)

Position at University of Connecticut
Merrill-Oldham, Jan, (11-22-1993)

Position at University of Florida
Kesse, Erich, (01-12-1993)
Kesse, Erich, (01-25-1993)

Position at University of Maryland
Foster, Raymond C., (11-01-1993)

Position at University of Pittsburgh
Hess, Karen, (03-10-1993)

Position at University of Utah
Silverman, Randy, (09-02-1993)

Position at University of Wisconsin
Padway, Janet G., (02-17-1993)

Position at Winterthur
Haug, Mary-Elise, (11-19-1993)

Position at Yale
Conway, Paul, (01-11-1993)

Position wanted
Mckern, Debra, (07-24-1993)

Positions at Brigham Young University
Barrios, Pam, (12-01-1993)

Positions at Yale
Conway, Paul, (12-16-1993)

Preservation Award
Fairfield, John R., (02-12-1993)

Preservation Instructors Discussion Group
Byrnes, Margaret, (06-14-1993)

Preservation Intensive Institute
Hart, Andrew S., (03-02-1993)
Hart, Andrew S., (05-05-1993)
Hart, Andrew S., (05-25-1993)
Hart, Andrew S., (06-28-1993)

Preservation Program at ALA
Dirks, Lee, (06-09-1993)

Preservation administration fellowship
Harris, Carolyn, (05-12-1993)

Preservation administration internship
Stefano, Paula De, (08-16-1993)

Preservation and micropublishers program at ALA
Steel, Ginny, (06-22-1993)

Preservation bibliography available
McLean, Yvonne A., (01-12-1993)

Preservation consortium workshop
Fagen, Linda, (10-15-1993)

Preservation education directory
Coleman, Christopher, (11-19-1993)

Preservation education needs
Herrick, Roxanna, (11-29-1993)
Motylewski, Karen, (12-13-1993)

Preservation exhibit
Schulte, Rebecca, (09-29-1993)

Preservation issues in graduate studies
Horwitz, Steven, (10-05-1993)

Preservation microfilm queuing
Conway, Paul, (04-14-1993)
Elkington, Nancy, (04-20-1993)

Preservation of electronic formats
Jermann, Pete, (08-16-1993)
Graham, Peter, (08-20-1993)

Preservation of posters and bookmarks
Williams, Jeannette B., (08-20-1993)

Preservation of videotapes
Quigg, Agnes, (04-08-1993)

Preservation planning software
Davis, Sue, (12-17-1992)

Preservation plans
Fritz, Sue, (09-07-1993)

Preservation posters
Williams, Jeannette B., (10-28-1993)

Preservation posters and bookmarks
Cunningham-Kruppa, Ellen, (09-03-1993)
Mccallum, John, (09-24-1993)
Saunders, Richard, (09-29-1993)

Preservation principles
Mibach, Lisa, (01-13-1993)

Preservation program at ALA
Dirks, Lee, (04-28-1993)

Preservation publicity
Gibbs, Nancy, (10-01-1993)

Preservation supplies budgeting
Milevski, Robert J., (01-28-1993)
Mibach, Lisa, (01-30-1993)

Preservation videos
Henstell, Bruce, (02-04-1993)
Mohlhenrich, Janice, (07-30-1993)

Primer on disaster preparedness, management, and response
Alper, Diana, (11-12-1993)

Publication about ink
Saunders, Richard, (12-14-1993)

Publication on pest control
Motylewski, Karen, (02-19-1993)
Motylewski, Karen, (02-22-1993)

RBMS Curators and Conservators Discussion Group
Berger, Sidney, (06-11-1993)

RIT seminar on preservation of photographs
Nishimura, Doug, (03-12-1993)

RLMS Discussion Group
Abbott, Laurie, (05-26-1993)

RLMS Discussion Group topics wanted
Abbott, Laurie, (01-04-1993)

Radioactive contamination of records
Motylewski, Karen, (11-01-1993)
Pigniolo, Loren Charles, (11-05-1993)
Nishimura, Doug, (11-07-1993)
Erickson, Hal, (11-11-1993)
Austen, Barbara, (11-11-1993)
Pearce-Moses, Richard, (11-15-1993)
Barger, M. Susan, (11-20-1993)

Randy Silverman
Landesman, Margaret, (06-28-1993)

Rare Book School 1993
Belanger, Terry, (02-03-1993)

Regional disaster recovery sources
Nainis, Linda, (08-05-1993)

Relative humidity specification
Alon, Susan, (02-02-1993)

Removal of carbon-enhanced inks
Lyall, Jan, (05-20-1993)

Removing oil from books
Motylewski, Karen, (03-26-1993)

Resource manual on collection conservation treatment
Jones, Lynn, (12-14-1993)

Resource packet on preservation of Government Documents
Henry, Walter, (11-13-1993)

Kaplan, Hilary A., (06-23-1993)

Restoration standards
Sharrer, Harvey L., (12-07-1993)
Etherington, Don, (12-16-1993)

Roommate wanted for AIC
Mibach, Lisa, (05-07-1993)

Russia's Parliament Library destroyed
Henry, Walter, (10-23-1993)

SAA preconference
Kaplan, Hilary A., (08-09-1993)

SE-LIN labels
Mckern, Debra, (10-01-1993)

SPNHC Request for Comments
Rauch, Peter, (09-17-1993)

Graham, Peter, (08-24-1993)
Baird, Brian J., (08-30-1993)

Salvage Boxes and Kits
Nainis, Linda, (07-29-1993)

Scalpel blades
Flowers, Ann, (12-01-1993)

Security strips
Alon, Susan, (03-17-1993)
McQueen, Judy, (04-16-1993)

Self adhesive labels
Lyne, Andrew, (02-03-1993)
Mibach, Lisa, (02-13-1993)

Seminar on conservation technology
Henry, Walter, (05-12-1993)

Sheldon Keck
Welsh, Elizabeth C., (06-28-1993)

Ravines, Patrick, (01-13-1993)
Adamitis, Victoria, (02-09-1993)

Shrink wrapping
Sinclair, Regina, (11-08-1993)

Silver foil for Oddy tests
Richwine, Beth, (03-04-1993)
Motylewski, Karen, (03-10-1993)
Kesse, Erich, (03-12-1993)

Jones, Wendy, (04-27-1993)
Kesse, Erich, (05-03-1993)

Site-specific art and conservation ethics
Welsh, Elizabeth C., (08-22-1993)
Thompson, Jack C., (08-24-1993)
Mibach, Lisa, (09-02-1993)
Atwood, Cathy, (09-18-1993)

Atwood, Cathy, (09-18-1993)
Atwood, Cathy, (11-11-1993)

Sling psychrometers
Morse, Elizabeth, (01-28-1993)
Mibach, Lisa, (01-30-1993)
Espinosa, Robert, (02-10-1993)
Nishimura, Doug, (02-17-1993)

Smithsonian Natural History Gopher
Henry, Walter, (11-05-1993)

Smithsonian Online
Mibach, Lisa, (09-04-1993)

Smoke control
McIntyre, John, (06-30-1993)

Johnson, Jessica, (05-14-1993)

Specifications for storage vault
Holland, Harold, (11-24-1993)

Spine labels and printer ribbons
Page, Julie A., (01-22-1993)

Standard for permanent paper
Kaplan, Hilary A., (03-12-1993)

Adamitis, Victoria, (02-09-1993)

Stockpiling Halon
Fuller, Elizabeth E., (11-08-1993)

Storage of color photographic materials
Peek, Richard, (10-21-1993)

Storage of prints and negatives
Padgett, Antoinette, (03-11-1993)

Mason, James W., (06-14-1993)
Motylewski, Karen, (06-17-1993)

Sulfiding of silver images
Pigniolo, Loren Charles, (06-24-1993)
Nishimura, Doug, (07-19-1993)

Atwood, Cathy, (01-31-1993)

Survey of computer use
Lipscomb, Roy, (03-18-1993)
Lipscomb, Roy, (04-02-1993)

Survey of computer use: summary
Lipscomb, Roy, (08-12-1993)

Survey of permanent papers and recycled content
Henry, Walter, (12-22-1993)

Symposium on internships in preservation administration
Baker, John P., (03-15-1993)

Table for ultrasonic welder
Draper, Bryan, (08-03-1993)
Verheyen, Peter David, (08-04-1993)

Taylor test kits
Jackson, Martha H., (03-12-1993)
Gehnrich, Babette, (03-18-1993)

Text of AIC Draft Code of Ethics
Henry, Walter, (06-15-1993)

Textiles and vinyl records
Cartwright, James, (05-26-1993)

Time capsules
Glaser, Mary Todd, (12-16-1993)

Trade Fair
Jackson, Rab, (09-21-1993)

Transporting photographs
DiMichele, Donna, (06-22-1993)

Treatment time standards
Milevski, Robert J., (08-27-1993)

Graham, Peter, (01-05-1993)
Mibach, Lisa, (01-18-1993)

Tyvek and Coroplast
Mibach, Lisa, (12-27-1992)

UMI Preservation Fellowship
Raab, Christopher M., (04-13-1993)

UV filters
Jones, Wendy, (12-10-1993)

Use of digital images
Wright, Dorothy, (03-22-1993)

Miley, John, (11-12-1993)

Vesicular microfilm duplicator
Friend, John, (10-07-1993)

Visitor from Prague
Mason, James W., (11-16-1993)

Vote on ALCTS reorganization
Gertz, Janet, (09-24-1993)

WAAC Newsletter
Welsh, Elizabeth C., (12-22-1992)
Welsh, Elizabeth C., (04-25-1993)
Welsh, Elizabeth C., (08-29-1993)

WAAC Newsletter available in Conservation OnLine
Henry, Walter, (07-29-1993)

WAAC Technical Exchange
Mibach, Lisa, (10-03-1993)

WAAC roommate wanted
Pigniolo, Loren Charles, (08-27-1993)

Wax seals
Cox, Robert, (06-14-1993)
Motylewski, Karen, (06-17-1993)

Wei To
Kaplan, Hilary A., (12-18-1992)

Austen, Barbara, (04-01-1993)

Wooden yardsticks
Brauner, Barbara, (07-27-1993)
Simpson, LoErna, (07-30-1993)
Atwood, Cathy, (08-03-1993)

Workshop on disaster recovery
Callery, Bernadette G., (04-08-1993)

Workshop on parchment conservation
Gehnrich, Babette, (12-20-1993)

Hanson, Marty, (04-05-1993)
Henry, Walter, (04-10-1993)

Zin Shofu paste
Baird, Brian J., (02-02-1993)

Henry, Walter, (11-25-1993)

pH and mold
Young, Maggie, (04-08-1993)
Motylewski, Karen, (04-13-1993)

pH testing
Mohlhenrich, Janice, (12-18-1992)
Hughston, Milan, (03-19-1993)

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