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Subject: Data linkage: A third strategy

Data linkage: A third strategy

From: Roy Lipscomb <roy_lipscomb>
Date: Friday, September 3, 1993
In Cons DistList 6:40 Inst, Roger Milevski described the features he'd
like to see in a inventory-control system for conservators.

Part I of my response to his message appeared in Cons DistList 6:48, and
described a software package (from my company) that meets most of
Roger's needs.  Part II is below.  All remarks pertain to IBM PCs and

PART II:  Data Linkage

The ability to establish a data link between a PC and another computer
is high on the wishlist of many PC users.  For linking conservation
records to an online catalog, two strategies are commonly offered:

    1.  Have the online catalog send records into a disk file on the PC. or
    2.  Store the conservation records within the online catalog itself,
        using the PC mainly as a computer terminal.

But there is another alternative:

    3.  Copy the displayed bibliographic data directly from the PC's A
        computer screen into a disk file on the PC.

Logic Associates recently employed this third strategy to create a
bibliographic data link for Indiana University's Preservation

What makes the third strategy feasible?  Two capabilities of a PC:

    a.  It can send a snapshot of any computer screen to the printer.
        (Just press Shift-PrtSc, or else press PrintScreen.)

    b.  It can make anything sent to the printer go into a disk file
        instead. (This capability is embodied in several utility
        programs, including PC Magazine's PRN2FILE.COM, which is
        available free of charge.)

The third strategy has several advantages:

    a.  It does not require modifying the institution's online catalog

    b.  It can be installed by anyone who has a modest acquaintance with

    c.  It's essentially free.

    d.  No new commands need be learned (except Shift-PrtSc or

    f.  The resulting data file can be placed into database-compatible
        format by anyone acquainted with BASIC.

If you'd like more details, send a message to
Roy_Lipscomb [at] cpsnet2__cps__edu (or call 1-312-262-5927 during Chicago
business hours).

Roy Lipscomb
Logic Associates
Creators of BENCHMARK Conservation Software.

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