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Subject: Sling psychrometers

Sling psychrometers

From: Doug Nishimura <dwnpph>
Date: Wednesday, February 17, 1993
Non-tech posting (don't faint.)  I'm just throwing in my nickel's worth
of support for some people.

It looks like I'll have to write a brief note in support of Elizabeth
Morse and the sling psychrometer (since no one else has).  As indeed,
one of the most competent of conservation professionals I have met,
Elizabeth does not make choices without careful thought.  The question
"why Elizabeth?" should perhaps have been asked first without the rather
scathing comments. The Harvard library system is rather large (I did
some consulting down there last year)and since there are 31 libraries
(as I recall) that needed to be "tended" to, batteries don't last very
long.  There is also the question of how much accuracy are they looking
for.  If someone asks if it's cold outside, temperature readings even
accurate to the nearest 5 degrees are probably not needed.  As I recall,
the purpose of their data collection does not require readings to the
nearest degree and percent.

I know that Elizabeth is aware of the short comings of the sling
psychrometer, but this simply means that she either has to make the
reading's herself or train people well.  'Nuff said.

While I'm on the support wagon, I would like to add my kudos to Walter
for working so hard at what I hope is not a thankless task.  In a recent
RLG discussion, the usefulness of dist lists such as this one was
questioned. Among other things, the issue was raised about the fact that
it take so long to make any reasonable response that dist lists and
discussion groups might even be a waste of time.  Walter did an
admirable job of defending his (and others) endeavors to provide an
informal (and hopefully informative) arena for professional discussion.
As they say in the Ottawa Valley in Canada (where I'm from), "Way to go,


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