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1992 National Conference on Museum Security
Henry, Walter, (10-27-1991)

A well-intentioned repair
Mason, James W., (11-18-1991)

ACR Stick-on data loggers
Henry, Walter, (03-27-1991)
Banks, Paul N., (04-28-1991)
Henry, Walter, (04-29-1991)

AIC Lost and Found
Espinosa, Robert, (06-18-1991)

ALA collection development meeting
Gertz, Janet, (12-19-1991)

ALA preservation policy report
Henry, Walter, (07-13-1991)

ALA schedule update
Gertz, Janet, (06-10-1991)
Brooks, Connie, (06-14-1991)

ALCTS meeting schedule
Henry, Walter, (05-30-1991)

ALCTS preservation meetings
Brooks, Connie, (06-07-1991)

ARL Directory
Henry, Walter, (06-13-1991)

Abbey Extra
McCrady, Ellen, (02-18-1991)

Abbey Newsletter interns
McCrady, Ellen, (01-01-1991)

Acetate negatives
Henry, Walter, (04-22-1991)
Nishimura, Doug, (04-23-1991)

Acrylic coatings
Martin, Miranda, (10-18-1991)

Adhesives for Lepporelo binding
Tetenbaum, Barb, (01-07-1991)

Henry, Walter, (02-16-1991)
Henry, Walter, (05-11-1991)
Henry, Walter, (05-19-1991)
Henry, Walter, (05-25-1991)
Henry, Walter, (05-30-1991)
Henry, Walter, (07-18-1991)
Henry, Walter, (08-04-1991)
Henry, Walter, (11-26-1991)

Akzo open house
Merrill-Oldham, Jan, (09-26-1991)

Alcohol gels
Henry, Walter, (03-05-1991)

Alkaline paper and MARC format records
Sagraves, Barbara, (01-17-1991)
Elkington, Nancy, (01-22-1991)

Ammonium hydroxide
Nishimura, Doug, (08-18-1991)
Nishimura, Doug, (08-25-1991)

Archival filming
Gertz, Janet, (09-05-1991)

Archival microfilming standards
Moore, Kenneth B., (12-11-1991)

Archivist photocopier
Carlson, Barbara, (03-15-1991)
Fredericks, Maria, (03-21-1991)

Argon gas Bleaching and redevelopment Mineral light Audio tape preservation
Nishimura, Doug, (08-13-1991)

Argon gas and albumen photographs
Payne, Charlotte, (07-05-1991)

Argon gas and photographic processes
Payne, Charlotte, (08-02-1991)

Henry, Walter, (10-29-1991)

Atkinson's preservation typology
Brown, Charlotte, (06-13-1991)

Audiotape equipment/standards
Palmer, Patricia, (08-01-1991)

Automated documentation systems
Kesse, Erich, (12-08-1991)
Henry, Walter, (12-08-1991)

BPG update
Fredericks, Maria, (01-28-1991)

Baggy Back
Espinosa, Robert, (04-16-1991)

Baggy back
Kellar, Scott K., (04-15-1991)
Henry, Walter, (04-18-1991)

Bindery preparation and processing
Kesse, Erich, (04-09-1991)

Binding for library catalog
Martin, Shirley A., (06-28-1991)

Bleaching and redevelopment
Palmer, Patricia, (07-30-1991)
Kaplan, Hilary A., (08-02-1991)
Kaplan, Hilary A., (08-09-1991)
McCormick, Michael, (08-10-1991)
Nishimura, Doug, (08-18-1991)
McCormick, Michael, (08-27-1991)

Henry, Walter, (02-05-1991)
Cowell, Ian, (07-29-1991)

Book course
Riemer, Janet, (07-18-1991)

Book drops
Paris, Jan, (03-08-1991)
Fredericks, Maria, (03-11-1991)
Hanson, Mary, (04-01-1991)

Book drops Fire at Los Angeles Public Library
Brown, Charlotte, (03-14-1991)

Book drops Sampling
Mason, James W., (03-13-1991)

Bread dough
DeBolt, Dean, (05-06-1991)

Budget cuts
Palmer, Patricia, (01-08-1991)

CD disc cleaners
Merrill-Oldham, Jan, (02-06-1991)

CD labelling problem
Nishimura, Doug, (06-08-1991)

CIC Task Force on Mass Deacidification
Frieder, Richard, (06-21-1991)

Casemaking clothes moth infestation
Carlson, Barbara, (02-27-1991)

Cataloging microform masters on OCLC
Page, Julie, (05-16-1991)
Page, Julie, (05-16-1991)

Cataloging preservation microfilm on OCLC
Payne, Charlotte, (05-10-1991)

Cataloging preservation photocopies
Henry, Walter, (03-05-1991)
McKern, Debra, (03-12-1991)

Channel binding
Arnott, Julie, (10-28-1991)
Henry, Walter, (10-29-1991)
Parisi, Paul A., (11-03-1991)
Kellar, Scott K., (11-04-1991)
Smiley, Julie L., (11-08-1991)

Circulating collection repairs
Schoonmaker, Dina, (02-04-1991)
Roggia, Sally, (02-05-1991)
Williams, Sara R., (02-07-1991)

Circulating collection repairs Imidazole
Martin, Miranda, (01-29-1991)

Collections Conservator for Hire
Silverman, Randy, (05-24-1991)

Columbia Preservation Administration Program
Harris, Carolyn, (02-11-1991)

Columbia program move
Harris, Carolyn, (12-09-1991)

Common peroxide-forming chemicals
Nishimura, Doug, (10-05-1991)

Fairfield, John R., (08-21-1991)

Comprehensive preservation plans
Butler, Robert, (02-13-1991)

Conference announcement
Tetenbaum, Barbara, (07-16-1991)

Conference on magnetic media
Merrill-Oldham, Jan, (10-17-1991)

Constructing a fumigation chamber
Van der Luft, Eric, (08-29-1991)

Contact print papers
Cartwright, James, (08-12-1991)
Nishimura, Doug, (09-04-1991)

Copy negatives
Nishimura, Doug, (09-05-1991)

Copying old photos
Nishimura, Doug, (05-16-1991)

Copying photographs
Larson, Cathy, (09-03-1991)

Course: The Collection and the Indoor Environment
Banks, Paul N., (05-24-1991)

Criteria for deacidification
Kellar, Scott K., (04-23-1991)

Curators and Conservators Discussion Group
Berger, Sidney, (05-20-1991)

DOT Emergency Response Guidebook
Henry, Walter, (04-28-1991)

Data loggers
Jermann, Pete, (05-07-1991)
Henry, Walter, (05-07-1991)

Bigelow, Sue, (08-28-1991)

Jones, Lynn, (03-11-1991)

Henry, Walter, (08-26-1991)

Diethylaminoethanol in steam
Ten Hoor, Joan, (05-15-1991)

Digital Scanning
Kenney, Anne, (10-30-1991)

Digital scanning
Morris, Annette, (10-17-1991)
McCormick, Michael, (10-20-1991)

Disaster recovery
Hughston, Milan, (11-12-1991)

Documentation systems
Verheyen, Peter David, (12-02-1991)
Belanger, Terry, (12-10-1991)
Henry, Walter, (12-11-1991)

Dried adhesive
Mason, James W., (10-07-1991)

Dust cloths
Jermann, Pete, (11-20-1991)
Henry, Walter, (12-02-1991)

Dust jackets
Martin, Miranda, (04-16-1991)

Merrill-Oldham, Jan, (11-27-1991)
Hanson, Marty, (12-04-1991)

Stanton, Vicki, (12-19-1991)
Watt, Marcia, (12-20-1991)

Email gateway to ALANET
Henry, Walter, (03-10-1991)

Ten Hoor, Joan, (02-20-1991)
McCrady, Ellen, (02-27-1991)
Kaplan, Hilary A., (02-25-1991)
Verheyen, Peter David, (03-05-1991)

Henry, Walter, (10-27-1991)

Helfing, Deborah, (11-18-1991)

Environmental controls
Williams, Sara R., (11-21-1991)

Enzyme citation
Henry, Walter, (07-18-1991)

Excel binding
Merrill-Oldham, Jan, (03-27-1991)
Merrill-Oldham, Jan, (04-04-1991)
Jermann, Pete, (04-05-1991)
Frieder, Richard, (04-12-1991)
Campbell, Harry, (04-24-1991)
Schoonmaker, Dina, (04-24-1991)

Exhibition policies
Gertz, Janet, (09-05-1991)

Fire protection--Halon substitute
Henry, Walter, (03-31-1991)

Fire suppression
Smyth, Elaine, (11-21-1991)

Fire suppression Removing adhesives Dust cloths Soy ink Lasers
McCrady, Ellen, (12-03-1991)

Fixed Field coding of master negatives Copies from preservation master microfilm
Page, Julie, (03-27-1991)

Fixed field coding of master negatives
Elkington, Nancy, (04-03-1991)

Henry, Walter, (10-06-1991)

Flush binding
Ten Hoor, Joan, (04-24-1991)

Nishimura, Doug, (09-05-1991)

Foams Glass plate negative housing
Henry, Walter, (09-04-1991)

Fog machines
Sinclair, Regina, (12-05-1991)
Murray, Kate, (12-11-1991)

Freezers for nitrate negatives
Pearce-Moses, Richard, (03-25-1991)

Fuji microfilm
Williams, Sara, (10-23-1991)
McCormick, Michael, (10-29-1991)

Fungicides for carpet
Dess, Howard, (02-04-1991)
Dess, Howard, (02-13-1991)

Glass plate negatives
Hanson, Marty, (09-17-1991)
Kosovsky, Bob, (09-19-1991)
McCormick, Michael, (09-22-1991)
DeBolt, Dean, (10-17-1991)

Glass plates and polyethylene foams
Henry, Walter, (09-05-1991)

Great Wall of China
Tetenbaum, Barbara, (07-19-1991)

Halon 1301
DeBolt, Dean, (04-18-1991)

Hand scanners
Traister, Daniel, (10-20-1991)

Hazardous materials
Clement, Dan, (08-12-1991)

Heavy use adhesive
Thompson, Pat, (05-29-1991)

Heckman binding slips
Rutherford, Lorraine, (01-02-1991)

Hilton Hotel, Albuquerque
Martin, Miranda, (04-10-1991)

Hot melt glues
Payne, Charlotte, (11-26-1991)

How to send mail to CIN
Henry, Walter, (07-13-1991)

Hygrothermograph chart stock offered
Ten Hoor, Joan, (11-15-1991)

Bumbarger, Bruce, (06-13-1991)

Image processing software
Henry, Walter, (08-31-1991)

Institute of Paper Science and Technology
McKern, Debra, (06-05-1991)

Internship at Cornell
Berger, Barbara, (07-30-1991)

Invisible ink
Henry, Walter, (10-06-1991)

Invisible inks
Henry, Walter, (04-12-1991)

LAPNet Workshop
Henry, Walter, (08-31-1991)

LBS binding standard
Jermann, Pete, (05-01-1991)

LC mass deacidification RFP
Henry, Walter, (09-04-1991)

LIRT Preservation Education Session
Page, Julie, (11-26-1991)

LIRT preservation education session
Olley, Lorraine, (11-20-1991)
Wald, Marlena M., (12-02-1991)
Wald, Marlena M., (12-02-1991)

Lab design
Stanton, Vicki, (12-19-1991)

Watt, Marcia, (12-20-1991)

Laser printer cartridges
Henry, Walter, (11-24-1991)

Nishimura, Doug, (11-19-1991)
Henry, Walter, (11-19-1991)

Library Binding Discussion Group program at ALA meeting in Atlanta
Jones, Lynn, (06-05-1991)

Library binding contracts
Williams, Sara R., (02-12-1991)

Library binding quality control
Bond, Elaine, (01-25-1991)

Roessler, Ralph, (07-19-1991)

Liquid gate printing
Nishimura, Doug, (06-01-1991)
Nishimura, Doug, (06-08-1991)

Liquid-gate printing
Henry, Walter, (05-25-1991)
Brown, Barbara, (05-30-1991)

Liquid-gate printing of glass negatives
Kosovsky, Bob, (05-24-1991)

MARABU retouching paints
Fredericks, Maria, (09-20-1991)

Magnetic tape longevity
Henry, Walter, (01-27-1991)

Marking CDs
Spitzmueller, Pamela, (12-17-1991)

Master microfilm negative storage
Kesse, Erich, (04-01-1991)

Material hazards
Pavelka, Karen, (07-29-1991)
Nishimura, Doug, (08-02-1991)

Materials for a book container
Henry, Walter, (06-21-1991)

Meeting at AIC annual conference
Espinosa, Robert, (03-27-1991)

Mellon Internship at Stanford
Brooks, Connie, (08-15-1991)

Microfiche storage
Kesse, Erich, (02-15-1991)
Helmer, Normandy, (03-02-1991)

Microfilm Storage
Jermann, Pete, (06-26-1991)

Microfilm cleaners
Smith, Anne Pat, (09-27-1991)

Microfilm quality control reports
Swartzell, Ann, (08-26-1991)
Larson, Cathy, (09-03-1991)
Lester, Dan, (09-03-1991)

Microfilm readers
Jermann, Pete, (10-18-1991)
Henry, Walter, (11-02-1991)

Microfilm replacement orders for brittle books
Sagraves, Barbara, (02-07-1991)

Microfilming bitmaps
Berger, Barbara, (11-06-1991)

Swartzell, Ann, (02-07-1991)

Kesse, Erich, (04-01-1991)

Microwave fumigation
Renshawe, Mike, (07-31-1991)
Pilette, Roberta, (08-07-1991)

Nishimura, Doug, (09-04-1991)

Mineral Light
Brown, Charlotte, (06-07-1991)

Mold and color slides
Fredericks, Maria, (12-06-1991)

Moving old books
Astle, Deana, (04-08-1991)

NARA meeting on preservation of electronic records
Swartzell, Ann, (03-20-1991)

NARA preservation conference
Kaplan, Hilary A., (04-12-1991)

NISO Annual Meeting announcement
Brooks, Connie, (07-31-1991)

NOTIS Preservation Interest Group agenda
Palmer, Patricia, (06-25-1991)

NOTIS and preservation
Henry, Walter, (04-28-1991)

Neutral glassine
Romaine, Paul W., (12-09-1991)

New A/F pam binders
Kellar, Scott K., (06-27-1991)

New Ilford film
Martin, Miranda, (10-18-1991)
McCormick, Michael, (10-20-1991)

New Lists
Henry, Walter, (06-13-1991)

New RLG Publication
Porro, Jennifer, (10-10-1991)

New Wilhelm book
Pearce-Moses, Richard, (11-05-1991)

New address for IPI Polysulfide and film project finished
Nishimura, Doug, (04-22-1991)

New file in FileList
Henry, Walter, (01-06-1991)
Henry, Walter, (01-27-1991)
Henry, Walter, (04-21-1991)
Henry, Walter, (05-04-1991)

New files in FileList
Henry, Walter, (09-08-1991)

New list
Henry, Walter, (01-12-1991)
Henry, Walter, (03-10-1991)
Henry, Walter, (03-14-1991)
Henry, Walter, (05-04-1991)
Endacott, Phil, (06-26-1991)
Demirbag, Haluk, (08-09-1991)
Henry, Walter, (10-06-1991)
Henry, Walter, (12-14-1991)

Nipping presses for sale
Pilette, Roberta, (03-05-1991)

Notch binding
Jermann, Pete, (06-04-1991)

Notis PIG
Palmer, Patricia, (05-31-1991)

Makssour, Marifay, (07-02-1991)

Kesse, Erich, (12-15-1991)

PLMS Chair
Merrill-Oldham, Jan, (09-24-1991)

PLMS agenda
Frieder, Richard, (12-12-1991)

POST-IT notes
Kesse, Erich, (08-09-1991)

Bowman, Inci, (12-04-1991)

Pamphlet staplers and soy ink
Sinkule, Karen, (11-21-1991)

Paper tour of the UK
Chalmers, John, (02-07-1991)

Parchment bleaching
Szeintuch, Tova, (03-06-1991)

Perfume damage to paper
Ofstad, Odessa, (06-07-1991)

Permanence of color photocopies
Helmer, Normandy, (08-19-1991)
Nishimura, Doug, (09-04-1991)
Gertz, Janet, (09-05-1991)

Permanent file folder labels
Kaplan, Hilary A., (08-02-1991)

Pest control
Astle, Deana, (04-08-1991)

Photo identification
Bigelow, Sue, (09-22-1991)
McCormick, Michael, (10-01-1991)
Pearce-Moses, Richard, (10-07-1991)
Nishimura, Doug, (10-09-1991)
Bigelow, Sue, (10-13-1991)

Brown, Charlotte, (01-03-1991)

Photocopying photographs
Pearce-Moses, Richard, (04-30-1991)
Kosovsky, Bob, (05-06-1991)
Nishimura, Doug, (05-08-1991)
Henry, Walter, (05-08-1991)
Nishimura, Doug, (05-09-1991)
Pearce-Moses, Richard, (05-15-1991)

Photograph identification
Nishimura, Doug, (10-20-1991)
McCormick, Michael, (10-29-1991)

Picric acid danger
Nishimura, Doug, (04-23-1991)

Picric acid danger Glue sticks Microfiche, enclosures and ANSI standards
Nishimura, Doug, (04-26-1991)

Plastic microfilm reels
West, Tim, (12-10-1991)

Nishimura, Doug, (05-02-1991)

Nishimura, Doug, (10-02-1990)

Polyethylene bags
Mccallum, Brenda, (03-21-1991)

Gertz, Janet, (12-03-1991)
Watt, Marcia, (12-09-1991)
Gilbert, David, (12-09-1991)
Tousley-Escalante, Joanna, (12-11-1991)
Tousley-Escalante, Joanna, (12-18-1991)
Tousley-Escalante, Joanna, (12-20-1991)

Position at Columbia
Lilley, Barbara, (03-19-1991)
Gertz, Janet, (03-28-1991)

Position at Cornell
Kenney, Anne, (02-20-1991)
Berger, Barbara, (05-30-1991)

Position at Georgetown University
Morris, Annette, (08-12-1991)

Position at Huntington Library
Moffett, William A., (10-16-1991)

Position at Library of Congress
McCrady, Ellen, (01-31-1991)

Position at Newberry Library
Ten Hoor, Joan, (05-15-1991)

Position at Penn State University
Conrad, Mark, (07-08-1991)

Position at RLG
Elkington, Nancy, (09-17-1991)

Position at Southwest Museum
McCrady, Ellen, (01-20-1991)

Position at University of Delaware
Langenberg, David L., (11-21-1991)

Preparing microfilm targets
Pilette, Roberta, (03-05-1991)
Kesse, Erich, (03-11-1991)
Jermann, Pete, (03-14-1991)

Preservation of microfilm holdings
West, Tim, (10-30-1991)

Preservation photocopying
Henry, Walter, (04-18-1991)

Preservation tools from Columbia
Gertz, Janet, (07-15-1991)

Preserving laser printing
Graham, Peter, (01-17-1991)

Preserving music collections
Shackelton, Cheryl, (03-20-1991)

Preserving seaweed
Kesse, Erich, (12-25-1991)

Problem with negative enclosures
Espinosa, Robert, (07-11-1991)

Publication about polysulfide and safety film
Nishimura, Doug, (08-12-1991)

Queues and cataloging for microfilm
Kesse, Erich, (09-16-1991)
Lilley, Barbara, (09-19-1991)

RLG news
McClung, Patti, (06-24-1991)

Nishimura, Doug, (06-01-1991)

Readex microprint
Mason, James W., (05-16-1991)

Reagents on manuscripts
Wright, Kathryn, (07-16-1991)

Recycled paper
Martin, Shirley A., (05-29-1991)

Reddish photo id
Bigelow, Sue, (10-17-1991)

Repair of circulating collections
Merrill-Oldham, Jan, (02-12-1991)

Repairing microfilm
DeGraff, Kathryn, (05-07-1991)

Report on RBMS
Henry, Walter, (07-07-1991)

Research award
McKern, Debra, (10-14-1991)

Helmer, Normandy, (08-19-1991)

Romanian book conservator
McCrady, Ellen, (03-14-1991)

SAA mass deacidification session
Brown, Charlotte, (10-18-1991)

SAA mass deacidification session change
Brown, Charlotte, (09-13-1991)

Romaine, Paul W., (11-10-1991)
Espinosa, Robert, (11-19-1991)

Scanning photographs
Conrad, Mark, (05-07-1991)

Scores and sheet music
Astle, Deana, (09-27-1991)

Sealed buildings
Dodson, Suzanne, (04-26-1991)

Mason, James W., (04-29-1991)

Seminar on preservation of photographs
Kosovsky, Bob, (05-10-1991)

Sheet music
Helmer, Normandy, (03-18-1991)
Kosovsky, Bob, (03-20-1991)
Palmer, Patricia, (03-21-1991)
Payne, Charlotte, (03-22-1991)
Mason, James W., (03-25-1991)
Mason, James W., (10-07-1991)

Bowman, Inci, (12-20-1991)

Soy ink
Henry, Walter, (08-09-1991)

Specifications for mylar welder
Henry, Walter, (11-25-1991)

Squeeze paper
Campbell, Harry, (02-20-1991)
Henry, Walter, (02-20-1991)
Jones, Lynn, (02-26-1991)

Stability of videotape and optical disks
Nishimura, Doug, (05-19-1991)

Stamping inks
Unger, Carol, (05-17-1991)

Williams, Linda F., (06-10-1991)
Kaplan, Hilary A., (08-09-1991)

Tests for "lignin-free" materials
Cartwright, James, (07-15-1991)
Henry, Walter, (07-16-1991)

The Book Machine
Elkington, Nancy, (08-15-1991)

Time capsules
Bowman, Inci, (11-04-1991)
Henry, Walter, (11-04-1991)
Clement, Dan, (11-11-1991)

Payne, Charlotte, (04-08-1991)

UV meters
Henry, Walter, (09-09-1991)

UV monitors
Nishimura, Doug, (09-08-1991)

Ultraviolet radiation tests
Reynolds, Frank A., (08-16-1991)

Underground storage facilities
Sinclair, Regina, (01-16-1991)

Update on Akzo trip
Merrill-Oldham, Jan, (10-17-1991)

Video and film recording lights
Elkington, Nancy, (08-15-1991)

Video on bibliographic format
Belanger, Terry, (10-15-1991)

Wax paper
Tetenbaum, Barbara, (11-19-1991)

Wei T'o Soft Spray
Verheyen, Peter David, (03-05-1991)

Workshop on environment and construction
Strassberg, Richard, (10-11-1991)

Workshops on library preservation
Henry, Walter, (04-05-1991)

Yugoslavian conservator seeks work
McCrady, Ellen, (04-20-1991)

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