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Subject: Image processing software

Image processing software

From: Walter Henry <whenry>
Date: Saturday, August 31, 1991
The following appeared originally in sci.astro and was reposted in
MEDTEXTL and is reposted here without the knowledge or permission of the

  Subject: IMDISP 7.4 - Image Processing Software
  From: baalke [at] kelvin__jpl__nasa__gov (Ron Baalke)
  Date: 24 Aug 91
  Organization: Jet Propulsion Laboratory

                                IMDISP 7.4
                              August 23, 1991

      Version 7.4 of the IMDISP program has now been released.  IMDISP
 is an interactive image processing program that runs on an IBM PC
 computer. It was written to be used with the Voyager and Magellan
 images which are available on CDROM.  IMDISP has appeared on the GRIPS
 CDROM (version 4.4) and the GRIPS 2 CDROM (version 5.6), and is
 currently being distributed with all of the planetary image CDROMs.
 IMDISP 7.4 is a test version and is being released for evaluation.

      IMDISP 7.4 is available via anonymous ftp at
 [] in the file in the pub/SPACE/SOFTWARE
 subdirectory. It will also be available soon at

      IMDISP74.ZIP consists of the following files:

                 IMDISP.EXE   - IMDISP program version 7.4
                 IMDISP.DOC   - User's Guide for IMDISP 7.4
                 PALETTES.ZIP - Color palette collection
                 PAL.BAT      - Batch file to display each color palette
                 CYCLE.BAT    - Batch file to color cycle each color

      Also included in a separate file,, is a collection of
 images and batch files which are used to perform a demo for IMDISP.
 This demo is similiar to the one I gave during the JPL Expo on August
 3-4, 1991. The demo requires a minimum of a 800x600 graphics display,
 2MB of memory and a little over 3MB of hard disk space.

      File sizes:

           IMDISP74.ZIP     207,710 bytes
           IMDISPD.ZIP    1,611,511 bytes

      Note: don't forget to be in binary mode when ftping these files.

      Since I am one of the programmers for IMDISP, I would appreciate
 any feedback on IMDISP, including any problems encountered and
 suggestions for improvement.  The features of IMDISP 7.4 are listed

         Ron Baalke
         Jet Propulsion Lab
         M/S 301-355
         4800 Oak Grove Drive
         Pasadena, CA 91109

         Email: baalke [at] kelvin__jpl__nasa__gov


      IMDISP 7.4 features (new features denoted by **)

         o Basic Operations
              Image Display
              Image Sub Sampling
              Image Zooming
            **Image Buffering
            **Image Merging & Subtraction
            **Image Darkening & Brightening
              Image Flipping
              Image Browsing of CDROMs
              Text Display

         o Image Processing
              Contrast Enhancement
            **Edge Enhancement
            **3D Perspective
            **Power Filtering
            **Image Masking

         o Color Palettes
              Load & Save
              Pseudo Coloring
            **Color Cycling
              Built-in Color Palettes

         o Graphics Support
              Super VGA:
                 ATI VGA Wonder
                 Orchid (ET3000 & **ET4000 versions)

         o File Formats Supported:


         o Miscellaneous Features
            **Extended and Expanded Memory Support
            **Command Logging
            **Mouse Support
              Batch File Support

 Ron Baalke
 Jet Propulsion Lab
 M/S 301-355
 Pasadena, CA 91109
 baalke [at] kelvin__jpl__nasa__gov

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