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Subject: New list

New list

From: Walter Henry <whenry>
Date: Saturday, January 12, 1991
The following was posted on sci.chem

    The new computational chemistry e-mail list was created at Ohio
    Supercomputer Center.  Following is the information about the rules
    and intend of this forum.

      I. WHAT IS THE chemistry [at] osc__edu LIST ?
         The chemistry [at] osc__edu list is a mail expander which allows
         researchers in the area of computational chemistry to exchange
         information and experience.  It was created to promote contacts
         between researchers in the field of chemistry related
         computation.  Its scope is BY NO MEANS RESTRICTED to the users
         of The Ohio Supercomputer Center.  We would like to see broad
         access to the list and encourage you to share the information
         about the list with your friends.  The success of this list
         will depend upon the number and experience of subscribers.
         Though the list owners plan to post occasionally lists of
         software available at OSC and chemistry related OSC workshops
         announcements, other organizations are invited to do the same.
         All posting to this list will be archived and available in the
         future by anonymous ftp.

         Examples of topics for the list are:
           - reports on bugs in chemistry software and possible work-
           - new chemistry software announcements
           - announcements of computational chemistry related workshops
             and symposia
           - discussion on new methods and techniques in computational
           - questions and answers about solving computational chemistry
           - questions and answers about availability of particular
           - job opening announcements in the field of computational
           - hardware related issues relevant to the computational
             chemistry community
           - opinions about services and products

         Examples of topics which SHOULD NOT appear on this list are:
           - personal attacks
           - commercial advertisements
           - topics unrelated to computational chemistry

         To subscribe (or to unsubscribe) to the list, send a short
         e-mail message to chemistry-request [at] osc__edu stating your name,
         affiliation and electronic mail address.  To post the article
         to the chemistry [at] osc__edu just send the electronic mail to
         chemistry [at] osc__edu the way you normally do.  Remember that what
         you send, everybody gets.  The list is not moderated (i.e.
         uncensored) and we hope to keep it that way.

    III. DISCLAIMERS.  The list is organized as a service to the
         community of researchers in the area of computational chemistry
         and is not aimed at monetary gains of lawyers.  By posting
         anything to this list you agree that the contents represents
         your personal opinion and that you do not represent your
         organization.  In no event should Ohio Supercomputer Center
         (OSC) be liable for the opinions or materials posted to this
         list.  The OSC is not reviewing the materials submitted to this
         list and cannot stop their distribution.  You should consult
         your organization as to the ramifications of this disclaimer
         before posting to this list.

     List owners:
     David J. Heisterberg (djh [at] osc__edu, DJH [at] OHSTPY__BITNET,
                             ph. 614-292-6036)
     Jan K. Labanowski (jkl [at] osc__edu, JKL [at] OHSTPY__BITNET,
                             ph. 614-292-9279)
     Ohio Supercomputer Center
     1224 Kinnear Rd
     Columbus, OH 43212-1163
     FAX: 614-292-7168

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