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Alkaline Paper Advocate

From the TAPPI Archives: The 1935 Report. of the Permanence/Durability Committee, Jun 1993

100% Alkaline Companies, Feb 1991

100% Alkaline Companies, Jul 1991

100% Alkaline or Neutral Companies in the U.S., Sep 1993

101-Year-Old Observation on Alum, Aug 1989

58 Long Years Ago, Oct 1988

8 Hungarian Papers Test High on Permanence, Oct 1995

A Basic Reading List on Permanence of Paper, Apr 1989

A Button for Enthusiasts, Jul 1991

A Call for Historical Papermaking Artifacts, Aug 1990

A New Thailand/Burma Papermaking Adventure: Nov. 1-22, 1997, Apr 1996
Koretsky, Elaine

A Roundup on Recycling and Environmentalism, Jul 1994

A Selective Glossary for the May Issue, Jul 1991

A Seller's Market, Dec 1988

A Spot Test for Lignin that's Too Hazardous for General Use, Jun 1993

A Visit to a Hungarian Paper Mill, Oct 1990
McCrady, Ellen

ANSI Z39.48-1984 Compared with Two Standards Now Being Drafted, Feb 1991

ASTM Seeks Artists, Comments, Apr 1989

Activists Assemble at TAPPI Symposium 20 1989, Dec 1988

Addendum to North American Permanent Papers, Oct 1994

Aging Behavior of Groundwood and Freesheet, Pt. 1, Oct 1994

Aging Behavior of Groundwood and Freesheet, Pt. 2, Dec 1994
McCrady, Ellen

Aging Behavior of Groundwood and Freesheet, Pt. 3, Mar 1995
McCrady, Ellen

Alkaline Coated Freesheet, May 1990

Alkaline Colored Papers--Mill Brands Listed in the 1992/93 Paper Buyers' Encyclopedia, Jul 1992

Alkaline Conversion Trends, Jul 1992

Alkaline Conversions, Sep 1993

Alkaline Imaging Papers Gain Market Share, Oct 1988

Alkaline Mills, Mar 1990

Alkaline Mills, by State, Feb 1991

Alkaline Paper-Making Conversion Rate Accelerates, Apr 1989
Westwood, Ronald

Alkaline Papermaking Conference, Kalamazoo, Mar 1988

Alkaline Papermaking in Slovakia, Nov 1993
Hanus, Jozef

Alkaline Papers, Dec 1988

Alkaline Papers, Dec 1989

Alkaline Penetration Forecast, Mar 1990

Alkaline Recycled Papers, Jul 1991

Alkaline Sizing Applications Surge Ahead, Oct 1996
Ducey, Michael J.; Downs, Timothy A.

Alkaline Sizing Pioneers from 30 and 40 Years Ago, Jun 1994
McCrady, Ellen

Alkaline and Neutral Copy Paper, Jan 1988
McCrady, Ellen

Alleged Problems in Use of Alkaline Paper, May 1988

Alternative Fibers for Papermaking, Dec 1995
Stahl, John

An Annotated Bibliography on Variations in pH Measurement, Feb 1991

An Appeal for the Return of Those Questionnaires, Jul 1991

An Interdisciplinary Forum, Jan 1988
McCrady, Ellen

An Investigation into the Use of pH Indicators on Paper, Aug 1990

Are We Running Out of Trees?, Oct 1993

Around the World with Chlorine-Free Pulp, Aug 1990

Arthur D. Little's 1903 Report on Paper Permanence, Dec 1994

Attention All pH Pen Users, Sep 1993

Authors and Publishers Pledge to use Acid-Free Paper, Apr 1989

Balls of Pyrite Crystals Found Growing in Old Books, Oct 1997

Breakthrough in Deinking, May 1991

Budget Committee Takes Testimony on Alkaline Paper, May 1988

Buffered Groundwood (Carbonate-Filled High-Yield Papers), Dec 1996
McCrady, Ellen

Calcium Control in the Pressroom, 1997
Hundal, Rick

Canadian Government Commits to Permanent Paper, May 1992

Canadian Pulp & Paper Association Meeting: Report, Apr 1989

Carbonate Content of Certain Archival Papers, May 1988
McCrady, Ellen

Carbonate-Filled Groundwood for Cash-Strapped Publishers, Oct 1995

Chlorinated Organics are Even Worse Than We Thought--For Animals, Anyhow, May 1992

Chlorine: New Facts, New Recommendations, Dec 1993

Clinton Mandates Recycled Paper in Executive Branch, Circumvents Permanence Standards, Oct 1993
McCrady, Ellen

Coated Freesheet, Aug 1990

Colored Papers, Oct 1989

Comments Invited for Z39.48 Revision, Dec 1989

Companies that Make Alkaline Copy Paper, Dec 1991

Company News, Aug 1990

Company News, Dec 1989

Company News, Dec 1991

Company News, Jul 1991

Company News, Jul 1994

Company News, Jun 1994

Company News, Mar 1990

Company News, May 1990

Company News, May 1991

Company News, May 1992

Company News, Nov 1990

Company News, Sep 1992

Comparison of pH Pens on the Market, Nov 1990
Miller, J.; McCrady, Ellen

Comparison of pH Pens on the Market--A Follow-up, Jul 1991

Condensed Classification of Paper Topics, Oct 1997

Condition of Paper Records in the Presidential Libraries, Oct 1988

Conversions (Both Ways) and Shutdowns, Dec 1992

Conversions, Aug 1989

Correction, May 1996

Crane's Major Brands will be Acid For A While, May 1992

Deacidification at the Mill: An Early Patent, Jul 1989

Definitions of Permanence and Durability, Oct 1989

Deterioration Joke, Oct 1990

Dioxin, Jul 1989

Dioxin: Outrage VS. Risk Assessment, May 1991

Dramatic Decline Seen in EPA Dioxin Warnings, Jun 1995

EPA Assures NYPL Permanence Won't be Overlooked, Dec 1994
McPoland, Fran

EPA Mandates Use of Recycled Paper, Oct 1988

EPA Reassesses Dioxin Threat, Mar 1995

EPA Recommends 54 Minimum Recycled Content Levels, Mar 1995

EPA's Dioxin Limits, Dec 1990

Early Research on Acidity and Permanence, Jul 1989

Early Research, Dec 1988

Early Research, May 1988

Editor's Page, 1997

Editor's Page, 1997

Editor's Page, Apr 1989

Editor's Page, Apr 1996

Editor's Page, Aug 1989

Editor's Page, Aug 1990

Editor's Page, Dec 1988

Editor's Page, Dec 1989

Editor's Page, Dec 1989

Editor's Page, Dec 1990

Editor's Page, Dec 1991

Editor's Page, Dec 1992

Editor's Page, Dec 1993

Editor's Page, Dec 1994

Editor's Page, Dec 1995

Editor's Page, Dec 1996

Editor's Page, Feb 1991

Editor's Page, Jul 1989

Editor's Page, Jul 1991

Editor's Page, Jul 1992

Editor's Page, Jul 1994

Editor's Page, Jul 1996

Editor's Page, Jun 1993

Editor's Page, Jun 1994

Editor's Page, Jun 1995

Editor's Page, Mar 1988

Editor's Page, Mar 1990

Editor's Page, Mar 1992

Editor's Page, Mar 1995

Editor's Page, May 1988

Editor's Page, May 1990

Editor's Page, May 1991

Editor's Page, May 1992

Editor's Page, May 1996

Editor's Page, Nov 1990

Editor's Page, Nov 1991

Editor's Page, Nov 1991

Editor's Page, Nov 1992

Editor's Page, Nov 1993

Editor's Page, Nov 1994

Editor's Page, Oct 1988

Editor's Page, Oct 1989

Editor's Page, Oct 1990

Editor's Page, Oct 1993

Editor's Page, Oct 1994

Editor's Page, Oct 1995

Editor's Page, Oct 1996

Editor's Page, Oct 1997

Editor's Page, Sep 1992

Editor's Page, Sep 1993

Effect of Metals on Paper: A Literature Review, May 1996
McCrady, Ellen

Enduring Value, Sep 1993

Evaluation of Recycled Papers, May 1991

Events, Apr 1989

Events, Apr 1996

Events, Aug 1989

Events, Aug 1990

Events, Dec 1988

Events, Dec 1989

Events, Dec 1989

Events, Dec 1991

Events, Dec 1992

Events, Dec 1993

Events, Dec 1994

Events, Dec 1995

Events, Dec 1996

Events, Jan 1988

Events, Jul 1989

Events, Jul 1991

Events, Jul 1992

Events, Jul 1994

Events, Jul 1996

Events, Jun 1993

Events, Jun 1994

Events, Jun 1995

Events, Mar 1988

Events, Mar 1990

Events, Mar 1992

Events, Mar 1995

Events, May 1988

Events, May 1992

Events, May 1996

Events, Nov 1991

Events, Nov 1991

Events, Nov 1992

Events, Nov 1993

Events, Nov 1994

Events, Oct 1988

Events, Oct 1989

Events, Oct 1993

Events, Oct 1994

Events, Oct 1995

Events, Oct 1996

Events, Oct 1997

Events, Sep 1992

Events, Sep 1993

Exhibition on History of Papermaking at New York Public Library, May 1990

Falmouth Associates Readies Multi-Client Study, Dec 1990

Federal Agencies Receive Guidance on Procurement of Long-Lived Paper, Oct 1995
Carlin, John W.

Final Report to Congress on the Joint Resolution to Establish a National Policy on Permanent Papers, Jul 1996

Fine Paper Mills in Canada, Sep 1992

Fine Paper Mills in the U.S., Alkaline or Neutral by Dec. 1991, Dec 1991

Fine Paper Mills in the U.S., Dec 1996

Finnish Government Has Standard for Archival Records, Dec 1988

Fluorescent Brighteners, Dec 1990

Frankfurter Forderungen: A Call for the Use of Archival Papers in the Production of Books, Jul 1996

From the Archives of the Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry: The First Permanence and Durability Committee, 1929-1938, Sep 1992

From the TAPPI Archives: The 1930 and 1933 Reports of the Permanence/Durability Committee, Nov 1992

GPO Now Stocking Recycled Xerographic Paper, Nov 1990

GPO Takes Affirmative Action, Mar 1990

Georgia-Pacific has Alkaline Hotline, Jun 1994

Getting Away from Chlorine Won't be Easy, but Enzymes will Help, Oct 1994

Glossary for the March Issue, May 1990

Glossary, Mar 1988

Glossary, Oct 1988

Government Standards Seen as Deficient, Jan 1988

Happy Days are Here Again--For the Paper Industry, Jun 1995

Hearings on Recycled & Permanent Paper, Aug 1989

Highlights of TAPPI Papermakers, Jun 1994

How Wood Superseded Rag, Nov 1994
Scribner, B.W.

How the Best was Won: Paper Quality and the American Psychological Association, 1997
Laties, Victor G.

How to Help Write NISO Standards, Apr 1989

IP Pulls Plug on Unity & Incentive Groundwood Office Paper, Oct 1997
McEntee, Ken

ISO 9706, Oct 1995

ISO Paper Permanence Standard Approved, Sep 1993

ISO Quality Standards in the World of Papermaking, Dec 1992

ISO is Never Spelled with Periods, Dec 1992

ISR Permanence Workshop Will be Open to All, Dec 1993

ISR Workshop Papers, Dec 1994

Ideas for Advocates, Mar 1988
McCrady, Ellen

Industry Trends, Sep 1992

Industry/Government Meeting on Groundwood Paper in Federal Offices, Nov 1994
Calmes, Alan

Italy Gears Up, Apr 1989

Joint Committee on Printing Gets Permanence Specs, Oct 1988

LC Invites Proposals for Deacidification Service, Oct 1990

Latest Count of Companies Converted to Alkaline, Apr 1989

Leonard Schlosser to Retire, Apr 1989

Letter, Jun 1993
Bleeck, Joerg A.

Letters, Jul 1996
McCrady, Ellen

Letters, Mar 1990
Michaels, Jan

Letters, Mar 1995
Merrill-Oldham, Jan; Wilken, R.; Bansa, Helmut

Letters, Oct 1994
Wilson, William K.

Librarians and Paper Permanence, Dec 1993
McCrady, Ellen

Literature, 1997

Literature, 1997

Literature, Apr 1989

Literature, Apr 1996

Literature, Aug 1989

Literature, Aug 1990

Literature, Dec 1988

Literature, Dec 1989

Literature, Dec 1989

Literature, Dec 1990

Literature, Dec 1991

Literature, Dec 1992

Literature, Dec 1993

Literature, Dec 1994

Literature, Dec 1995

Literature, Dec 1996

Literature, Feb 1991

Literature, Jan 1988

Literature, Jul 1989

Literature, Jul 1991

Literature, Jul 1992

Literature, Jul 1994

Literature, Jul 1996

Literature, Jun 1993

Literature, Jun 1994

Literature, Jun 1995

Literature, Mar 1988

Literature, Mar 1990

Literature, Mar 1992

Literature, Mar 1995

Literature, May 1988

Literature, May 1990

Literature, May 1991

Literature, May 1992

Literature, May 1996

Literature, Nov 1990

Literature, Nov 1991

Literature, Nov 1991

Literature, Nov 1993

Literature, Nov 1994

Literature, Oct 1989

Literature, Oct 1993

Literature, Oct 1994

Literature, Oct 1995

Literature, Oct 1996

Literature, Oct 1997

Literature, Sep 1992

Literature, Sep 1993

'Long Life' Papers in the UK, Nov 1992

Massachusetts Gets Law on Permanent Paper Use, Feb 1991

Mill Conversion, Jun 1993

Mill Conversions & Related News, May 1991

Mill Conversions, Aug 1990

Mill Conversions, Dec 1989

Mill Conversions, Dec 1990

Mill Conversions, Dec 1991

Mill Conversions, Feb 1991

Mill Conversions, Jul 1991

Mill Conversions, Jul 1992

Mill Conversions, Mar 1990

Mill Conversions, May 1990

Mill Conversions, May 1992

Mill Conversions, Nov 1990

Mill Conversions, Nov 1991

Mill Conversions, Nov 1991

Mill Conversions, Oct 1990

Mill Conversions, Sep 1992

NCLIS Supports Pell Resolution, Apr 1989

NHPRC Subvention Guidelines, May 1988

NISO Draft Standard Allows Significantly More Lignin, Dec 1990

Neutral & Alkaline Copy Papers, Oct 1988

New & Little-Known Components of Paper, Oct 1990

New Address for the APA, Dec 1992

New Alkaline Papers, Jul 1989

New Balance of Opinion on Dioxin, Nov 1991

New Draft of ANSI Standard Lowers Allowable Lignin, Mar 1992

New Hunter Biography, Jul 1991

New Instrument Measures Chemiluminescence, Oct 1995

New York's Proposed Law, Oct 1996
Ward, Christine

News of the Companies, Jul 1989

News, 1997

News, 1997

News, Apr 1989

News, Apr 1996

News, Aug 1989

News, Aug 1990

News, Dec 1988

News, Dec 1989

News, Dec 1989

News, Dec 1990

News, Dec 1991

News, Dec 1992

News, Dec 1993

News, Dec 1994

News, Dec 1995

News, Dec 1996

News, Feb 1991

News, Jul 1989

News, Jul 1991

News, Jul 1992

News, Jul 1994

News, Jul 1996

News, Jun 1993

News, Jun 1995

News, Mar 1988

News, Mar 1990

News, Mar 1992

News, Mar 1995

News, May 1988

News, May 1990

News, May 1991

News, May 1992

News, May 1996

News, Nov 1990

News, Nov 1991

News, Nov 1992

News, Nov 1993

News, Nov 1994

News, Oct 1988

News, Oct 1989

News, Oct 1990

News, Oct 1993

News, Oct 1994

News, Oct 1995

News, Oct 1996

News, Oct 1997

News, Sep 1992

News, Sep 1993

Nocopi Security Papers Play Role in Tobacco Industry's 1995 Lawsuit, Apr 1996

Notes from TAPPI-Papermakers, 1992 Alkaline Conversion Round Table, Sep 1992

Notice, Nov 1992

Obituary: Dard Hunter 11, Dec 1989

Other Kinds of Alkaline Paper, Mar 1990

PCC Plants Built & Operated by Minerals Technologies Inc., Oct 1996

Paper Aging Research at TNO , Oct 1996
Havermans, John

Paper Companies Converted to Alkaline, Aug 1989

Paper Definitions, Nov 1993
Smook, Gary A.

Paper History Events, Nov 1990

Paper Lists in Previous Issues, Sep 1992

Paper Permanence Debate II: The ISR Workshop July 6-8 at ASTM Headquarters, Jul 1994
McCrady, Ellen

Paper Permanence Debate Lends Drama to Paris Conference, Jun 1994
McCrady, Ellen

Paper Recycling, Sep 1993

Papermaking Facts, 1997
McCrady, Ellen

Paprican Has Patent on a Dry Deacidification Method, Oct 1995

Pell Resolution Sails Through Senate, Aug 1989

People, Apr 1989

People, Apr 1996

People, Aug 1989

People, Aug 1990

People, Dec 1989

People, Dec 1991

People, Dec 1992

People, Dec 1993

People, Feb 1991

People, Jul 1996

People, Jun 1994

People, Jun 1995

People, Mar 1990

People, Mar 1992

People, May 1991

People, May 1992

People, May 1996

People, Nov 1990

People, Nov 1991

People, Oct 1993

People, Oct 1997

People, Sep 1992

Permanence Standards, Dec 1990

Permanent Paper, Standards, Tests, Jun 1994

Permanent Papers on the Market, Nov 1991
McCrady, Ellen

Permanent Papers on the Market, Oct 1990

Permanent Papers, May 1990

Permanent/Recycled Paper Survey Underway, Nov 1993

Polyoxometalates: They Delignify Efficiently, Don't Hurt the Cellulose, & Give Off Only H2O & CO2, Oct 1995

Position, Dec 1991

Positions, Aug 1990

Positions, Jul 1996

Positions, Jun 1995

Possible Origin of Rumor about Paper from Fish, Dec 1994

Practical Aspects of Deacidification: pH and Alkaline Reserve, Apr 1989
Kelly, George B., Jr.

Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC) in Papers Containing Mechanical Pulp, Apr 1996
Ain, R.L.; Laleg, M.

President Signs Permanent Paper Law, Oct 1990

Prices, May 1990

Printing and Writing Paper: 1992-93 Production, Jul 1994

Progress in Preservation, May 1991

Promoting the Use of Permanent Paper in the Private Sector, Dec 1996
Michaels, Jan

Publishers Meet with Advocates, Dec 1988

Publishers, Oct 1988

Purchases and Spinoffs, Jun 1995

Quality of Groundwood-Content Newsprint, 1870-1930, Nov 1994
Scribner, B.W.

Query, Apr 1989

Query, Nov 1992

Query, Oct 1994

Random Notes from a Serviceman's Log Book, Oct 1997

Recent News on Chlorine-Free Bleaching, Jul 1992

Recycled Alkaline Paper in Canada, Nov 1991

Recycled Paper Update, Mar 1990

Recycled Paper, Dec 1988

Recycled Paper, Dec 1989

Recycled Printing/Writing Paper, Aug 1990

Recycled and Permanent: An ALA Washington Office Fact Sheet, Sep 1993

Recycling & Environmental Issues, Nov 1991

Recycling Acid and Alkaline Waste Paper, Oct 1990

Recycling Update, Oct 1990

Recycling Update: Toner can be Deinked, but at a Greater Cost, Oct 1990

Remarks on House Resolution 226 To Establish a National Policy on Permanent Paper, Mar 1990
Wilson, William K.

Research On Early Papers, Oct 1989

Retail Mail Order Sources of Alkaline Paper, May 1988

Review, Dec 1990
McCrady, Ellen

Review, May 1991
McCrady, Ellen

Review, Nov 1991
McCrady, Ellen

Reviews, Dec 1992
McCrady, Ellen

Reviews, Dec 1995
McCrady, Ellen

Reviews, Oct 1995
McCrady, Ellen

Revised ANSI Standard Published, Jun 1993

Rittenhouse to Twinrocker: Iowa City, March 22-95, Jul 1991
McCrady, Ellen

Sample Papers Enclosed in the Newsletter, Nov 1992

Scheduled Presentations at the ISR Workshop on the Effects of Aging On Printing and Writing Papers, Jun 1994

Science Advisory Board Evaluates EPA's Dioxin Study, Dec 1995
McCrady, Ellen

Senator Pell Seeks Legislation on Acid-Free Paper, Dec 1988

Some Credible Information on Dioxin, Nov 1990

Some Neutral and Alkaline Office Papers, Dec 1989

Some Neutral and Alkaline Paper Available in Salt Lake City, Jan 1988
McCrady, Ellen

Some Permanent Copy Papers, Nov 1992

Some Permanent Papers for Dissertations, Dec 1995

Some Properties of Permanent Paper Made in Slovakia, May 1996
Hanus, Jozef

Some Want Alkaline Paper, Some Want Acid, Nov 1993
McCrady, Ellen

Soybean Oil-Based Inks Gain in Popularity, Jul 1991

Standards News from ASTM & ISO, Jun 1995

Standards Update, Aug 1990

States With Permanent Paper Laws, Jul 1991

Supplies, May 1988

Sweden Gets Interim Standards for Permanent and 'Archival' Papers, Dec 1992

TAPPI Paper Permanence Committee, Aug 1990

TAPPI Paper Preservation Symposium, Apr 1989

TAPPI Papermakers, April 7-1 Seattle, May 1991
McCrady, Ellen

Teens and the Utah Centennial Permanent Paper Law, Oct 1996
Stone, Eileen Hallet

Testimony of NIC In Favor of H.J. Res 226, Mar 1990

Text of the Permanent Paper Law, Nov 1990

The Abbey Permanent Paper Survey: Interim Report, March 1994, Dec 1993

The Acid-Free Paper Pledge Six Years Later, Oct 1995
Sagraves, Barbara; Welsh, Jane

The Alkaline Attack, Dec 1988
Stevens, Norman D.

The American Museum of Papermaking--New Home to the Dard Hunter Collection, Mar 1995
Baker, Cathleen A.

The Big Players, Dec 1989

The Budapest Conference, Dec 1990

The Chlorine-Free Bleaching Issue: An Essay, Jul 1992
McCrady, Ellen

The Coloring of Pulp in Alkaline Papermaking, Oct 1988
Koretsky, Elaine

The Dilemma of Office Paper Recycling, Nov 1991

The EcoLogo and What it Means, Jun 1993

The February NISO Meeting on Z39.48, May 1990

The Great Cotton-Rag Myth, Nov 1992
McCrady, Ellen

The Growing Demand for Recycled and Alkaline Paper, Mar 1990

The ISO April Meeting, May 1990

The ISR Research Proposal, Dec 1994

The Introduction of Wood Pulp to Papermaking after 1844, Oct 1997

The Move to Austin, Dec 1992

The Nature of Lignin, Nov 1991
McCrady, Ellen

The Obstacle Course, Mar 1988

The Paper Industry in Europe, Dec 1990

The Paradoxical Proliferation of Paper, Aug 1989
Tenner, Edward

The 'Pseudo-Neutral' Process, Nov 1991

The Role of Microorganisms in Papermaking, Nov 1990

The Shortage of Credible Information on Dioxin, Oct 1990
McCrady, Ellen

The Trend in Alkaline Conversion, Nov 1990

The Trouble with Alkaline Chemistry, May 1992

The U.S. Permanent Paper Law: PL 101-423, Oct 1995

The Ultimate MSDS, Dec 1989

The Walgren Amendment, Oct 1989

This is the Final Issue, 1997
McCrady, Ellen

Three Quarters of P/W Capacity Now Alkaline or Neutral, Sep 1993

Trends in Neutral Sizing: Excerpts from an Interview with Paul Rostek, Oct 1990

Trends, 1997

Two Decades of Alkaline Sizing at P. H. Glatfelter Co., Sep 1992

U.S. Archivists and Librarians Salute Papermakers, May 1992

Uncoated Freesheet Production, Jul 1989

Understanding the German Paper Standard, DIN 6738, Jul 1994
Bansa, Helmut

Union Carbide Acquires Wei T'o Deacidification Rights, Dec 1989

Update: ASTM/ISR Paper Aging Research Program, Jul 1996
Arnold, R. Bruce

Variability of the Vapor Pressure of Oxygen in Accelerated Aging, Oct 1997
Willson, William K.

Watermarked Permanent Papers for Dissertations, Oct 1997

Westvaco's Luke and Wickliffe Mills Receive ISO 9002 Certification, Oct 1993

Why Collections Deteriorate: Putting Acidic Paper in Perspective, Oct 1988
McCrady, Ellen

Why GPO Should use Alkaline Paper, Mar 1988

Why is the Change to Alkaline Papermaking so Slow?, Mar 1988

William K. Wilson to Receive TAPPI Award, Oct 1994

pH and pH Pens, Oct 1988

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