The Alkaline Paper Advocate

Volume 2, Number 6
Dec 1989

Some Neutral and Alkaline Office Papers

A list of 20 alkaline copy papers was published in the in first issue of this newsletter. Since then, some of those have disappeared and several new ones have come on the market, a total of about 30, counting the laser copy papers but not the duplicator or mimeo papers.

Office papers are more versatile than they used to be, and increasingly serve two or more purposes (e.g. photocopy, "dual purpose." and offset) equally well. In the list below

The list includes neutral and alkaline bond as well as xerographic and laser papers, in cut sheets only. It does not include duplicator papers, which are for spirit duplicators ("Ditto" machines), forms bond (used for computer paper and printed form), MICR bond or other exotic types, or say private brands, even those that are well-known like Gestetner, because they are not distributed through paper merchants nationwide. These are only the mill brands. Some of then are made by mills that converted only recently, so in case of doubt they should be tested with a pH pen before purchase

More details on these papers, and on hundreds of other alkaline fine papers, can be found in the 1989-90 Competitive Grade Finder ($25 from Grade Finders, 215/524-7070). For information on availability in your area, call the company or the paper merchants in the Yellow Pages of the nearest big city


Alexandra Brilliant N/PH - Strathmore
Atlantic Antique Laid - Eastern
Atlantic Bond - Eastern
Atlantic Bond Ripple- Eastern
Bellbrook Laid - Cross Pointe
Captain Bond - Riverside
Copy Plus Bond - Grays Harbor
Cranes Bond [Company name is not repeated if it is part of the paper's name]
Cranes Bond NIP
Cranes Crest
Cranes Crest NIP
Cranes Distaff Linen
Cross Pointe Recycled Bond
Curtis Brightwater Writing - James River
Defiance Bond - Weston
Ecology Bond - Riverside
First Choice - Weyerhaeuser
Glatopaque Bond- Glatfelter
Hammermill Bond - Ham. & Grays Harbor
Hammermill Bond for Word Proc
Hammermill Bond -Rippleton
Hammermill Bond W/M Paper
Hammermill Fore 9000 DP -Grays Harbor (now called Fore DP
Hammermill Fore Bond - Ham., Grays Harbor
Hammermill Fore Bond (reinforced)
Hammermill Tidal DP - Grays Harbor, Hammermill
Hammermill Typewriter Papers
Island Bond
Island Copy Paper
LakeShore Bond - Ward
Management Bond - Gray Harbor
Manifest Bond - Eastern
Merit Bond - Weston
Merit Opaque Bond - Weston
Monoplane Bond - Glatfelter
Old Hampshire Bond - Weston
Parsons Diploma Parchment
Parsons Writing
Potsdam's Bond
Print 90 N/PH - Strathmore
Proveworth Bond - Glatfelter
Reward Bond - Ward
Springhill Bond/Offset Colors- IP
Springhill Business Paper - IP
Springhill Offset Papers - IP
Strathmore Script N/PH
Strathmore Writing 100
Strathmore Writing Localized 25%
Technaclear Bond - Fox River
Triad Bond - James River
Weston Bond
Weston Boxed Typewriter Papers
Weston Diploma Parchment
Weston Hand Weave
Weston Opaque Bond
Weston Writing
Whitefield DP Offset 25% -
James River-Groveton
Winchester Bond - Weston

Xerographic Copy Papers

Captain Xerographic - Riverside
Eastern Xerographic
Electra Copy - Island
Finch Opaque SV Copy - Finch Pruyn
Finch Opaque Xerographic- Finch Pruyn
Hammermill Bond - Grays Harbor
Hammermill Copier Paper Type SV4 - Ham., Grays Harbor
Hammermill Copy Plus - Grays Harbor
Hammermill Fore 9000 DP Grays Harbor (same as Fore DP)
Hammermill Forecopy Xerographic - Grays Harbor
Hammermill Laser Print Grays Harbor
Hammermill Tidal DP - Ham., Grays Harbor
Hammermill Xero/Laser Copy Ham., Grays Harbor
Husky Xerocopy - Weyerhaeuser Canada
Island Copy Paper
Springhill Business Paper - IP
Springhill High-Speed Copy
Springhill Relay DP -IP
Springhill Relay Plus - IP
Triad Dual Purpose - James River

Laser Print papers

Certificate Laser II - Eastern
Finch Laser Opaque
Gilbert Neu-Tech 25%
Gilbert Neu-Tech Laid
Hammermill Laser Print
Hammermill Xero/Laser Copy - Ham., Grays Harbor
Island Laser
Lancaster Neu-Tech 100% - Gilbert


Crane & Co. (Mass.) - 413/784-2600
Cross Pointe Paper Corp. (Minn.) - 800/543-3297
Eastern Fine Paper (Me.) - 800-341-1750
Finch, Pruyn & Co. (N.Y.) - 518/793-2541
Fox River Paper Co. (Wisc.) - 414/733-7341
Gilbert Paper Co. (Wisc.) - 414/722-7721
P.H. Glatfelter Co. (Pa.) - 717/225-4711
Grays Harbor, Div. of Hammermill (WA) - 206-532-9600
Hammermill Papers, Div. of IP (Tem.) - 901-763-7800
International Paper Co. (IP) (Tem.) - 901-763-6000
Island Paper Mills (BC) - 604-526-8551
James River Corp., Commercial Papers, Commercial Customer Service (Pa.) - 800-441-9292
Paper Div., Kimberly-Clark Corp. (Ga.) - 404/587-8000
Nekoosa Papers, Inc. (Wisc.) - 715/887-5111
Parsons Paper Div., NVF Co. (Mass.) - 413/532-3222
Riverside Paper Co., Div. Amricon Corp. (Wisc.) - 414-7492200
Strathmore Paper Co. (mass.) - 413/568-9111
Ward Paper Co. (Wisc.)- 715/536-2435
Byron Weston, Div. Crane & Co. (Mass.) - 413/684-1234
Weyerhaeuser Paper Co. (Pa.) - 215-251-9220
Weyerhaeuser Canada Ltd., Saskatchewan Div. - 306-953-1723

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