The Alkaline Paper Advocate

Volume 06, Number 1
Jun 1993


To the Editor:

I am writing in regard to your comments in the last issue of the Alkaline Paper Advocate concerning the Omya insert in Tappi Journal. In that you rather graciously quoted my comments from May, 1990, in the article, I would like to add a few remarks at this time.

  1. The key to producing high quality, competitive paper grades in the 90's and beyond is the substitution of fiber with filler;
  2. European papermakers have been, and continue to be, successful in achieving very high filler levels with GCC (as high as 30% filler load);
  3. U.S. papermakers could achieve such levels today by converting to alkaline papermaking technology and using GCC; and
  4. Such levels cannot be achieved with PCC alone, but many nulls must live for some time with long-term "take or pay" contracts entered into with PCC suppliers. These agreements may hamper the ability to be flexible in utilizing GCC formulations in their filler loading.

Many thanks to your fine publication in continuing to serve as an objective advocate for the multiple benefits to be derived from alkaline papermaking.

Joerg A. Bleeck
Columbia River Carbonates
Woodland, Washington

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