The Alkaline Paper Advocate

Volume 1, Number 5
Dec 1988

Alkaline Papers

Some of the papers announced here are new on the market, and some have been there all along, but somehow did not get an the list published in the March issue of this Newsletter. That list will be updated in due time, and private brands will be included as they are discovered.

James River Corporation's Electronic Imaging Products Division recently introduced Pro-Tech Riblaid, a fine textured paper for use in impact printers. It is acid-free and is available in white, ivory and gray. A box of 250 fanfold sheets has a suggested retail price of $19.95.

Gilbert Neu-Tech, which is already on the list, was spotted for sale recently in Provo for $16.32 per ream. By contrast, the photocopy paper used in the Abbey Publications office costs only about $2.25 per ream at Price Savers, the local wholesale outlet, and it is alkaline and buffered. It is made in Hammermill's Grays Harbor mill.

The Lindenmeyr Paper Co., which distributes mill brands and its own private brands in New England, Illinois, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, has 11 alkaline papers: Command Matte, d Opaque, Decision Opaque, Ecole Text, Newtown Antique, Newtown Eggshell, Newtown M.F., Prospectopaque, Sebago Antique, Sebago Eggshell, and Sebago E.F. "M.F." means machine finish and "E.F." means English finish. These are all book papers.

Hopper Tapestry, one of many Hopper papers made by Georgia Pacific, is a high-quality neutral pH paper that comes in a variety of basis weights, sizes and finishes, and in a bright white and a natural white. (Note: "Neutral" sometimes means "alkaline." This paper tests a clear purple with the pH pen.) Call Customer Service in Atlanta to find the location of the nearest distributor: 800-554-2349.

For people in the Cleveland area, an alkaline photocopy paper is Accord, the only private brand of Millcraft Paper Co. Call 216-441-5500 for location of the outlet. It comes in white and colors.

The Saxon Paper Co. in Long Island City (718-937-6100) has a line of alkaline office papers including xerographic paper, envelopes, writing pads and adding machine rolls. It is sold by Sphinx Office Products, a division of Saxon Paper. It is not known whether all the brand contain the word "Sphinx," but the office supply stores that buy from Sphinx Office Products could probably (with a little prodding) identify their products. The trading area is the northeast.

For people in the Washington, DC area, the Frank Parsons Paper Co. in Landover has an alkaline copy paper, Parsons DE' Xerocopy. It is not high priced; the salesman described it as "just a regular old copy paper." Phone: 301/386-4700.

Since Byron Weston went alkaline in the summer of 1988, its 21 or so papers should all be on the list, but for now it may suffice to say that Weston makes a large variety of bond, writing, ledger, index and other papers, including one text paper (Weston Whisper, new this year).

The IPCO papers listed under International Paper in the March issue are sometimes acidic, but Springhill Business Paper, Springhill Bond/Offset Colors and Springhill High-Speed Copy Paper are always alkaline.

The Riegel and Fitchburg Divisions of James River make a lot of private brands, but unlike many paper companies will help the customer to find them on the market, no matter what name they are sold under. The Riegel Division is in Warren Glen, New Jersey (201/995-2411) and the Fitchburg Division is in Massachusetts (617/345-2161, unless the telephone company has changed the area code to 508).

Potsdam Paper Mills in Potsdam, New York, is 100% alkaline but it sells only in jumbo rolls, which it normally sends to the customer's converter or printer.

Midtec is turning out a lot of alkaline paper on its M7 machine, including two web grades, sold in rolls (Multiweb and Lithoweb Plus) and one sheet grade (Lithofect Plus).

Mead Paper has discontinued four of its coated papers: Black & White, New Era, Northcote, and Publishers Matte. Escanaba Enamel W.O., which was identified by a mill spokesman earlier as alkaline, was not identified as such on a second call.

Newton Falls has two new brands, in #1 coated: Champlain Gloss and Champlain Dull. For the name of the distributor nearest you, call 800/448-8900 (in New York State, 800/9628993).

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