The Alkaline Paper Advocate

Volume 10, Number 2
Oct 1997

Watermarked Permanent Papers for Dissertations

In the April issue of this newsletter, we wrote about a Maryland student's unsuccessful effort to find watermarked papers suitable for dissertations. Because the demand for such papers still exists, we made our own effort, using Lockwood-Post's Directory as well as the Paper Buyer's Encyclopedia, and were able to put together the table below. This is only a preliminary list, because not all the companies have gotten back to us.

The telephone numbers of the companies are provided so that the dissertation secretary or degree candidate can call the company to find the nearest distributor of their papers. (The mills do not sell directly to customers unless the order is very large. They use independent distributors or sales outlets.)

Most of the papers listed are from the 1995 edition of North American Permanent Papers. We have contacted most of the companies and asked whether the papers listed are both permanent and watermarked, but cannot guarantee any of the papers.

There is a new name in the list: Spexel, the new owner of the Domtar mill that makes Bell-Fast Bond. They are checking to see if they have papers that can be added to the list.

Look for a revised and corrected list in the next issue.

Name of Paper



Atlantic Bond
Certificate Bond

Eastern Fine Paper (ME)

207/989 7070

Beckett Concept

Beckett Paper (CT)

860/844 2411

Bell-Fast Bond 50% Cotton
Krypton Parchment 100% Cotton
Genoa Bond 25% Cotton

Spexel (PQ, Canada)

888/277 3935

Cadence Writing

Geo. A. Whiting Paper Co. (WI)

800/558 5055

Curtis Brightwater
Graphika! 25% Cotton
Retreeve Writing

Crown Vantage (CA)

800/441 9292

Ecology Bond
Ecology Offset

Riverside Paper Corp. (WI)

414/749 2213

Hammermill Bond
Regalia Writing
Laser Bond, Xerographic

Hammermill Papers (TN)

800/242 2148

Permalife Bond

Fox River Paper Co. (WI)

800/558 8327

Strathmore Bond, Writing,
Renewal Writing, Script Writing

Strathmore Paper Co. (MA)

413/568 9111

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