The Alkaline Paper Advocate

Volume 3, Number 5
Nov 1990

GPO Now Stocking Recycled Xerographic Paper

According to Recycled Paper News, October 1990, the Government Printing Office began using recycled copier paper for the first time in September, after making a competitive open-market purchase of two truckloads on its new specification, JCP 0-65, which requires 50% waste content. They paid a good price for it, about 8% more than they had been paying, even though the EPA Guidelines do not require government agencies to buy recycled paper if the price is not competitive.

Before buying, the GPO tested 11 copier papers on several of high-speed copiers, to see if they met the new specification. Only three of them made the Qualified Products List, and they were all alkaline:

"Harmony" Recycled Xerographic by Mead Corporation
"Savings WP50DP" by Hammermill
"Weyerhaeuser Recycled Laser Copy"

The primary reason for disqualification was failure to pass the Sheffield smoothness test. Only one was disqualified because of a high dirt count, but several had a lower basis weight than required. Suppliers are invited to resubmit samples for testing at any time.

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