Alkaline Paper Advocate

Volume 5, Number 6
Dec 1992

Sweden Gets Interim Standards for Permanent and "Archival" Papers

In 1991, all Swedish archival legislation, including its old-fashioned 1964 law that called for strength and adequate sizing in paper for records, but which did not mention pH, was annulled and replaced by a modernized set of regulations. When the ISO standard is approved, it will be adopted by Sweden, but in the meantime the Swedish Archives' paper specifications are serving as a national paper permanence standard. They are based on the Draft International Standard of ISO. Ingmar Fröjd, who sent this information, also forwarded a copy of the interim standard, in Swedish. It is very short. Here is a rough translation of the technical section.

Permanent Paper

Permanent paper shall

[The test methods for determining fiber content and kappa number are referred to here by number.]

Archival Paper

Archival paper shall

[The test method for fold endurance is referred to here.]

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