The Alkaline Paper Advocate

Volume 4, Number 2
May 1991

Mill Conversions & Related News

Correction: The announcement on page 1 of the last issue that Jams River's Camas mill was now fully converted to alkaline was not correct. Only two machines out of four are alkaline.

Wauna: James River's Wauna mill has only one freesheet machine, which converted in April. The chemistry was converted on the 15th; they qualified the last product on the 25th.

Riverside: This mill converted February 1, 1991.

Japanese mills: Fuji Xerox, an affiliate of Xerox Corp., specifies the papers to be used with Xerox equipment in Japan. Four or five Japanese mills have qualified, and they are all supplying alkaline paper. (Acid paper there uses talc as a filler, and this results in a paper not ideal for xerography.)

Port Huron (E.B. Eddy): By March of this year, this mill was as alkaline as it will get. One of the machines makes an acid packaging grade, and another makes an acid printing grade on the request of a customer. So all their market freesheet is alkaline, and Port Huron can be considered an Alkaline mill.

Patriot: This small mill, formerly Hyde Park Paper, TM., has been 100% alkaline and 100% recycled since September 1990. All their papers include 10%. postconsumer waste.

West Linn: This mill, which James River sold to Simpson last year, has four machines, two of which mere freesheet at the tire. Those two mere converted in February of 1990. Now one of the two remaining machines, which was used to run groundwood, has been shut down, and the other now runs freesheet, with the exception of a neutral 114 coated offset, which contains sow CTMP. Except for that paper, the whole mill is now making alkaline freesheet.

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