The Alkaline Paper Advocate

Volume 3, Number 2
May 1990

Permanent Papers

There is no list of permanent papers on the market at present in this country, and there may never be one. Users certainly need one, to judge by the calls for information on this topic that came into the Newsletter office. To address the need, the names of papers said by their manufacturers to meet one or rare permanence standards, so far, are given below. They were simply mentioned in passing. A survey to gather information more systematically is planned for the future.

Clarion Book Offset - Penntech
Pennbook - Penntech
Cougar Opaque - Weyerhaeuser
Hammermill Accent Opaque
Nyalite Super Finish - Ecusta
Legend - James River
All Mohawk Cover and Text except 3 Irish Linen colors and 2 Laos colors (see March issue, p. 4)
Most Miami papers

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