The Alkaline Paper Advocate

Volume 10, Number 2
Oct 1997

Condensed Classification of Paper Topics

as used for APA Literature Section

3A. Books; books & paper
3A9. Permanence & durability of books, records & book paper; printing, copying & writing materials from user's point of view.
3A9.1 Edition bindings & theses
3A9.2 Office printers and copiers; toners
3A9.3 Printing & inks.
3A9.4 Encouraging use of permanent paper; users
3A9.5 Permanent paper for govt use; choosing documents to print on permanent paper
3A9.6 Standards & specs for paper & enclosures .
3A9.7 Tests for permanence useful for producers & consumers of paper.
3A9.8 pH studies of new library books; analysis of old book papers by date. Analysis of archival board.
3A9.9 Alkaline mills, papers & distributors
3B. Paper: Research, Manufacture, History
3B1. Research and testing on permanence & deterioration. 3B1.1 Overviews of paper permanence & deterioration
3B1.2 Aging of pulp or paper
3B1.21 Accelerated aging; what happens during aging and how to measure it
3B1.22 Natural aging; effect of handling; durability; monitoring the natural aging process; Russell effect, chemiluminescence; fingerprints
3B1.23 Aging with pollutants; acid migration
3B1.24 Light aging research, standards & testing
3B1.25 Tidelines research
3B1.26 Physical measures - fold, tear, etc.
3B1.4 Color reversion, lightfastness
3B1.5 Effects of metals as catalysts in bleaching & other mill processes, & in paper; chelates
3B1.6 Measurement & effects of pH, alkaline reserve, and alkaline sizing
3B1.7 Permanence & fiber type/lignin
3B1.8 Treatment or manufacturing processes or agents that may affect permanence, e.g. filler, fines, coatings, wet strength resins, size press additives, optical (fluorescent) brighteners, retention aids.
3B1.9 Inks, toners, & pigments: image permanence.
3B3. Papermaking; pulping; weird papers; color in papermaking; microbes in the mill.
3B3.1 Health effects of paper (allergies etc.)
3B3.2 Hand papermaking: western, eastern & traditional
3B3.4 Alkaline & neutral; wet end chemistry
3B3.41 Trends in alkaline production.
3B3.42 History of alkaline/permanent papermaking;
3B3.44 CaCO3; other fillers
3B3.45 Alum; aluminum compounds/ion
3B3.46 Converting performance of alkaline paper
3B3.5 Distribution, pricing
3B3.6 Recycling paper
3B3.61 Effect of recycling on paper qualities
3B3.63 Recycling regulations; broke
3B3.64 Deinked market pulp mills
3B3.7 The paper industry (production, etc.)
3B3.71 Classification of paper
3B3.72 Pulp & wood shortage; price volatility of pulp
3B3.73 Purchase/sale of mills, shutdowns.
3B3.8 Pulping; effect on fiber; recycled market pulp
3B3.82 Enzymes & catalysts for pulping/bleaching
3B3.83 Bleaching
3B3.84 Nonwood fibers
3B3.85 Mechanical pulps: pulping, bleaching & papermaking aspects.
3B3.86 Lignin
3B3.87 Buffered groundwood
3B3.9 Environmental issues in papermaking; dioxin; chlorine; mill closure; environmentalism and reactions to it.
3B3.91 Toxic effluents; TCF & ECF pulp; toxic metals & compounds in recycled paper.
3B3.92 Closure or water recycling in mills
3B3.93 Environmentalism
3B3.94 Life cycle analysis
3B3.95 Forestry practices
3B3.96 Composting, landspreading, incineration of sewage and waste paper; sludge
3B3.97 Waterless papermaking

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